Saturday, May 23, 2020

Little Walk - Big Plant

On our walk yesterday, or the day before...
we noticed one of the Century plants bursting upwards.

A different one than
Today I brought my camera.
Look how tall it is!
This is a two story building, mind you.


 Look at it next to the Palm tree!

Perspective with J's hand

Other beautiful growth was noted as well.

 A strange story:
Two days ago when we walked, tree trimmers, trimming the trees shown in the photo above.
There is a driveway there, to the left of this photo.
Anyway, on the sidewalk, there at the base of the block wall 
(which is topped with the wood you see here), under the Jacaranda tree,
lay a dead crow, wings tucked close to its body.
As I commented over at Dee's, I couldn't look and so walked around it out in the road.
Yesterday, the sidewalk was clear, no crow.
I wondered briefly about who had done the clean up?
The tree trimmers?
I let, well I insisted my mind not stay there considering how the crow was honored or not.

Today when we walked, there, close to the same spot under the Jacaranda tree, 
on the sidewalk, but closer to the road...
another dead crow.

Back to where the Century plants live,
there are also these lovelies.
I don't know what they are, but I love 'em!
They are so colorful and cheerful.

Among all the strange
May you also notice the beautiful
Be well

Photographs by NAE ©2020

Sunday, May 10, 2020

To All the Mommies


To all the mommies who were, are, will be soon
To al who had mommies of their own
To all aunties, Tia's,grand-mommies
To all the dear friends, who came and stayed and stepped in when needed

To all I can think of and those I may have missed

Know that you are loved and appreciated in the deepest possible way.
And if none of this applies, but how could that be? If none of these titles apply, but you love babies and music, why then celebrate that