Saturday, November 29, 2014

Gratitude, Minor Doings and Random Thoughts


Video: Grateful: A Love Song to the World
                                                                                                                                                                   The season of Thanksgiving prompted me to think of an old favorite video, which I posed way back here  In doing so, I discovered this one that I also like very much.
I sincerely hope all of you (those who celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday) had a lovely holiday filled with warmth, humor and lots of loving.  Even if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, per se, I wish you days of this goodness as well.  I am deeply grateful for each of you and the ways we connect.

Morning Birds
Around these parts recently, I've been up to...wait for it...yep, the exact same things I usually am up to, with a couple of Thanksgiving togetherness meals thrown in for good measure.

Driving, working, walking, reading, stitching and of course computing (probably too much of that!)  So, here are a few random thoughts and photographs to maybe go along with them, or not.

  • Walking on my lunch break: A fluttering shadow is noticed on the asphalt.  It looks kinda big.  My eyes search for what is creating such a shadow.  I am delighted to realize it is a small yellow butterfly.  This prompts the thought: "Something so small can still throw a mighty shadow".  This leads to the thought that this is a pretty good metaphor...for many things.  Young children can throw a pretty big shadow.  Many people doing small tasks together can too.  
  • For two weeks I did some apple tasting.  I eat an apple on my drive home everyday, usually a Gala or Fuji.  But during a burst of Autumn feeling a couple of weeks ago, I decided to get one or two of all many different varieties.  J. makes my lunch, so he put in a different kind each day, without telling me what kind it was.  Some I hadn't had in years like the good old Delicious apple (which really wasn't) and some I'd never tasted before.  
So Many Kinds of Apples!
  •      Then, when I arrived home I reported my findings and J. wrote that on the running chart he'd created.  It was kinda like we do in the classroom with preschoolers, a taste test.  Mine was a blind one though as he had removed the sticker in the morning.  I discovered the Red Delicious that I use to eat exclusively, really isn't tasty to me anymore, nor is the Rome.  I also discovered that I really like the HoneyCrisp (even if they are so juicy that they are hard to eat while driving!!).  I also like the Jazz & the Sweet Tango a lot!  I didn't really try any green apples, as I don't usually care for the sour taste.  It's pretty funny how much fun we had doing this, me getting a little surprise after a long day and him having full charge of the choice for the day and the results chart!  Silly, but good.
The First Week of Charting
  • At work we had the Thanksgiving Celebration last Friday.  It included a branches-tree with tags to write something/someone we are thankful for.  My favorite was the 2.5 year old who said, "I am thankful for bacon".  Evidently she really meant it as that was her very first response and she stuck with it for the rest of the discussions throughout the week!
Found Twig: Later Warped and Woven
  • I used a needle to help me 'weave' on the above twig.  Warp was some string, Weft was green, because its a little tree of course!  What did someone call that? Sewoven?
  •  A couple of days I have worked an earlier shift.  This means the sun is coming up in my eyes as I head out.  I put on sunglasses and enjoy the view!
  • I haven't had much time to sew on the Comfort Cloth in the past two weeks.  Additionally, I seemed to have misplaced all the tiny squares for the 9 Patch section and the Greens for the earthy section (near where the tan is stitched down).  I've looked in the car and the traveling sewing basket.  No luck just yet.                         Plus, I now have a Christmas Stocking order, which I have to work on!  It has a nice story with it though.  I made the Young Mother her own stocking back in 1996, when she was just 11 years old.  At the time I also made one for her younger sister, her parents and Grandma.  A couple of years ago, I made one for her new husband.  This year I am making their new baby boy a stocking.  It feels amazing to me to have known this family so long and the fact that the treasure their stockings so much, using them year after year, brings me warm fuzzy feelings.  You can read more about the stockings and see her husband's back here.  After this post, I will continue cross-stitching the baby's name.  In the meantime, I saw a 'fish' on the Comfort Cloth the other day!  Do you see it?  Glub Glub!
Fish Facing Left
  • Halloween and now Holiday shoppers have put many more people out on the roads and sidewalks.  The busy, excited feel is nice...but I am always glad to get back home to the quiet of my home.  In the mornings there have been beautiful contrails!
Sky Show in the Morning
Morning Sky Show
Bright Drive to Work

