Wednesday, March 3, 2021

March 2021 ~ Vaccine

Today was Pfizer vaccine day for me. First vaccine, done.

It was very easy, painless. I am grateful. Prior to going there was the up & down of getting my eligibility letter (as someone in the field of ECE) and watching the weather, but all was easy and fine once I got there. It was misting when we left, drizzling as we wound our way through the cones and lightly raining when we were done. I thanked the folks working the drive through arrangement as we went through and kept exclaiming how helpful and nice and appreciated they were for doing this job on this 50 degree rainy day. Everyone really was so nice! I thought of all the sites across the country, everyone working on the Team Covid-19 Vaccine...many in way colder weather than we have. Anyway, I am filed with gratitude to these folks and for being half-way done.

 Vaccine site at the local amusement park ☺

I hadn't been there in years and years!

Little grandson and his Mama...Older grandson with J. ~Smiles all around!

 Happy March everyone!

May you embrace the sense of Spring and keep a little Springtime in your step and heart.
Photographs by NAE ©2021


Liz A said...

one down, one to go ... hope you're feeling okay today

Nancy said...

Liz~ Yes, thank you, I'm doing okay today.

Saskia said...

aaahhh those images of young mother and son, they brought an even bigger smile to my face than the excellent news about your first jab!

Deb G said...

I get mine this week. It's as surreal as the rest of it.

Nancy said...

Saskia~ Yes, that is such a happy pic of young Orlo and his mom! One down, one to go...

Deb~ Oh great! I've had my fingers crossed for you, working all of this time. And yes indeed, surreal!!