Sunday, July 15, 2018

Commuting as a Passenger

When I ride with a co-worker, she takes a different route than I do.  This has allowed new visual explorations.  Each day, we drive past this sculpture standing in front of a local branch of the city library.

It catches my eye...the simplicity, the conversation.  Why two colors?
So, one day, in my own car with time to spare...I stop.  I pull into the empty parking lot, noticing the attached park.

It is a beautiful morning.  Cool, before the blistering heat that is to come.  The heat that never seems to end.  I notice the beautifully blooming Jacaranda trees.  Their purple flowers, like confetti on the grass.  I smile to myself.

I always notice when the Jacarandas bloom around here and it seems like every year I notice them in more and more places.  The are gorgeous, but messy!  You can read how they came to this area here...and learn something like did!

I stroll around the sculpture, taking photos from different angles.

I like being alone in the cool morning air, on a work day no less!  I am accompanied by some little yellow birds ~ chittering from place to place.

I, of course, take some "art shots" (my favorite kind!)

The one talking!

Circling around, I come across the dedication plaque and become even further intrigued.

That night, I Google for more information.  You can read more of the story
here and again, learn as I did.  What I found so fascinating, was that an act of goodwill, began a friendship that has lasted now 57 years!  A simple act of kindness.

We need so much more of this these days.

A few days later, I share these pictures with a few co-workers.  Two who knew right where the sculpture is, but knew nothing of the history.  Another co-worker told me his mother was born in Incheon.  How wonderfully full circle is that?!

May your daily treks provide times of calm and enlightenment and community.

Photos by NAE ©2018