Sunday, October 29, 2017


"The best way out is always through." -Robert Frost


Sometimes it is a crossroads, other times it is a vast wilderness that you wander around, or through...or all of that.  It just depends.
Sometimes tragedy weighs you down or lightens your load, or both.
It is different for everyone.
It is different moment-to-moment or day-to-day.

Sometimes you embrace others, while other times you work through the tangles alone.

I guess there isn't one right way because feelings are too layered and too complicated.
And they change over time.

Things change.
You may know someone for a lifetime...for a while...for a moment.
You may never really know them, even while you do.

In the end it all just is.
And how or if it matters is yours alone

It is ours to live
and die
and live...

May we all have what we need on the journey
May we be able to help others with what they need
May we all, in some way, be powerful enough to soar
In the end, may we find and hold peace in our hearts, even if that's hard to do

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2017

My grandson's father was killed.  They are moving through this time of grief.  Those who know them move through this time too.  We offer love, support and a donation if we can.
Every loss, is a loss.
Healing required.
Here is the link to their Go Fund Me, if you should want to donate to that healing.

The above video is a partner (in my mind) to this one, recently posted by my daughter.
I have posted it here in the past, years ago.
Bekka brings it home to her listeners.