Saturday, June 15, 2019

Days That feed Us

We took a drive out to our ocean today.
The need for salt air was huge.
Beautiful purple flowers greeted us, 
as did a charming driftwood teepee!
I have seen one so well built in a log time.
It was gray and the breeze was cool and
although we had no jackets or hats...
we followed the path and then the ocean's edge for some time.

Seagull in flight ☺
Emma Wood has so many rocks and tons of driftwood.
I looked for small wishing rocks, but didn't see any.
My very small collection is here somewhere.

I only brought home 2 teeny driftwood to replace one I had that broke.
We joked about not collecting again! 


On the way home we bought fresh strawberries 
and stopped to gaze at the amazing leeks growing and blooming
in the Santa Clara River Valley.

They looked like something from another world!
You can gaze too! 



Sometimes salt in our wounds is just what we need!
May your days be an adventure that
soars and floats giving things you want, need and don't even know you need!

Photographs by NAE ©2019

Friday, June 14, 2019

Do We Got Any Cloth in the HOOOUUUUSE?!!

Building a Wall

Last weekend I went with a dear friend to the local Quilt Show.
I haven't been to one in years and years, but thought
some fun and friendship was in order.

So off we went, to look.


Ode to Obama!  Yay!
Made me think of my Moon Lovin' Friends!
The venue was not great for photos, but I took some anyway.
There were a few quilts I liked for one reason or another.
What was so interesting to me, was that I fell in love with nothing, 
did not want to purchase anything from the quilters/vendors and
I had no regrets about the two large tubs of fabric 
I donated to Project Linus during the frantic move.


Also over the past few weeks,
I've been hanging the beautiful clothwork of myself or ragmates 
or purchased by loved ones.
It has been a semi-slow process, filled with consideration.
In the bedroom, my La Conchita quilt, of long ago.
Wall hanging gift for us, from my mama
Every time I gaze upon these old favorites, newly hanging,
I feel proud.  I feel loved.  
I am so grateful.



Interesting fabric choices, a different kind of 'home'.
Frida seems to be more and more popular!
This cityscape had me thinking about Dee and her 'home' themed cloth.  I was intrigued by the choice of ethnic looking fabric for a city looking scene.
The Frida cloth caught my eye because she seems to be everywhere these days.
Whenever I see Frida art, I take a photograph.
I have a tiny collection going ☺


Dee by the living room keyboard!
Saskia in the bedroom
J. chose this piece of Dee's to hang in the living room,
as he likes the brighter colors.  
I like sitting on my side of the couch looking at the moon,
as we can't see it easily at our new place.
Dee's other piece, gifted by my son and wife, 
hangs from books on the bedroom bookcase.
Her pieces are a slice of home! 
This Saskia piece was a gift and I couldn't be more glad that it came to me!
I am especially happy that this one includes her weaving as well


 This quilt sadly suffers from the poor light situation.
It was gorgeous, deep forest colors, tiny patches surrounded by ferns!
The colors here were so deep and rich!
I was thinking of Valerianna and her home in the woods ☺


Left side of door: LOVE
Right side of door: More LOVE!
 These cloths, framing the door, are filled with so much love!
On the left: My own love in the piece I made for Mo's: 
"I Dream of a World Where Love is the Answer" 
(middle cloth) is back home. 
The lace remains safely tucked between the layers for now.  I may stitch it there.
The white wrapped twig hangs from a bit of the 'magic' thread from Jude.
I plan to stitch the blue wrapped twig to the top edge.
I won the top 'hearts' cloth from Jude waaaay back when!
It is feather light and filled with love and her special magic!
They both hang from an antique 'corn dryer' which was a wedding gift back in 1979!
Over the years since, it hung in my kitchens and held either mini-Indian corn cobs
or gorgeous, artistic, handmade wood spoons.
Now, it hangs her in its reincarnation of usefulness
 The bottom cloth, is one I bought from Grace and it holds 
her love of her New Mexico land and her goats and more.
 The right side: There are three special cloths grouped together with things we wear.
On the top is a feather cloth from back in "The Magic Feather Project" days.
The lightness of the blues and feather remind me to float!
The bottom dark blues and weaving cloth of Jude's is rich and deep of color and memories.
It reminds me of her blog banner in the days of when I first entered the 
Spirit Cloth World.  I'm so lucky to have found her space, this community.
Words do not express.
I even bought some wooden push pins, pinning it up a la Jude style!
The little, long cloth was given to me by Els.
Its tiny stitches and artistically arranged flower-work 
speak of her love of detail and big heart! 
Els and her felt-work, fundraising work and painting...
so much talent!
I keep a sewn feather pin of Els' with me in my car, hanging near Liz's peace pin.
It's good to have companions to travel with!


Long cloths
Back of long cloths
This is the first one that caught my eye.
It was too high to read the tag or see the fabrics well,
but I believe there was an Asian influence.
I just thought, what a great way to use up scraps!
And again, I was not sorry that I no longer have these types of scraps, not that I can recall!

Tree! - Click on photo since it is so bad! I may have to edit this one!
"Dancing Men"
Also hanging: We hung J.'s tree photo(s) in the living room where we can finally look at it daily!  Hanging it in my old studio didn't allow for that.  
He did a great job of building a tree
The "dancing men" (and women) came from an art fair I attended years ago with my mom.
It is made from banana leaves.  This weird place between the kitchen and living room 
is the perfect place as the ceiling fan helps them dance!!
The small women figures with the tiny brooms represent a special dance where they sweep away evil spirits!  Who couldn't use that kind of help, right?!
They bring me so much joy!

