Friday, September 21, 2012

Earth ~ A Beginning

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2012

This is what I've doing recently.  I re-discovered a large piece, maybe a yard, of fabric I had purchased about about 2.5 years ago, on a big road trip.
This was a special road trip to meet (for me) and see again (for him) an important family member, long ago lost contact with.  Now, with contact renewed, an in person meeting was in order.
It included about 4537 miles, 9 states, 7 rivers, 16 kinds of animals, 10 kinds of transportation, 9 types of weather and 10 quilt shops!  We traveled for two weeks.
We saw places we'd never seen before.  We saw places we may never return to.  It was a first for this kind of an adventure.  Hopefully it won't be the last as well.
This trip holds many treasured memories.  Many remembrances.

If I remember correctly this fabric had a little tag that read 'cotton linen'.  It's super soft and thin.  It falls and flops nicely.  You can see the light through it beautifully.
It symbolizes earth...desert to me.  Reminds me of that trip, parks in Utah (Zion, Bryce The Arches) and a prior trip to Sedona and Albuquerque.  Even Joshua Tree.  These places have been in my thoughts a lot lately.  I miss them.  They call to me.
Anyway, I am not sure where this is going...what the filter may or may not be.  But, I know that it was heading towards "precious" to me.  You know, where you don't want to cut into it, ruin it.  Just keep it, hold it and adore it.
So, I folded it in half, a little snip of the scissors...and Rip!!  Then I ripped those halves in half again.  Now I had four pieces of it and I planned on sewing them back together again.  Before I could do that, I decided to use one of the quarters as a 9 patch.
That's where it's at right now.  I'm stitching the smallest squares together. This is a new way for me.  So, of course there is a learning curve.  However, I'm really enjoying focusing on this task as I stitch along.  It is a practice in lack of perfection.  That desire to have my work look exactly like my vision has slowed me down for way too long.  I'm trying very hard to relax and let go of specific vision...falling into the process instead.  So far, I like it!
This is good practice, a good lesson to carry into other parts of my life.
I have a couple of additional ideas.  One involves a big circle, but that is the only fairly firm one.
After watching Jude's video with the freestyle patchwork (is that the new name?) - I thought HEY!!!  I could have used that technique!  But really the ripping and reassembling is a big part of the story, a big part of the process for me, so I'm glad I ripped!  :)
Additionally, while watching Jude begin a circle on the The Magic Feather Project cloth the other day, I filed away her technique as one that may be useable for my cloth as well.
Hopefully I will get to upload photos soon.  I've really wanted to post photos with my stories lately.  But, for now I've had to get creative in my problem solving.  Thank you for accepting the photobooth computer shots for the time being.