Monday, March 29, 2021

Monday Morning

 Monday morning...wake up, a conversation with J. begins and suddenly I glance through the sliding door and catch a new glimmering, green. New potted plants next door! Hooray! Ever since the last ones were cut down, it's been hotter and brighter in our place. This will make things nicer, just in time for summer. Plus, I found out this evening they will also help with the bright lights of the parking car cover. Yay! The bees love this stuff...there are so many out there!

The trees are looking grand! It was really hot today, 90's on the porch...but we know it is not very accurate, as there is not a great place to put the thermometer. A general idea is good enough. I got pretty far on the first weaving I've done in a while. Thanks go out to Hazel for the yarn!


May you enjoy the little things, in the end they are really the big things.
Photographs by NAE ©2021 

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Going Along & Some Things Are Coming

 I've got a few ideas brewing.

Choosing fabrics and winding yarn.

And hiking.

 Golden Valley Trail...

over the little bridge and down the trail to the right.

Conversation regarding the sound (which I really like) of our footsteps on the wooden planks, like a boardwalk in an old western town. There may have been some singing together.

 More curious tree balls!

 I lean towards the finger paint fabric once again, getting the sense that techniques, symbolism and particular stitches will be repeated and deciding how I feel about that.

We spot just one bunch of California Poppies. Beautiful.
The way the colors wind around, peek in & out


Upon closer inspection, I see a wishing rock in the pillar. I think homesteading in this open land way back then must have been a wish come true! I'm thinking it still would be.

I never tire of the trees against the sky or the sun through the trees.

Layers of color, done

I'm starting to recognize certain landmarks...which slopes stand behind others, where the grasses end and other brush begins, where the trees live...

And we're discovering new trails, seeing the fork in the road and wandering on.

Heading out, passing Locks and then a short mountain drive before we're ready to head home.

Twisty road above and dry creek below, with town far, far away.

Thank you for continuing to come along with me as I share in the wonder of the great outdoors, as I explore creative ideas and tell my stories. Thank you for your friendship on the pomegranate trail.


Photographs by NAE ©2021 

Friday, March 26, 2021


 We went back to the East Walker Ranch trail, taking the route through the meadow and walking further than we had the last time. I even took a printout of the trail map.

It was fun to try and make sense of it, but it was tricky. Then as we walked on further, there were trail names not even on the map. Go figure. The important thing is we got out, exercised and enjoyed some sun. There were a few friendly folks on the trail, especially the man and the two little girls. It seems that every time we go out, we find someplace new (at least for now). We tried to find another one of the trail heads, but did not succeed. Another day. 

Anyway, after feeling the side effects of my second covid vaccine, it was good to get out and be mostly headache free. This is especially true as they are repaving the parking area next door (outside of our windows). It's noisy, smelly. They're supposed to be done by the end of the month.

Tonight I heard the news of  Beverly Cleary passing. Boy, what a treasure she was. 

Teeny flowers, the size of my pinkie fingernail!

Seed pod tree

Map in hand...
A life lived

Choices and magnificent history

Within these trails that have locks that lock nothing & gates you can step right over, there are so many discoveries waiting to be found!

May you go out searching now and then and wallow and delight in all you see.
Photographs by NAE ©2021

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Done & Done

Today was a beautiful day to head back over to the local amusement park for my second vaccine. It was again, quick and easy. In fact, the same gentleman gave me this second vaccine too. What are the chances of that?! He was very gentle. So far, 6 hours later, I feel fine. It was again quite the surreal scene, made especially so because the park was testing the roller coasters. As we sat waiting for the 15 minute observation period, there was a clack, clack, clack, clack, clack WOOSH! There were playful crows and Canadian Geese, and a turkey vulture too. Between the coaster testing and the lively conversations between the workers and the birds, we were well entertained. I am again grateful to all of the workers that were there (glad they had better weather today). And I am grateful that I'm done (for now!).

 May you get your vaccines too and stay healthy.


