Thursday, April 16, 2020

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Teach Your Children


I awoke with this song in my head the other day
Or is it, I thought of it while trying to sleep?

I think that is how this post, this time will feel
Full of contradictions
Highs and Lows

Even for me, an introvert who loves being home...
yet the lack of freedom in leaving home weighs heavy

Even for me, a lover of sleeping in
(even if I wish that not to be so)
Days and Nights ~ confused

Blessings of home to be in
Curses of Mr Upstairs who keeps me awake all night
Unkind thoughts I should keep to myself

Another baby entered the world this week
Another one expected soon
This old baby quilt, circa 1900's,
I was told once upon a time
Purchased in Bishop, CA 1980 for $15.00
used for both of my babies
a lifetime ago
a lifetime ago
Excited by the idea of large cloth with Jude and everyone, 
I pulled this out, laying it out on our full-sized bed,
(to give an idea of the size of it),
hoping the fold wrinkles will ease a bit
Much of the color gone
spots worn almost clean through
My thoughts of 'mending' quickly overtaken by 
insecurities of low creativity and lower technique
How to make this useful,
while trying to ignore the fear of ruining it?
My imagination trickles in, 
a few sparse ideas...
with no idea on how to actually execute them
Because that is the crux of imposter syndrome
Fears of good enough
Just look at that beautiful stitching in perfect little squares!
I could never match it
What to do?
How to move through the layers?
Move through the feelings?
One of my thoughts, perhaps a beginning,
is to add a new binding on top of the existing one
There are many spots where the edge is worn through
I have an old favorite super soft flannel skirt that may make a nice border,
although the lined print somewhat concerns me
I would not attempt to line things up perfectly
In my head I see Liz's precise stitches,
Jude's beasts wandering over the squares
A stack of Saskia's dog and birds in one corner
And a house from Dee somewhere too
I see a heart from Deb in WA
and some wild stitching from Deb, using her gorgeous threads 
Along with all of that,
I see water, a small boat, stars and a dream from Hazel
I see nature dyed glory from Marti side-by-side
with face and human form stitched by Grace
And of course a moon from Mo 
And a second one from Glennis
 I see a story!

How I would love to send this off in the mail...
round robin style, 
so many hands could make much love!
I know that often the best way out, is through...
that I should just begin
It is just hard
these days
 Super soft flannel of my old skirt
Me at 19 years
This skirt, equally soft pull-over shirt and Frye boots!
 Shhh...he's sleeping!

May you things to do
Memories to hold 
And friendships that sustain you

Photographs by NAE ©2020

Monday, April 13, 2020

My Contribution

Life these days
Lots of weaving
Really, LOTS of weaving

I was inspired to at least get to the cleaning of my 
bedroom bookshelves,
thanks to my friend who had previously inspired
me to take a walk.

It's a small thing, 
but a first step in the organization of this spot.

I was also inspired by all of the 'backgrounds' I've 
been seeing on the news programming.
As I've said in comments and such,
I'm fascinated by this bit of voyeurism,
looking into the home spaces of those that enter
my home each day.
Isn't that something?

Tonight, a gentleman had THREE of those
Hear no evil - See no evil - Speak no evil 
monkeys on the shelf behind him,
along with TWO of the 1970's signs:

I had a frame like that, my mama had a set of those monkeys.
It could have been my bookshelves!

Anyway, here are mine now, 
quick iPad photos, but you get the idea.

Combined bookshelves & shrine items

This room is still a work in progress,
a work in process 

I've decided that the iPad takes rotten photos.
Next time, I'll go the long way around.

May you have someone who inspires you
Teaches you
and remains true 
May you find ways to be that person to someone else as well

Photographs by NAE ©2020 

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Bonnie Raitt& John Prine - Angel From Montgomery

Good night Mr. Prine
Thank you for the music.


Thursday, April 2, 2020

April 2nd 2020

Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday dear Nancy

Happy birthday to me!!

Happy birthday to me!

Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday dear Nancy

Happy birthday to me!!

Celebrating at home this year.
Trying to stay virus free.
Thanks to J. for the photo help!

Photographs by NAE ©2020