Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Perhaps a New Friend, Reading and a Sunday Drive (On Monday)

 Sunday we heard the coo-coo's and looked out to discover a new friend
settling in during the rain.
Please excuse the grainy screen door/window photos as I did not want to disturb him/her.
This dove was the most beautiful, calming tan color, which is different than the usual gray tones we normally see.
Before I snapped this photo, there was another dove as well.
They were talking together before the other one flew off just before the downpour!
There were also a couple of sparrows and
a crow walking on the parking overhang next door.

This was the most birds on the back patio since we moved in.
I'm taking it as some sort of sign!
(Even if all is empty and quiet now)

I've finished this small Stephan Zweig book, 
which once belonged to my mom.
I had no idea who he was til I did a search!

And I picked up My Peaceful Forest to read an essay or two.
I've read this book probably a half-dozen+ times.
I can start and read as much as I wish and put it down.
I know I'll be back to it at some point.
It's like comfort food.  Her writing is good, but she's not really an Erma Bombeck.
However, when I want to escape or pretend I live elsewhere, retired...this is my go-to!

Do you have a comfort book?

I went to my old favorite library over the weekend.
The place looked a lot more run down since the last time I was there,
which was a long, long time ago.
So long ago that I somehow was completely deleted and deactivated from the system and had to start over!
Anyway, I checked out a bunch of books, so I'm excited to tuck in tonight and read.

⟲     ⟳

I sent this card out recently, although I'll admit
I'm not sure if I really 'get' the quote.
I think that's why I like it.

Yesterday, (Monday), we took a Sunday drive.

 It was super clear after Sunday's rain!
Not a lilac bush in sight!
Bur, maybe another trip is order, at the appropriate time of year!

We stumbled across some interesting sights.
We also passed by a campground in the middle of nowhere.
J. could not see the appeal of going camping there.
It was then that we noticed the curly, razor edged barbed wire
on the top of the campground's fence.
I for sure was not interested in camping there!
A man and woman sat at a picnic table, eating.
He nodded a greeting to me.
On our way back out we saw a guard, we thought.
And we passed a sign...
Antelope Valley Rehabilitation Centers

So I guess if you go camping, while in rehab...
it involves barbed wire and a guard.
 Just about every place we drove through was horse country.
Very big homes, arenas, giant stables.
Ya know, like that.

 Then we'd come on another oddity!
A dome house with its own lighthouse in the middle of the desert!
But, why? we wondered!
The Yuccas were blooming everywhere!
I don't remember seeing this many before.

There was red earth, like in Sedona, AZ.
There was craggy rock walls, roadside.

We turned off and went off road a bit,
heading towards an off road ATV/dirt bike area.
The rains had left it too rutted to go too far in my little car!

In the end, we discovered a house for sale that maybe we could afford!
Just throw a roof on it and were good to go!

Tonight's Welcome Home
You know that you live in a "55 & Better!" 'community' when your junk mail includes a survey from the Neptune Society, regarding future plans about cremation! Oy.
I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry!

May your travels be intriguing, whether they be far and wide or close to home.
May they bring you nature, unique discoveries and some humor.
Because, gracious knows we could all use a bit of humor now and again ☺

All photos NAE @pomegranate trail ©2019

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

weaving and Reading

Weaving and reading seems to be all I can accomplish these days!
I won't go off on another "these days" prose of heartbreak this time.
Grief takes time, lots of time and comes in many forms.
Disappointment, anger, sadness
and more.

But, put all that in a box and let's continue here, okay?

I've been reading like crazy ever since we moved.
It started before we were connected to the outside world.
Every night in that first week or so,
we'd get into bed together and read.

I'm still reading!
I'm sure as soon as I hit 'publish' ~ I'll think of others,
but here are a few I've read recently.

I enjoyed this book and parts stayed with me (for now!)
I've mailed it off to a friend.
This has been part of the new fun for me...
reading and then giving to someone else who may enjoy it!

And as I've said before, somwhere,
I'm weaving on lunch breaks.
I just haven't my cloth self together yet.

Wonder why?

Two lil bags
Other sides
  I wove two small 'medicine' bags.  
One has been mailed off and one will be soon.
I've totally lost count on how many of these I've made and given in friendship.
I sold two, but that's it.  All them really have been gifted from my heart, to someone's.

I had almost forgotten to add this most prized, 
beautiful vintage blue button.
Isn't it gorgeous? 
Back to the reading...
My friend had sent me Tisha,
which I finally read. 
I liked this book too and came to the conclusion,
that when it comes to the arts (books, movies, music) ~
I don't think I'm real picky! If I can get involved with the story, sing along...
I'm good to go! ha
Plus, I learned a new word:
Used in a sentence, a wacky one at best:
"I'm no cheechako when it come to childcare!"

It is available to anyone who would like a turn, just let me know!
Along those lines...I finished
Grain of Truth and mailed off to Valerianna, thinking she was the one who wanted it!
If it was YOU who wanted it, let me know!

New weaving begun

I've started a new weaving, about 1.5 inches now woven on each end.
And today, yet another book completed.
It feels like some sort of constant circle I've got going here!

