Saturday, November 7, 2015

Some Things Have to Wait

As the days creep by, Cloth Chick has been cuddled in many stitches.  She's told me she's almost ready.  "Add some color", she says, "Then I'll be settled in and ready for travel".  I don't really understand what color has to do with it for her, but I agreed anyway.

Sometimes we just need to respect the ways of others without a deeper understanding, but merely a faith that they know what is best for them.

Additionally, The Letter is almost complete, which feels good too.
Each task checked off the travel list, each step done 
brings about a rousing cheer from The Gang!

I had intended to write here about things going on in my worlds, both inner and outer.
But, it looks like that won't happen today.

Maybe tomoorrow.
Sometimes the things that get pondered or discussed with our trusted confidants, need to be discussed further or don't.  Or we are unsure.
At any rate, today is an update instead.
We'll see what comes next.


So, today was a lovely day...and NOT HOT!  Thank goodness.
The twins were feeling rather well and begged for a few minutes out in the sunshine.
DOG agreed to take them out for a spell.
They love to ride on DOG's back, so that's just what they did!

 Off the three of them went, happy as could be!
DOG stopped to sniff the aloe vera as they went.

Suddenly, a teeny breeze came up.

It toppled the girls right off of DOG's back!
They are both so delicate these days, mere wisps of their former selves.

There they lay with their floral dresses askew and looks of fear on their tiny faces.
They were so frightened, they couldn't even cry.
But, DOG let out two loud barks, "Woof, Woof" as a cry for help.

 MR. PR heard DOG and ran out immediately, banging the wood screen door behind him.
He scooped The Twins up and sat in a sunbeam singing them soft songs.
With these two girls, it is not about inspiring them to find their independence, resiliency or non-victim-hood... it is OK to coddle them a bit.  This picture is a bit blurry because as much as he doesn't want to admit it, Mr. PR has such a soft spot for these two and gets a bit teary-eyed when they don't feel well or get hurt.  Poor Mr. PR, he holds everyone's best interests in his heart!

As they all sat in the warmth of the sun, the girls took deep calming breaths and began to feel fine again.  DOG called everyone's attention to a tiny flower resting on the door mat.  They marveled at its size, claiming it made The Twins look like giants!
This made the girls giggle.

"Pick it up Nancy!  Show everyone how teeny tiny it is!", they all shouted in unison.
How could I turn them down, especially after they had such an eventful outing?!

I hope your days are going well...surrounded by good friends who are there to hold you and sing to you when you suffer one of Life's Tumbles.  I hope you are able to notice the beauty in your days, even if really tiny.
May we all continue to notice and be brave on our adventures.  
May we all find our giggles and then share them!
Have a great weekend all,

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2015