Wednesday, January 20, 2021

May There be Room

Please bear with me if this post becomes a mish-mash of thoughts.

First of all, I had a whole post laid out in my head on Tuesday.

I sat down, photos uploaded all ready to watch Biden honor those who died of covid and their loved ones. I was ready, as I'd been shouting for months (at the TV mostly) about the lack of any kind of commemoration for all of these poor folks. We talked about how strong, how LOUD the wind was. I had photos of the trees, but wished I had movies so you could hear it too. The sycamore trees and pine trees were going nuts!! I read online there were 80 MPH winds! There were so many sirens! Anyway, there I sat when suddenly...all lit up screens, all cooling fans, all bright lights - all clocks, went off. Yep, the power went out about 2:20PM (So now I'll have to catch his memorial online). The power stayed off til about 3:45AM. We were completely cut off from the information of the world, except for quick time checks on the little flip phone! It was a long evening-night, especially as this is not a typical way of life for us. Thankfully, we were able to get a lot done before the sun went down, stitching, cooking & eating and a little guitar playing. Thankfully, we have excellent flashlight lanterns, so we could read, shower and so on. We sat for a long while just in the dark, talking. It reminded me of the kind of thing you do when just becoming a couple, when your focus is only on each other. We agreed it was even peaceful. Of course there was downsides was so hot to sleep, Mr Upstairs still kept doing Something all night, and I decided I'm pretty much over my "Little House" days...I need, no want, some creature comforts. But, it was nice to regroup, knowing it was not going to last forever and that we could do it just fine, thank you.

So after a pause with no power and the pause to engage in the celebration of the Biden-Harris inauguration, I'm back here with a bit of this & that.

I finished "How to Be Black" - a LFL book.

I started and finished "Something Special" ~ a gift from Michelle.

I got half way through "Gift From The Sea" ~ a gift from my sister eons ago.

He's been reworking this friend's guitar in some awkward or challenging locations. But, no real work space hasn't stopped him, just slowing him down a bit.

Which gives him, us, time to watch the cactus bloom!

 The trees that blew, nary a leaf left on today!

Made me think of the trees at my old place and miss them once again, while being grateful for my trees of now.

My sister read me this (below), over the phone in a call today that included laughter, a tear or two and an agreement that mom would have loved hearing "This Land is Your Land" ~ most especially after all that has taken place over the past four years.


There was just a moment, right after took the oath and sat back down, which might be missed. Everyone was silent..just for a few seconds. Only the wind blew. And in the humility of that silence, owned by no one, shared by all of us, the whole world breathed again.


So, today, with the winds of change on my mind, I leave you with just one more new word cloth photo. I'll do a post on the cloth, what's been added and why soon.

May there be room to breathe again

May there be room to grow

May there be room, for moving forward


Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2021 


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

that silence, owned by no one, shared by all

Nancy said...

Grace~ That's the phrase that caught me too, why I put it here.
If you can watch John Legend on the Celebrating powerful! I found it for you (us). So good.

Marti said...

Nancy, I just read your comment on Liz's blog so this is what I wrote as a comment and I want to share it with you. I hope you have had the chance to see the Memorial from last evening:

President Biden spoke of nurses as angels in heaven after Nurse Lori Marie Key sang Amazing Grace at the Memorial. It was so truly fitting to have her be a part of this memorial for as I’ve said before, nurses are our heroes. Then to have Yolanda Adams sing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, Yolanda who had so moved me during the Obama administration when she sang Sam Cook’s A Change is Gonna Come, well I was moved to tears. To have this memorial be the first event of the Biden/Harris administration was to bring back honor, decency, love, reverence and respect, and my heart was soothed as I know many hearts in our country were as well.

Nancy said...

Marti~ I was just at Liz's reading your comment there! lol Thank you for putting your words here too. I knew you'd come around to my 'house' soon enough :)
I think I will try to watch tomorrow, I'm still in the news moment of the day, plus I've given myself a headache crying tears of joy! haha

jude said...

and may there be stitch

Liz A said...

how much we rely on electricity and water and clean air ... how quickly we are challenged for want of them

likewise, how much we need to see genuine smiles, to laugh out loud, and to cry tears of loss and of joy ... how starved of those things we have been for so very long

Nancy said...

Jude~ Yes, always...however we may...may we stitch

Nancy said...

Liz~ Yes, to feel it all, live it all.

Mo Crow said...

there's so much hope circling our world!

Saskia said...

room to breathe again

Nancy said...

Mo~ Ripples of hope!

Saskia~ Yes, room with guarded belief in a future.

glennis said...

such a lovely post with many words to keep in mind. windy here too, and maybe the wind can bring a freshness in all things. like new breath for America and beyond.

have lost some power here and there but only minutes before it turns back on...but a reminder to be prepared.

and yes, that moment...

Nancy said...

Glennis~ Thank you. Our wind has calmed down for now. It's just cloudy and chilly. Oh how I wish for better days.
Those little flashlight lantern things are sure the ticket! :)