Saturday, July 31, 2021

Record Keeping X 2

Well, I guess I'll be writing this post backwards and mixed up. A record keeping post that started as a follow-up to the last Imagine one, since we planted some of the Community Medicine Bags today. But let me jump forward to right now. Local area has a brush fire going, which I just heard about at around 5:30PM. It's the: Hungry Fire 

Very quickly it went from 70 acres to 320 acres, two separate fires actually. It is North of me. We are safe and I am not worried for me and so far no homes in danger up there. But, it is within a short drive from here, You've seen the area when we did Drives North on the 5 freeway, near Quail Lake, Frazier Park, Gorman...ya know, North! See those drives here and here. Or search for yourself, if you've a mind to. 

Anyway, the main point is I knew this was coming, of course. I've been waiting for our turn. Not with fear or dread, just knowing. This is my new wildfire go to website, but they don't have the Hungry Fire up yet. However, it is an easy to use resource and includes policy & political related information too.

I've noticed recently that the news no longer sticks to fire stories for more than a few moments. Is this because these times are now normal. They have spent more time on Brittney Spears (yes, I know, mental health issues are important too - but just a complete media blitz?!) than they do on the fires, related dangers of those fires or the climate change that is happening while we watch. Sigh.

The other thing we noticed for the first time today, was upon driving the road to our familiar hiking spots from the spring to plant Community Medicine Bags (CMB) - along the whole road, each turnout or wide shoulder on the side of the road has been recently bulldozed or scraped or raked...whatever. We discussed why that may be, assuming it could be pre-work for fire safety. This way there would be room for emergency trucks to park off road. We also considered that it may be to prevent a citizen from actually accidently starting a fire.

