Wednesday, July 28, 2021


The Christmas Stocking giveaway prompted another idea.

"Community Medicine Bags" 

This idea coupled with my de-clutter at all costs really got me going.

As previously posted in photographs, I gathered together a collection of yarns I thought I'd not easily use. My lesser liked yarns. For one reason or another, I'd reached for other yarns before these. I thought I'd make wild, out of my norm medicine bags. There was a certain freedom in the New Plan. Because I would not be making these with any one person in mind, there would not be 'favorite colors', texture or thickness concerns or aesthetically pleasing matching as a goal - there would be only the making, experimenting, weaving. Not making for a special someone has me not meditating on one person as I make the strap, but instead thinking about the pure giving, the community, feeling the excitement of planning where to leave the Community Medicine Bags. Grace's comment on the Christmas Stocking post started my wheels turning! So far it has been great fun!


I made ten to begin with.

We took the to the Imagine sign at the local library...
There were already inspirational rocks there.

Just going


 I put on all 10 for a quick photo ☺

So far they have all turned out well. Good enough.

I've tucked tiny "FREE - ENJOY!" tags into them. 

The other side of the TAGS have secret messages.


I've had a great time putting together colors I normally do not and have gleefully used up two different yarns so far! I'm leaving less behind, while hopefully providing smiles for others.

A huge shout out to Hazel, who gifted me with most of these yarns, making this project possible. THANKS HAZEL! I'm having a ball!

There is already a new one on the little loom. ☺

Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints!

We left the first of this batch in the tree at the IMAGINE sign.
I can't wait to plant more! 

May you have fun, fun, fun!


Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2021 


Marti said...

This is wonderful Nancy. Each and every medicine bag, has a very special ingredient held within it- needed every day. Your color combinations are terrific- lots of earthy and happy colors...I can well sense how it will be when they are discovered; for I know how I felt when I received mine. You infuse them with a bit of whimsy, a bit of magic, but most of all besides kindness, they are filled with your caring, love, heart and wonderful imagination.

p.s. I added to my medicine bag yesterday when I snipped some lavender from my potted plant outside. For some reason, when we moved here we found a hook like device on the wall nearest the front door so that is where I placed my medicine bag; I like seeing it first thing when we come into our home. Inside the bag, I have some Native American red and blue corn kernels that we grew in our other home, a round green bead that my granddaughter gave me, a tiny branch topped with a wee bit of moss that my grandson found on our family vacation in Colorado and some feathers that R found on a walk.

Liz A said...

oh Nancy ... this is wonderful ... and I love the picture of you wearing all of them!

Mo Crow said...

love you as the second i in imagine

Shiborigirl said...

Planting wonder! I treasure the one you sent me. I like seeing the collection of them. Plant on!

Nancy said...

Marti~ Thank you so much for your feedback. I love knowing how you use your bag, where it brings a smile to my face :)

Liz~ Thank you! I'm having a fun time, but one bag at a time is much more comfortable! lol

Mo~ Haha, thanks. I knew as soon as I heard of this sign that I'd have to go interact with it myself :)

Glennis~ Thanks so much. It really is amazing seeing them together like this. Seed & Smile planting really is a great vocation!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

this is so Wonder FULL....i think the IMAGINE place is perfect

Nancy said...

Grace~ Thanks and thanks for the inspiration Grace. I totally agree, the IMAGINE sign was the perfect place to kick this off! (((hugs)))

Deb G said...

Love this! I know you've made me smile and I don't doubt those that find these will too!

Nancy said...

Deb~ Smile sharing is good :) We're going to go plant some in a bit.

Cam said...

What a great idea.,.and an inspiration. I think mine will come with me to our new home for my grandchildren to help me fill. Think of how happy people are going to be to find these!

Nancy said...

Cam~ Thanks!It all started with those two Christmas Stockings! Something nice came from that, which makes me feel so good. How much fun to share with the grands :) I wonder what they will choose to put inside?

Hazel said...

Nancy! This is fabulous, I'm grinning ear to ear reading this (& laughed out loud at the photo of you wearing all of them!). So happy to have had a small part in your generous heart's makings and sharings, oxo.

Nancy said...

Hazel~ Are you kidding?!! You totally made this possible! Thank you and thank you, again and again. I am currently working with the big ball pictured here. I have so many questions for you about it. I absolutely love it! The softness, thinness, the way the colors morph. I have two bags done with it and another in process. So dreamy. :)