Sunday, June 29, 2014

Considering Weave

Considering Weave has begun.
The newest class with Jude Hill.
One of my favorite things about these classes 
is how inspiring Jude and the other classmates are.

I like the part where everything connects, 
where I see the lessons, conversations everywhere I go.

So, after the first post, I went for my lunch walk...
as I headed down the sidewalk ~ I saw the sidewalk as the 'warp'
and the driveways intersecting it as the 'weft'.

You can't really see the driveways here, but you can imagine.

I am almost finished with the latest 'medicine bag'.
Some of you may have seen it over on the forum.

There is only about one inch  to be woven.
This one is for a friend who is moving away.

It has a story begun.

I like the way the colors change in the sunlight.

Anyway, when I first started it, I was considering the ocean.
This friend lives near me, which is near the pacific ocean.
I was thinking of the soft sand and blues from my days spent
commuting past the sea at dusk.

But, as I continued those colors began to represent the desert as well.
This seems fitting as she will soon live in a desert locale. 
Either way, it symbolizes our connection to the land, to one another.
It's a good gift for a friend.

I'll show it to ya'll when I finish it.
Thanks for looking.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2014