I heard part of the Hungry Fire was started by a truck, so it all makes sense.

~~~~~~~~~We left the house with 9 little bags~~~~~~~~~

Before hitting that road though, the first stop was our oldest regular hike. It is the left side of where "Same Rock Found Twice" lives. You've seen this hike many a time and these locks as well. ☺

It was 100 degrees and air quality in the Red, so no hiking to speak of, just planting smiles.

 Off down the road I mentioned. There were not too many folks out, probably due to that heat.

It is so brown here now! Do you remember the rolling green hills of spring?

J. wanted to leave a CMB on one of the tiny oak trees. Can you barely see it there? I'll zoom in. On one of our hikes, we met the young couple working to plant these hillsides with oaks. There is one in this white plastic tube. I thought the hills were too dry, but J. noticed that hoses had been run since the last time we were here. They explained to us how these hills should be scrub brush, not grasses and how quickly the grasses burn. You can sure imagine that now! I hung one on the little bridge. It is kind of noticeable as you head up the path. But it looks teeny from afar!

Then off we went to the Mother's Day sit and hikes following, including the one way up the hill. After taking photos of the locks at these open gates for so long now, it was extra fun to leave a CMB there - clearly visible.

Last, we trotted over to the lovely flat trail where a beautiful vision of a horse in a meadow greeted us last time. Do you remember that? We got a kick out of this first photo...the proportions are so wonky! And I like the second pic for the contrast, placement, framing.

It is brown here too and that poor horse had just a small cover to stand under. It looked so hot :(

 We came home with 4 bags and I have since finished off one and started one.

Our first venture out to plant CMB was fun for us both. I think we were able to be stealth enough and plan to take out the other completed one soon. There were some ongoing considerations and some new ones. It's a process.

Heading home, we safely enjoyed some favorite Mexican food.

May you find ways to share...information, smiles...

May you find ways to enjoy...

May you remain safe and careful!


Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2021

Wednesday, July 28, 2021


The Christmas Stocking giveaway prompted another idea.

"Community Medicine Bags" 

This idea coupled with my de-clutter at all costs really got me going.

As previously posted in photographs, I gathered together a collection of yarns I thought I'd not easily use. My lesser liked yarns. For one reason or another, I'd reached for other yarns before these. I thought I'd make wild, out of my norm medicine bags. There was a certain freedom in the New Plan. Because I would not be making these with any one person in mind, there would not be 'favorite colors', texture or thickness concerns or aesthetically pleasing matching as a goal - there would be only the making, experimenting, weaving. Not making for a special someone has me not meditating on one person as I make the strap, but instead thinking about the pure giving, the community, feeling the excitement of planning where to leave the Community Medicine Bags. Grace's comment on the Christmas Stocking post started my wheels turning! So far it has been great fun!


I made ten to begin with.

We took the to the Imagine sign at the local library...
There were already inspirational rocks there.

Just going


 I put on all 10 for a quick photo ☺

So far they have all turned out well. Good enough.

I've tucked tiny "FREE - ENJOY!" tags into them. 

The other side of the TAGS have secret messages.


I've had a great time putting together colors I normally do not and have gleefully used up two different yarns so far! I'm leaving less behind, while hopefully providing smiles for others.

A huge shout out to Hazel, who gifted me with most of these yarns, making this project possible. THANKS HAZEL! I'm having a ball!

There is already a new one on the little loom. ☺

Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints!

We left the first of this batch in the tree at the IMAGINE sign.
I can't wait to plant more! 

May you have fun, fun, fun!


Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2021 

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Putting Two and Two Together

 Welcome to Mapping It with Me!

I've still had maps on my mind since reading  You Are Here

And I've had one written piece in this book in particular floating around in my head. 

It's a piece titled "Memory Map" and it caused me to have an Ah-Ha and a Yes! Along with some nods and uh huhs too. Then I put two and two together and figured out why the fire in Alpine County, CA (and Nevada) has been so much on my mind. It's all in my memory map!

Here is that story by Katie Davis:

 This piece of writing really struck a chord for me. The two neighborhoods I lived in as a child are well-mapped in my memory, as is much of The Valley. Areas I traveled over and through again and again, year after year as a young girl. So much so, that a particular building on a particular corner, its door set on an angle, will always be "The Bee Hive" - a beauty supply store where I treated myself to new hair brushes. And another corner, right next to the old La Reina Movie Theater another store which held a record store. The name was not the same as the photo in this link, but I can still recall waiting outside for my friend while holding two ice cream cones, as she went in to get our autographed Lou Rawls photographs! Oh, the hours spent in both of these places...pouring over which record to buy or watching movies, like "Paper Moon", and eating candies (remember 'DOTS'?). Every apartment building and its special features important only to children who wander and play.They call it free range these days. So, the corner church on the end on my block will always be "The Church" where we kids hung out on warm nights and discovered our independence in the summer of 1969. I could tell a million more small stories, mere blips in a crowded memory bank or I could draw my own memory map, but both would only serve me in the end. Some memories are so strong, so much a part of you that to share them is impossible, but to know them is divine. 

As I write this I feel quite connected to the poem/post of mine regarding the poem by Ella Lyon, Where I'm From from so very long ago. It feels so similar that I laugh to myself thinking I am just going in circles all of these years! Ha

If you liked Memory Map by Katie Davis, you may like this one too:

Photo of my Street 

 ↔ ↔ ↔ ↔ ↔ 

Anyway, all of these thoughts told me the story of why I'm so bothered by the Tamarack Fire.

The areas on the fire maps bring back so many memories.

This is the road that went to my son's first preschool, sitting in the pines. I sure loved that school experience.

This is the road to Kongsburg, the old mining town where my ex and I would hunt for 'square (headed) nails'.

This is where we'd go to Indian Creek Reservoir for day trips near the picnic tables on the water, to hike (while 8 months pregnant) long, steep trails rising in elevation...up, up, up, or to throw rocks in the water...

Highway 88, where the ranches and the old small white ranch houses lived. 

Places you could easily get down to the river.

The road to the left off HWY 88 that dipped down into a large piece of grassland, a part of someone's ranch.

'Down to Markleeville' where I took my baby son on a hike, just the two of us, photo on timer.

Again, I could go on and on with personal memories only important to me. Not even my son would recall the heart connection of this place. Memory maps. Alpine County will always be these places to me, will always be that time to me.

These photos are fading, the rainbow harder to see...

but the memories and their 'map' will never fade.

May your memory maps provide solace to you in the days of 2021.

May you build new maps each day.

Whatever it is, may you treasure it.


Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2021 

Friday, July 16, 2021

Nature X 2

A new book started. Yes, another book I've had for years and just barely looked at.

But, it seems that this is the time for this book.  This one has me considering the 'why' of choosing books. I'm pretty sure this cover and title spoke to me and that I was in a head space of wanting a nature connection.  What's funny is that as I looked through to see the contributing writers, I recognized many names...names I probably did not know when I made the purchase. Now I am looking forward to reading the selections of familiar authors.

The first night of reading had me relaxed and drifting off to images of nature and then a peaceful slumber. This is a win in my book!

 The Sacred Earth

As I've been reading, I can't help but think of many of you! 

If I had my druthers, I send you each a copy!

A friend brought me these flowers when we had one of those long lunches (like Hazel mentioned recently). They are beautiful, with curious growth in the center and new flowers buried deep in the leaves at the bottom. Isn't nature wonderful?!

May books nurture us when we need extra care

May nature feed us when that is what we need

May we give back when others are in need


Photographs by NAE ©2021