Photographs by NAE ©2021

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

What a Difference a Day Makes

Sunday, we hiked again. We went right across the road from Friday's hike. It's a different landscape, but again, there was a nice brisk breeze and amazing views. The photos here are from that hike, but to be honest, Monday feels a whole lot different than Friday or Sunday. Earlier in the day Monday, after hearing a hysterical work story from J. about a grocery store he worked at as a young teen, it sent me looking for the old store and I spent some time looking at photos here and reading about Alexander's:

In 1920, Samuel H. Alexander opened a small, 25' x 40' store at the corner of 41st Street and Hooper Avenue in Los Angeles. By 1927, Alexander's business had grown from the initial location, and he opened one of the first supermarkets in Southern California. The small chain grew to at least 13 stores, most in the San Fernando Valley, with locations in La Canada, Northridge, Van Nuys to Hollywood. The logo for Alexander's was a thick, lower case "A." Employees called the logo the "pregnant A," according to a 1971 Los Angeles Times story. Alexander's (just as often written without the apostrophe) stayed family-run until it was sold in 1976, with various market chains taking over the locations.

Fun Fact: Prompted by his daughter Christine's environmental concerns, president Veryl Alexander committed in the early 1970s to biodegradable packaging for meat, eggs and produce; labeling items as "an ecology preferred product"; encouraging shoppers to reuse bags and setting up newspaper recycling bins.


 After a trip down memory lane of all the grocery stores I've known, I was slammed back to current times with the news out of Boulder, CO. Another shooting, second in a week, this time in a grocery store. My wind is knocked out by yet another tragedy. How are we supposed to do this? Black Lives Matter-STOP Asian hate-Covid memorial quilt/vaccines/variants-EDD-Miami Beach Spring Break Crowds-The Border is Closed-rumps legal life-Capitol criminals found/arrested/and ?-Work?-On&On-On&On-On&On...

It stinks. 

How important are our hikes? How do we go about enjoying getting out...blogging and writing about small bridges or tunnels under the road discovered...words about brilliant blue skies and hawks and scented memories as the breeze blows through the California scrub brush?

The number of mass shootings has become staggering. I hear researched figures reported.

FBI 2000-2018

 Where will the next one be?

? of theater...a festival...a concert  ?

It seems these mass shootings are everywhere, anywhere.

2019 had 417 mass shootings, including the one out here at Saugus High.

I think what will the statistics for 2020 be? What about 2021?

But, a grocery store...we all need to shop for food...we all go there, right?

I'm flooded with memories of shopping with my own children when they were young. How many times did we do that? As they grew up, I made intentional choices to foster independence, family teamwork and time management. So, I'd send them off to fetch specific items on our list. My daughter practiced pirouettes in the bread aisle while getting bakery products and my son would dash off to the far back of the store to get milk. Shopping was language and math learning. It was family time. how many times were they more than an arms reach away? My almost grown grandson works in a grocery store and the baby grandson has years and years ahead of him. We all do.

So, with heavy hearts, we will rise in the morning.
We will hike and sing and cry.
We will speak up and speak out. We will make quilt blocks for those who have been lost to disease and unjust violence.
We will read and learn and write to share who we are with the world.
We will listen and go on and we will remember.

May we be safe. May we be healthy. May we be content...
for what else is there?
Photographs by NAE ©2021 

Friday, March 19, 2021

Happy Spring 3-20-2021

We start with a sign and Locks (of course!) Taking the sign photos and other landmarks gives me a way to remember where we were, as this treks look similar, but definetly not the same. Plus, it's a good tool for at home research.

We step over the center of the gate, intended for this purpose, which for some reason always cracks me up, what with all of the locks and all and head off. The world seems even greener than on Tuesday when we were out.

Past a little bridge, on the dirt trail and up the hill. This area, on this side of the road, is soft rolling hills and big huge sky. Hawks and crows circle, while an unknown bird species darts back and forth.

These paths are designed for mix use, so hiking and bikes. We see one hiker and one lone biker, along with a family of three on their bikes. Other than that, we had the whole place to ourselves. Ya can't get much better than that!

There was lots of last year's mustard plants.

I took a photo of the trails map, which of course didn't really show them well. But, if you're a map lover like me, you can find the one for this area here.

What a great hike this turned out to be, surrounded by sky, hills and Spring!

May you find what feeds you...and eat up!


Photographs by NAE ©2021