I really liked this one and I'm sure aspects will stay with me for a long while.
I'd like to read Fredrik Backman's other two books.
This book is life captured in fairy tales.
There's lots to ponder.
I've offered it to Hazel as it seems like her kind of story telling.
If she declines, or you'd like to get in line, please say so!

That's pretty much all I've got for tonight.
I am grateful to both Jude and Hazel for brief conversations, which 
reminded me that I'm at my best when I am sharing and giving.

May you find ways to be at your best or
as Elsa in the "My Grandmother..." book would say,
What's your superpower?

Life these days

All photos NAE @pomegranate trail ©2019

Sunday, May 12, 2019

This Day

Mom, early 2000's

This day
I've been dreading this day
This day, thankfully almost over

Missing my mama
Not feeling like one myself anymore
This day
turns the bittersweet into heartbreak
Drowns the good memories in the ones of failure
and the missing, the missing

One conversation soothes a bit,
helping with the fact that it could be two conversations, but no longer is.

The conversations with my own mother now only in my head and in my dreams.

Looking for another picture, I found this one to remember my mama today.
She'd come to my house and I rather insisted she try something new with me.
We finger-painted together, just that once.
I'll save that sweet story for another day.

This is what I have on this day.


I sincerely hope your day unfolded in a way that felt really good.
To all my friends here who are mothers, or not...
who miss their own mothers, or not...
who mother other people's children, or don't...
whoever, however you are ~
You are my friend here and I wish you the best.

All photos by NAE @ pomegranate trail ©2019

Sunday, May 5, 2019


RICHIE HAVENS -  Freedom  Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child  1969

Sometimes I feel like a Motherless child
Sometimes I feel like a childless Mother
Mother's Day is coming.  I'll be hiding out.
I miss my mama and have been enjoying the bittersweet of her coming to my dreams.

This song popped into my head recently, the Freedom really.
I'd forgotten for the moment about the Motherless child part...
but it all fits.
It all fits.

I thought I'd be feeling more freedom after the move,
but with all that I got rid of,
I kept me.
On a work walk recently, I thought again of this song.
I thought of the ideas folks always tout about what 'you' manifest.
I thought, what if I had a dog and named him/her Freedom...
then every time I called him or her, I'd be calling Freedom to myself.
I'd be out loud, downright manifesting, wouldn't I?!  lol

There have been many hard days, well moments, lately.
Hard moments.
Chronic pain.
Changes in many places and ways.
Things I cannot change.
Who holds the remote control of life?
Twice in the last two days of the workweek,
I had two different people intentionally turn their back on me...
yes, really physically place their back to me...
and continue to talk to the other person there.

The second time it was right after watching the Fred Rogers movie.
Fred was all about Kindness.
This was not kind.
Who does shit like this?
I would never even think of this.

This is but a small nugget in my life these days.
So, I'm tired.

Yes, this feels like whining and complaining
and I'm not good at putting that here.
I can't bear to announce any specifics, yet...
here I am doing that,

So, I keep looking for the beauty.
I keep trying to be nice to others, doing the things I think matter,
even when I wonder what really matters in the end.

Okay, no more of that.
Skipping any specifics and onto photos of roses and weaving.

The Mama rose!
Blooming in its new home
How did I get this shot?!

Old loom
 I found this old loom when packing.  The dad of an old co-worker made it for me.
This was right before you could buy 'em just anywhere, plastic, a dime a dozen.
I never did finish the scarf.  Then I forgot the steps.
I threw it away in the move.  Or as J. and I joke "It didn't make the cut".
I never did like how the little nails felt anyway.
So many UFO's ~ Bye

Was on the loom, now finished
This one is complete.  I used purples, blues...thinking "pretty".
On the loom now, almost done
Sometimes I peek as i weave
 This one is more earthy colors, so yes there is some green in there.
This is as close as I've gotten to playing along so far with Jude's class.
My fabric is still 'packed' if you will.
Loving the pattern here
Finding beauty by the post office!
I do not know what kind of flowers these are, but they were sure pretty, even if stinky!


 Front of the apartment roses, not mine.
We are kinda sorry we didn't think to dig up and take the beautiful yellow rose
we planted at the old place.  It had the best scent!
Oh well, we have others to look at here, even if none of them have a scent!


After years of wanting one of these and gifting to others instead,
I finally bought myself a circle of friends candle holder.
There is something funny about that to me, but I really like these.
Then I found out that there is a story to them:

Mexican "Circle of Friends" Candle Holder The ancient Mayan Indian legend surrounding the very decorative & charming Circle of Friends…. “at the end of the evening, friends would gather around a bonfire and share their hearts and speak of the good qualities of each other and remember times shared". As you sit with the candle lit in the middle of your circle of friends, it will surround and embrace all who sit with you and bring good luck to those who stay together.”

(From: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/42362052719566409/)

...and I found this funny video

Mine is 5 people, not too big, not too small.
Just enough.

Just enough.

May your days hold some friendships and beauty 
to celebrate good times and ease the hard times.
May you have enough.
With Love

All photos by NAE @ pomegranate trail ©2019