Sunday, July 17, 2016

Cloth Garden

A handful of stitches, thick - texture filled...
forming a 'blanket' wrap around the softest velvet.

A walk in a community garden, warm and welcoming. life and life expiring.

Full circle.
A comfort.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2016

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Singing for a Weary World

Sweet Honey In The Rock - Let There Be Peace

I remember when I was in the 6th grade, one day after school, a bunch of the 'cool' boys rampaged around the lunch area, flipping over benches while singing loudly: "All we are saying is give peace a chance!"  Over and over they sang these lyrics while being disruptive brats.  These guys were my 'friends' (whatever that means in the 6th grade).  One of them was really cute, according to most of the girls.  But all that I could think of at the time was how they totally had missed the mark.  They were not protesting anything in particular.  Most of the adults were gone for the day.  It was most likely a weak imitation of what they'd seen on the evening news.  I was disappointed.  If you're going to start a rebellion, it should at least have meaning!
It is good to have a friend along as you journey through the days

Here I am all of these years later watching protest after protest.  Seeing the injustices from every perspective.  I am a witness among thousands, dare I say millions.  And I think all of these years later and there is still so much work to do.  I feel weary from last week's events, from months (years really) of similar events.  Give peace a chance.  I am weary from difficult people and unpleasant neighbors.  Give peace a chance.  I'm completely weary of the political demise in our country.  Give peace a chance.  I'm weary of unpleasant news.  Give peace a chance.  I'm even weary from the sad predictability of natural disasters due to a world on fire.  A world on fire in so many ways.  Give peace a chance.

Jade from our beloved Big Sur
 I held on last week, through the days, with the help of good friends and special talismans and cloth.  I meditated on goodness with stitches.  I remembered the better among the hard...  the 7th of July would have been 37 years, if the love and the man hadn't died.  Give peace a chance.  The comfort cloth is coming along.  I hope to send it on to its new home soon.  Here we are at the start of a new week.  I'll smile at those who welcome it,,,but also those who relish in their closed and angry hearts or don't even know that they need calm and understanding.  That is my plan anyway.  
Give peace a chance.

Saturday Fire (much better now and we are fine, just smokey air)
 *Thank you to Michelle  for this wonderful video!

Until we meet again, "Carry on my wayward son..."
With Love,

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2016

Monday, July 4, 2016

Some Cloth

OK Folks...let's give this a try!  I've been wanting to post, but with my computer freezing and having to be powered down every other keystroke...well it is just a tad frustrating!
I made another few of these small tags.

The one above was especially meaningful to do as all of the braiding/knotting gave me time to meditate on the future recipient.

Some of these have gone off to their new homes and some lay in wait for the right time.

I've also been working on this comfort cloth again.  It has been so long.  I think the last time I posted about it was here,
Months have gone by with this one waiting for my time.

 What do you see in the dye on the cloth?
I've auditioned scraps and begun to sew some down too.  I really like working on this cloth diaper, like the feel of it in my hands.  I like how the green fits right into this growing vine.

In April I gifted this guy with a quilt for his new baby girl.  Hard to believe how the time flies by!  Here I am holding him many moons ago!  Lots of hearts = Lots of Love!  It takes a village!

Then this month, a quilt for my niece's baby girl, due to arrive soon!  This one was made with the parents in mind, their love of camping and nature.  It was made with our recent Yosemite trip in mind.  This one was what I am calling a Quick Quilt, which is pretty much the opposite of slow cloth.  It was what fit into my time and so I let the fabrics do the talking.  The flannel on the back is from when my son was a baby and most of the scenic fabrics are from our Big Road Trip in 2010.  These fabrics are from many different states!  Their nursery theme is "woodland"...but NOT cutsie!  I think I got that done :)

May your days come together beautifully, creating a wonderful picture for your life!
Enjoy, Nancy

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2016