Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Going on a Bear Hunt

I was on that library binge,
now I'm not.
Read all of them but BURN,
which I got to Chapter 26 when I discovered it was overdue.
That goes against my strict policy 
of not paying for things I don't have to. 
So, I returned it for another day.

Tried another book by the Man Named Ove author (can't think of his name)
but I couldn't get into it, returned it.

Now I'm back to re-reading old favorites.

Song of the Seals is well...
what do you call a chick flick book?
Is there some sort of cutsey name for that too?
That's this book.
Good story and romance and...
It has become a comfort book, as I've read it half a dozen times.
There's a Northern California, seaside town, she is an artist (painter)...
drama, love and a not completely happy ending,
but happy enough.

I'm on the AKR book on the left there now.
Again, I've read it more than twice already.
I even started my own version about me ☺
I've probably already posted it here before (I like it that much!)

Today while reading it, I read this quote:
"The only way out, is through"
~Robert Frost

Which all at once felt like it applied to everything lately.

Like 'just going' coined by our beloved Jude 
(sorry for being an invisible participant this time around).

Then on the way home, I was surprised to come upon this...

This time, there was no way 'out' and no way 'through'.
The whole street, blocked for an end of summer fair.
I had to go around through the detour streets,
 filled with families heading that way.

As I drove, I thought...sometimes you just have to go around and get on with things.

Then, much later at home, my brain landed on the child's chant about
Going on a Bear Hunt ~
You can't go over it
You can't go under it
You can't  around it
You have to go through...the trail, grass, water etc.
And right into the cave with the bear!

⟲  ⥁  ⟳  ⥀
Which led me right back to where I started.
I guess you really do have to go through it.


May your days be filled with options and surprises and lots of comfort.
Photographs by NAE ©2019

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

My Life as a Vine-wrapped Grape

My life...
as a vine-wrapped grape.



May you find ways to see through the tangle 
and find the tasty morsels of life!
Photographs by NAE ©2019