  •  I recently read Goodnight June.  If you have ever read the children's book, Goodnight'll enjoy this charming novel.  Thanks go to my sister for loaning it to me.  I have now picked up two more books from the library: "The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry" and "The Angle of Repose".  I can't wait to get started on them!
  • Work Walk:  Talking to him on the phone, I head out on my lunch time walk.  I round the corner, pass a house or two...then I see it.  It is a small, Sparrow sized, bird.  It is black, gray and white.  I've never seen this kind of bird before.  It is sitting on the tip of a branch, which has fallen off of the tree and landed upside-down on the front grass.  There the branch sits, resting lightly on the two smaller groupings of twigs coming out.  It looks like an upside-down "Y".  I describe the bird to him.  I describe the branch to him.  I bemoan the fact that I do not have my camera with me.  When I get back to my car, it occurs to me that maybe I should try to draw it.  I've seen others do this.  I've seen Saskia do this recently.  I rummage around for paper and find the Fire Extinguisher pamphlet from a recent training and a pen (wished I had a pencil!!)...I try to visualize the little bird and the branch for a few moments.  Then, I give my hand at drawing a try. 
During this season of long shadows, holidays and shift...I hope you all are enjoying the little things in life.   ~Nancy
    Little Bird

    Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2014


    deanna7trees said...

    love your story about the apples. i've heard about the honey crisp and i think they are usually very expensive. i generally buy a bag of the little organic gala apples and i eat one in the evenings. nice post. love hearing about your doings.

    Saskia van Herwaarden said...

    love this drawing! just go for it, see.
    I too always eat an apple on my drive back home from the office, haha, soemthing to look forward to; although mine are always packed in the bag by me. The entire post is so full of thanksgiving thoughts for which I in turn am grateful, a very cheery tale you've woven here. You have The Book, lucky you, the wonderful reading hours ahead of you.....hope you have a nice weekend, or rather what's left of it, and better weather than me, gloomy water-cold day today in clogland, am sitting close to the woodburner with thick winter socks!

    Marti said...

    Nancy, I loved reading about these moments in your life. Each one, a telling of your days, a rounding out of your life filled with giving and sharing, and noticing, and they all add up, in my eyes, to a most special life. I say special and I also should say a most real life for you know that the richness of life is made up of many small, simple, ordinary moments that truly make each day, extraordinary.

    Anonymous said...

    Such an uplifting video... and its gladness carried along as I read scenes/impressions/thoughts from a string of you days... thank you! (I'm grateful for bacon, too).

    AKW said...

    This is a lovely post! I love all of the morning pictures. I wish I could take photos as I drive the Canyon. Sometimes I see coyote or deer. Nice moments you shared.

    Nancy said...

    Deanna~ I wait for the HoneyCrisps to be on sale, as they are a bit more. I also buy these organic tiny little Crimson Gold apples. They're delicious too.

    Saskia~ Awww...I love that you love my little birdie! Maybe I will throw a pad of paper and pencil in the car! I love the daily sweet treat at the end of the day. Yes, I have the book and started it last night in bed. SO far, it has grabbed me and I zoomed through the first few chapters. Normally one would think that is no big deal, but I usually fall asleep after a page...or a paragraph! Last night and today we had rain, finally.

    That's what I think too Marti. Nothing huge or fancy...just a nice, honest, simple life. I am always touched by your comments here.

    Dee~ You're most welcome! A string of days is a good thing.

    Nancy said...

    AKW (Amy)~ Ya, I just point and click and hope for the best. I'm not really looking through the camera...I'm driving after all! I bet your morning drives are nice too.

    Peggy said...

    This was a good visit! Love the apple sampling -- might try that with someone...the video is fantastic as are all the bits and pieces from your days. Love to you.

    P.S. And definitely yes on dyeing a diaper -- whenever you feel like sending it.

    Anonymous said...

    very sweet noticings. love the video. remembering the apple tasting charts from teaching the 3rd grade years- honey crisp usually won.

    Deb G said...

    All kinds of wonderful things here Nancy, all that you notice and do...

    Nancy said...

    Peggy~ Now I'm craving Honey Crisp apples all the time!! lol Love to you too :) I'll send the diaper soon.

    Cindy~ Glad you enjoyed.

    Deb~ Thanks. Glad you stopped by.

    yvette said...

    Nancy, what a treat to read here
    you drive a quiet. road so to see but maybe that's only for early shifts....
    lately somebody gave me a couple of forgotten races apple and pears

    i mean on a estate here closeby they found some apple and pear trees they nor recognised
    they were nice
    it frozw here tonight and i forgot to take my indigo plant in house ....grrrr

    Nancy said...

    Yvette~ That part of my drive is peaceful, the rest is through city streets and not so pretty. How funny, forgotten pears. Did you taste them? Good?Hope your indigo plant survived!