Sunday, April 14, 2019

Descanso Gardens - Animal Life and Man Made

Besides all of the growing things at
There was wildlife and man made creations to
bring joy to the visitors.

 These first few are from the Japanese Garden
I always see things like these as 'places to weave'!
Koi pond
Red roof peeking out
Trails created in the Lilac Garden
Zen Path
There were young children perching and jump-stepping from post to post in the spiral
 I just could not get enough of this little Super Turtle!
Look at those back legs ☺
Everyone who had stopped to look had a smile on their face!

Shhh..sleeping duck ahead!
A train ride for the kiddies

I hope you've enjoying traveling along with me through my memories 
of a wonderful day at Descanso Gardens!
May you enjoy the many gardens in your part of the world,
either man made or natural.

All photos by NAE @ pomegranate trail ©2019

Descanso Gardens - Trees

There were so many amazing trees at
What really captured my attention was
The light ~ dappled and streaming through
The shades of green
The height and sense of being within
The bark textures and patterns

...with Wisteria

I loved the shades and light here!

Cherry blossoms!
Double trunk
Tree Fern
Tree down
Trees entwined

Parking lot tree

Feeling the love!

I hope you've enjoyed this stroll through the trees!

All Photos NAE @ pomegranate trail ©2019


All photos NAE @pomegranate trail ©2019

Descanso Gardens - Growing Strong

On our trip to Descanso Gardens,
it wasn't just the tulips that caught my eye!
There are many different garden areas. We walked through:
The Lilac Garden 
The Japanese Garden
The Ancient Forest
Oak Forest ~ Camellias (East and West)
We touched on The Rose Garden, saw The Main Lawn
and some other places on the outskirts.

It was peaceful and pleasant, 
filled with all kinds of light, scents and visual treats!


Cherry Blossoms
California Poppy
Ancient Forest

I had no idea how many varieties of Lilacs there are!
Each one with a slightly different look and scent.
Bunny ears Lilac!
They were beautiful and smelled lovely, but I could not live with them!

So many patches of Day Lillys!  The sun lit them up!
this is not a favorite flower for me, but I sure could 
appreciate their beauty in this environment!

There were so many inviting paths to wander!

I want to go back!
It had been 33 years since my last visit and
with such a beautiful day, I certainly don't want to wait that long again!

May the sights and scents of Spring jump up and greet you!

All photos NAE @pomegranate trail ©2019