Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Before & After #7



I cleaned off the arm of the couch.
I've been using these bits while mending sheets. 

Thank you to all of my wonderful readers who come back time and again to read and look and comment.  
Each one of you is much appreciated!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Color in August

Over at Jude's the conversation and reflective thinking and active stitching has turned to color.
It really is beginning to feel as if the only stitching I'm doing is work related.
Adding names to the Gathering Blanket and patching sheets with hearts.
I don't mind this stitching.  I mean, I did bring it upon myself.

 *NOTE: Click on all photos for a closer look*

I'll just be glad when all the names are up to date on the blanket (at least 6 to go!) and I may have to end the ongoing mending project, as there are more holes than I have time for.
One of the sheets had a big rip across it, another hole was discovered by a child's fingers Friday during nap time.  While it was sweet to see his chubby little hand fingering the fabric and poking one little finger into the hole...
my primary thought was, "Ohhhh Nooooo, not another one!!!"
Besides, Jude is totally right in teaching that these sheets are terrifically hard to sew through!!

Anyway, when Peggy tlaked about August being green, combined with Jude's ideas of implementing rainbows, I thought about the color of my days recently.  Here is what I came up with (another photo stream!)

Patched crib sheet

I played around with adding variety to my stitching, instead of just spiraling the heart shape within each heart.  I also have noticed how much the raw edge frays upon many washings.  The whole point in mending these sheets is to get more use out of them.  So, I added some X's and lines within each space of the blanket stitch to help with that.
I don't really want to do turned edges, as I am faster at it this way and my technique is still not great.  The sheet fabric is so tightly woven, that this is not a good place to improve on that skill!
I sign each sheet in my "NAE" and the year signature.   A few of my co-workers really love these little hearts.  What a simple way to bring a smile and some happiness to others.
As I was finishing this one, I noticed yet one more hole, but try as I might - I couldn't see it again to patch it.  I held it up to the light and looked and looked and then decided, "I'm done!"

After listening to one of the rainbow lessons, I threw some 'full spectrum' onto this sheet.  Just for fun!

A nine patch of X's with one other marking (just to shake it up!)
One of those X's holds a hole underneath it!

While finishing it off, I noticed the mottled color of white, perhaps from many bleachings.
Here's what it looks like.  I've enhanced the White sheet so you can see what I saw.

This is the most faint discoloration.  Really!  It took me a couple of weeks of dragging this around to notice it.
Here's another altered image.

Wouldn't it be pretty if it dyed like this!?

I've also had color in my food this summer.  Yellow-white corn from the farmers market.
It was delicious!

The yellow & green of a curly sunflower.

Then there is this variety of sunflower with very dark burgundy petals and a deep brown center.  The following are all the same variety, just with me standing on different sides, thus changing the lighting.

I love how the light peeks through at the base of each petal.  This photo is as close to what I see when walking at work as I could get.

I love how the top one takes on a dainty, almost blushing personality, as if she is saying, "Oh my!" and putting a hand to her mouth!
The bottom one is wearing a headdress or a crown or a Mohawk...or?  The next day, I couldn't find her in the group anymore!  Did she disguise herself by loosing more petals?   Mmmm...I'll look again on Monday!

Do you see what I see?

Here let's move a bit closer...
It was the green sheen that caught my eye.
Reminded me of the feather, recently posted.
And it reminded me of the creatures Saskia finds.  In her world, all of her creatures have a story to tell.  Scroll around the Birdhut to find them :)

I've been trying to be brave and inquisitive when seeing the things that creep me out!
Look at those hairy legs and it's clawed shadow!

Other colorful August events have included a summer evening concert & farmer's market.
The band really rocked!
I like that you can see this moment as colors,!

Walking through the farmers market, even the quieter colors catch my eye.

Sunrise has the light dancing off the many, many spiderwebs along the driveway wall.
It was hard to capture this daily morning experience.  I thought of these when reading Helen's recent post.

Sunset has me driving home, marveling at the white swoopy clouds and the blast of sunlight in my camera.

Have a nice week everyone!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013

Saturday, August 17, 2013

First the Pot, then a Feather

First he brought in the pot (see last post)
...then he brought in this gift of a unique feather, 
which was found in the same hills.


He knows me so well!

We are unsure what bird left this behind.
One might think crow or raven at first.
But, it feels thinner and has the iridescent green aspect 
that causes some pondering.

I went 'walk-about' in the 'back 40' to try and capture its essence.
Ended up having some fun with light and shadow!

feather in the sky

feather in the sunflower house

feather & the sun

feather holds green

taller than a feather
feather power
in my heart


Last Tuesday was my mama's birthday.
She would have been 85 years old.
I've been missing her a lot.
This is the picture I posted over at FB on Tuesday.
It's from many years ago (early 2000's) at the Sierra Madre Wisteria Festival.
You can learn more about that  here or here or google-around for more.

It was a wonderful day.
That happiness shows.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Photo Stream

Last Sunday we were able to go for a hike in the near by mountains.  Only minutes from home and off a busy road and freeway intersection.  It is always a big treat to go and explore out in nature.

It's part of my 'finding the beauty' mindset of the past many months.  Even on my daily commute through asphalt streets, I'm looking at sky and trees and flowers.  It's what keeps me going.  It holds the focus on the positive and feelings of gratitude.

It is a conscience effort that has become an easy practice, a habit for me now.  Not an entirely new practice, but one with renewed intent.

This is a photo stream of one week in my life, with the above attitude in mind.

When I write and take photographs, I decide what the 'angle' will be.  Zooming in on the little things reinds me of what really matters.  Taking a wider shot reminds me to look at the whole picture.  The whole beautiful picture.

I hope you enjoy my 'neck of the woods'!

Views, holding trees, California scrub brush and mountain tops ~ 
framed by a brilliant blue sky

Tree: dead or not?
Down in a canyon, looking up

One-armed tree


Reminiscent of Easter Island

Tree parts

The arm of the one-armed bare tree

Fallen across the path

Fallen across the path and alive with the sounds of insects inside

Remains of a burnt tree

Mostly mollusks from the Pliocene epoch 
(this information from the guy, I'm clueless!)

Last photo (below) he wasn't so sure about.
Looks embryotic to me.
Or like a lamb chop!

Remains of man
Latch on an old, in-ground storage container

Spider Life

Hillside spider condos!


Heading back out of the canyon

Found feathers & heading home

Back Home

This gal can no longer hold her head up!

Feather found on work walk
I see design & pattern here.
One is a design, many is a pattern
Each one holding a unique design.

Found Pot
A few days later, he goes exploring again and stumbles on to this amazing find!
A cast iron pot!

Thanks for traveling along with me.
It makes me happy to share these views with ya'll!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013