Sunday, November 18, 2018

Somebody's Child ~ A prquel and a sequel

                                                         TASH SULTANA - JUNGLE (LIVE BEDROOM RECORDING)

Somebody's child
Somebody's child 

I stumbled onto her videos, while looking for another.
somebody's child 

As I have been reading the comments on the first post,
something reminded me that I'd forgotten the story that helped inspire me 
to write in the first place!  Then I saw a second FB post with the 
young man's face again and I knew I had to add his story here.
You see, I'd seen a post on the local FB emergency page.
A post containing one of those 'ring doorbell' type freeze frames 
of a young man's face at someone's door. A warning to others.
I remember feeling startled by his expression...
eyes so wide, cheeks hollowed and mouth ajar.
He was evidently up to no good, they posted.
But then as I read the comments for more information...
all I could think of was that he was 'somebody's child'.
He may still fall under the many other labels he was given by members of this town,
but he was still 'somebody's child'.

How would that family feel seeing this?
For, doing well or doing wrong...
Fulfilling expectations
Causing delight
or trauma
or trauma
...that young man is somebody's child.

That shooter
somebody's child 

The power company employees, not doing their job
somebody's child 

The emergency first responders, doing their job
somebody's child 

That neighbor one can't stand
somebody's child 

The co-workers you connect with, or don't
somebody's child 

The one doing well
 somebody's child 

The one having struggles
somebody's child 

Strong - Shine - Good times - Hard times
Same - Different
Everywhere in between
somebody's child

Yesterday, a Maserati  came racing up behind me, 
cutting over to the left, his engine roaring his manhood.
Yet, a moment later there we sat side-by-side at the stoplight.
I glanced over his way and there in the front seat sat a little boy.  His boy?
There where the air bag would explode, 
his little head leaning back against the fancy seat.
somebody's child 
Idiot!  I think.  Idiot!
Then I remember...
somebody's child 
somebody's child 
somebody's child  
 The boy and the man,
somebody's child 

This is what I have been pondering lately.
With so much wrong in the world,
causing concern, anger, despair.

I've been trying to remind myself,

somebody's child 

I think I need a lot more practice.

May your days be as peaceful as possible
As open and fulfilling as desired
May they be all that you need
~or at least, 'enough' of what you want.
Photos by NAE ©2018 

"Jungle" Lyrics
[Instrumental Intro]

I see the way you move
It's so fluid
Be here by my side
Got nothing to hide

Know that you're hurting
I see the tears behind those eyes
And I can't wipe them clear
Your love is like gold to me

But you hold me closer to the light
Wouldn't find a bullet inside
Unless you magnify
But you throw me into the deep end
Expect me to know how to swim
And I, I put my faith inside my hands
Cause I will be just fine

Welcome to the jungle
Are you gonna dance with me?
Welcome to the jungle
You got to close your eyes and see
Welcome to the jungle
Are you gonna dance with me?
Real or not
Real or not

Suit and tie with my black jeans on
And I'm paralyzed thinkin' when or what to say
Think of ability you want a single daddy
And you might be the one
Suit and tie with my curly hair
When you're making your way when I look you stare
Said are you real, do you feel, are you there?

Ashes to ashes
And the embers are ablaze
Oh, I gotta rise amongst you, though
And I think about your face every day
But you pull me closer to the light
You wouldn't find the bullets inside
Only if you magnify

Welcome to the jungle
Are you gonna dance with me?
Welcome to the jungle
You got to close your eyes and see
Welcome to the jungle
Are you gonna dance with me?
Real or not
Real or not

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Somebody's Child

I stand in her yard and hear her story.
How she takes care of self in relation to her grown daughter, the mother of four of her many grandchildren...two of the four who now live with her.
→  Somebody's Child  ← 

He be-bops down the sidewalk at night, surrounded by friends, 
the blue light of his cell phone lighting up his face 
as his body moves in one hundred directions.
→  Somebody's Child  ← 

They dance in the night, crowded together in the comfort of a fun and familiar location.
12 among them, each one...
→  Somebody's Child  ←

They brave the chill of the early morning, 
huddled together under tarps and blankets...
chatting and preparing for their day on the street.
→  Somebody's Child  ←

Among the devastation of loss of property and loss of life,
the "Camp Fire" in Northern California now includes 631 humans still 'missing'.
→  Somebody's Child  ← 

We are each "somebody's child".
We have the potential for good or otherwise...
ups or downs
temporary or permanent
thrive or stagnate
self or others

 We are each "somebody's child".
We have the potential 
We have the ability to hold, to share, to give
We have the ability to hope
and to heal
and to care.
We have the ability to care.
 As you move through your days, may you remember 
that every single one of us is Somebody's Child.

*NOTE~ All photographs taken recently at a local weaver's guild show and demonstration.

Photos by NAE ©2018 

Monday, November 12, 2018

Jai Jagdeesh - In Dreams ~ I Dream of a World Where Love is the Answer

This was posted on FB last night.  It brought me to my knees.
The beauty of it.
The pain of it.

Today, I finally began my stitching for
Mo and Old Man Crow's collaborative project:
"I Dream of a World Where Love is the Answer".

I will write about this piece and the surprising, serendipitous way it is moving thus far.
But for tonight, I will show you all what showed up in cloth, in dreams.

Do you see it?
Do you see the heart?
Do you feel the love?


      I'll write more soon.
May your surprises be delightful and filled with Love.

       Photos by NAE ©2018      

Saturday, November 3, 2018

There Are Days

There are days...
There are hours...
There are moments... 

There is the mundane...
the joyful...
the meaningful...
the sad, the exciting, the confusing...
the life changing...
the sameness and repetition.
 There is magic and mystery...
delight and heartbreak.
There are drives and Pow Wows and hikes...
There are times of rhythm and times of disequilibrium.

There is life.
There is a life.
There are festivals and groceries...
There is understanding and misunderstanding.
There is spirit and nature, tragedy.
There is hope.
There is hope.

There is strength and weakness...
and seasons for both.
There is storm and there is peace.
There is longing.
There is calm.
There are minutes of rejoicing
and hours of pain.
 There is breath.
There is life.
There are lives. 

To the many of you who donated to my daughter's Go Fund Me last year at this time,
I again thank you from the bottom of my heart.
If you can, send a little light and love our way, it would be most appreciated. 
May your days be filled with the beauty that is life.
Photos by NAE ©2018