░░ ░░

░░ ░░

Weavings among the quilts
More weavings
 I especially liked the native weavings and would be content
to have one of them on my walls!
Are you fond of these?
Which one do you like best?
As my friend and I strolled around, I ran into another old friend!
We spent a log time standing in the shade of an
African Woven Basket (the kind Grace uses) vendor.
I hadn't seen her in years, but think of her often!
A lunch out topped off a perfectly lovely time!

▶ ▓◀  ▶ ▓ ◀

This one waits for its strap
New on the loom
 I'll leave you with my own current handiwork.
The top weaving is almost completely done, 
I just have to add the finger-crocheted strap and it will be getting mailed out.

The bottom one, I am experimenting with a wider bag.
It's hard to tell, but it is about 3-4 warp threads wider.
Yesterday in between the muddy white and the almost pure white,
I added some reddish for love and heart.

We need that, right?
Thanks for coming along with me.
This is as much a recording so I can remember 
as it is a sharing. Ha.
However, I can tell you,
it sure feels good to be surrounded 
by cloth and friends again.
Photographs by NAE ©2019 

Thursday, June 13, 2019


Today is her birthday
I mailed a card
and lit the circle candle

May we hold each other in the best ways we know
May we love

Photographs by NAE ©2019 

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Marking Time

I had a post planned and then we went for a hike today.
Then I had a flash of reading, but really hearing Jude's voice in my head talking about 'selves' and I thought about how we all have so many selves.
I have interior selves galore and work selves and home on the weekend and family and friend...and on and on I thought.
So this post is ending up as two of my selves merge.
Ways two of my selves mark time.

 ↔     ↔      ↔

Today's Sunday hike was filled with flowers.
So many kinds, everywhere!
Many kinds we have not seen before.
We made plans to hike again and again until we are strong enough to get to the waterfalls, further up the trail...until we are strong enough to get to the top of the mountain!


22.7 miles from door to door.
Motor-home homes, parked curbside on a city street, 
the numbers growing.
These homes, piled high with belongings-
bikes, moped, dune buggy
extra lumber, overflowing shopping carts
lots of trash, or what looks like trash

Tarp covered lean-to, from motor-home to oleanders

Someone sweeps their sidewalk

First stretch:
13 motor homes in .06 mi

 ↔ Many blocks later

Second stretch:
27 within 2.9 miles
 4 Van Homes

Splashed up the mountain
This smelled so good!
Fascinated by pattern
We counted petals, looked at patterns, smelled the leaves.
We noted wildlife and greeted passing hikers,
all out to enjoy a the day.

So many bees today.  They loved these lovely purple flowers, where they went in,
head first...completely disappearing - only to re-emerge tush first!

1 wheelchair-bound citrus fruit seller, 
his goods in a wagon and an umbrella overhead
8 food tents, AKA sidewalk restaurants or fruit carts
3 food trucks

Dozens of flower and teddy bear sellers, before every holiday

Several yard sales
2+ sidewalk campsites 
1 off-sidewalk campsite, hidden in the oleanders, 
which border the landfill

Rock Rose, like we had at our old place!

Bleached tree


There was a man who lived under a tarp
An only soul was he
Now only stained cement is left
Of where he used to be

Outside of the no-longer-in-existence unemployment office,
Alongside a cinder block wall and a vine covered chain link fence,
tucked into a corner...
a man lived.
A man Lived.
Most days I couldn't see him, as he stayed completely under his tarp
Barely a raised spot showed.
But, he was there.
He Was There. 
Once in a while, his head would poke out
and one day he had an American Flag 
rising up out of a corner of his tarp.
But, mostly he was there, flat under his tarp...
until the day there were police and a garbage truck
there with him...
his belongings lined up on the edge of where he once slept.

That night, and the days following,
he has been gone
Only a dirty spot on the sidewalk,
where once he Lived .

Magical tree roots!

Trees framing mustard

Sand lizard

 It was a beautiful day for hike as it was not too hot, even mid-day.
We hiked to the flatter trail on the left side of the mountain,
the other side being the side of the "same rock found twice".
Perhaps my outdoors name should be Nancy One Rock Twice!
There were many dogs out today, but thankfully their people were respectful stewards
and kept them leashed and the trail clean.
Thank You.

Downed Woodpecker tree
Reaching for the sky, again
There were so many trees down.  More than we remember from our last hike.
And so many more flowers, it seemed...
with so many more bees, which was so good to see!

Twisted growth
So purple!

Cottonwoods, my favorites
 The Cottonwood trees were dancing in the breeze.
I love these trees so much for their movement, scent and
their ability to take me back to my days living in Northern Nevada.
A lifetime ago.

And there you have it.
Places to be
Spaces to move through

Workweek commute
Weekend hike

I'm sorry when the weekends end,
but I plan what I'll pack along with me as I have
one hour each day as a lunch break.
My choices are usually a current book, weaving, clothwork
or letter writing materials.
I am supposed to be walking on that break as well.
As if running after toddlers all day isn't exercise enough!
And it is my best time to make phone calls to keep up with friends.
It's a juggle!
However, it is a balm for my weary soul on my days of driving.

Until we meet again my friends,
may your days be filled with all that fills you,
along with a few things that challenge you.
It's good to grow.

Photographs by NAE ©2019