Monday, August 8, 2022

When You Wait

While I wait...

No Medicine Bag this time...a card and a small gift.

Today I had the thought that I could be very happy just doing this til the end of time. & letters...and braiding & knotting...

I seriously think if all I did was weave and braid and knot bits of fiber...I'd be content to do just that.

 Each fiber selection a piece of my heart...each twist, cross-over, braid and knot a meditation.

"Let Your Heart Be Your Compass"
~For someone on a new work journey...
I have no idea what colors she likes. Ha.

Slowly, but surely, I've been doing some cleaning up. Little bits of singular tasks, so my asthma stays reasonable, stays at bay. I like having smaller expectations these days.

Today it was the bedroom bookshelves, which hold my books and trinkets. This time around, I left the two top shelves for mostly stuff and very few books. It's a little bottom heavy, but who cares?! I moved the new lil quilt from Dee over there, clipping it on the painting my mom and I did together. Now I can see it as I lay in bed to read. I didn't even notice how I'd placed it near another Dee 'house' cloth. How nice. I think they will have some nice conversations. I love to see all of the gifts and mementoes. A lifetime of gifts, friendships, family, values, that. Plus, I found something within a book that has been misplaced for a very long time and remembered books I forgot I had. Nice.


After all of these days, I returned to the outside world today. We both tested negative, finally.

May you feel well

May you find your delight

May you dwell in those places


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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Welcome August

 In 2022, August came in sleepy, lazy, homebound for a bit again.

That's been okay.

August, my mom's birth month.


August is remembered as The Summer Month in my teen-me brain

Nowadays, the months blur together in heatwaves that never end

That's okay too

I didn't have to put these here, but I had so much fun putting together these four gifts while home.

That really is part of the creative joy for me in the making & giving...pulling all of the pieces together into something possibly lovely.

This is the one (above) for the one who likes Mustard, Tan and Pink

The tree on the card is from work. I like how the flowers are sort of heart shaped, which I didn't even see until I developed the photo.

This is for the one who likes Purple.

The flowers are from work and the TAG has a close up of some 'car painting' our class did. I love using photos of children's art for other purposes (like this one). There is always so much depth to these paintings.

And of course, this is the for the one who likes Yellow, which began way back HERE.

The one who likes: Purple/Amethyst but she also likes jewel type tones like Sapphire, Teal, Magenta will receive the above gift. Both flower photos were taken at work as well. I love the shadow on the wall on the TAG photo.

They are all wrapped and ready, each in its own zip-loc bag, just in (covid) case.

Cards are written, envelopes are decorated.

I had so much fun pulling each person's colors together, as a whole package and drawing on their envelopes, writing their names 'fancy' (which I've burred for public viewing)...really, all of it a gift to myself it seems.

I've never considered myself someone who could draw, but coming up with doodles and ways to write the names was satisfying.

Also satisfying, was the fact that, as I have been finishing this, two someones sent me a gift too!

How's that for full circle?!

Marti was kind enough to send us a story in the mail. I read it aloud to J. and we were both entertained!

Thank you Marti!

My friend in OR sent this book: The Path to Kindness

She had sent me How to Love the World... a while back and I love it.

I can think of some of you who would enjoy these books too.

After opening this new one, I opened it randomly and landed on this poem:

Ode by Zoe Higgins

Here’s to everything undone today:
laundry left damp in the machine,
the relatives unrung, the kitchen
drawer not sorted; here’s to jeans
unpatched and buttons missing,
the dirty dishes, the novel
not yet started. To Christmas
cards unsent in March, to emails
marked unread. To friends unmet
and deadlines unaddressed;
to every item not crossed off the list;
to everything still left, ignored, put off:
it is enough.

It felt like a good landing spot for covid times, even if I did complete the tasks (above) I had set for myself.

This kind of made me chuckle. Either way, completing or not, is Enough. However it lands, is Enough.

May you see the value in gifts given and received

May you throw a shadow, in beautiful ways

May you always land with Enough


Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2022 

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Stuff Happens

 This week

Also this week, times two


May we be well enough.

That's it.


Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2022 

Monday, July 25, 2022


Both sides now...

For more, go here, to NPR...or search around 🙂

Of course the word 'clouds' jumped out at me!

Both sides together

I already shared this side

The other side, with the little house button I found.

As soon as I saw it in the bag, with all of the others...

it hit me like a ton of bricks...

after all of these years, I thought had made Dee a Medicine Bag...

but I had not

I had not.


I think the timing ended up to be just right.

Many of the yarns are from Dee too.



May the thread that runs through, run deep

May you pick it up when needed

May you drift with the clouds, all the way home


Photographs by NAE ©2022

Sunday, July 24, 2022

July Life


when Big was Little and Little is now so big!

Taking a Walk by John Prine
A man came to our house
I believe it was yesterday
I would have invited him in
But I didn't have a lot to say
His anticipation of me opening the door
Outweighed my apprehension as it never had before
And drove my concentration
Right through that hardwood floor
Oo-oo, a-ha
I'm taking a walk
I'm going outside
I'm taking a walk
I'm just getting by
There's a girl in the white house
I don't even know her name
Her disheveled appearance
Speaks volumes of shame
It's an embarrassing situation
But a situation just the same
The way she walks on others
And never takes the blame
Upsets my constitution
Beyond its mortal frame
Oo-oo, a-ha
I'm taking a walk
(Taking a walk)
I'm going outside
(Going outside)
I'm watching the birds
(Taking a walk)
I'm just getting by
(Just getting by)
Found a card in the pocket
Of my worn out overalls
From a girl in Cedar Rapids
Now residing in Idaho Falls
I wish you could have been there
When she opened up the door
And looked me in the face
Like she never did before
I felt about as welcome
As a Wal-Mart Superstore
Oo-oo, a-ha
I'm taking a walk
(Taking a walk)
I'm going outside
(Going outside)
I'm taking a walk
(Taking a walk)
I don't need a ride
(Just getting by)
I'm watching the birds
(Taking a walk)
Flying so high
(Going outside)
I'm just getting by
(Taking a walk)
I'm just getting by
Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Pat Mclaughlin / John Prine
Taking a Walk lyrics © Corn Country Music

July 6th, I cut off my ponytail again (last done in January 2021).

Just about 8 inches, came off leaving a curve. Good enough.

My hair looks so gray! Funny how it does not look the same here, wet and cut off.

Shorter = Lighter

The the part I miss, being able to braid my hair.

Another Medicine Bag was completed. This one for the one who likes Mustard, Tan and Pink.

I again used what I had. Thanks go out to Deb G, Dee, and Hazel.

I was excited to work with this color combo and am pleased with the way it turned out.

She got a little bling with a clear, diamond-cut shaped button.

For these last 4 bags, I sincerely hope my collection of colors touches on the color shades they like.

I just need to complete the assembly process of the bags and the rest of what goes with them.

Of course, when something is in your pops up everywhere.

So, pink flowers and a tan spider at work, along with purple painting - to - our walk today filled with tans, yellows and some purple.

The colors of the recent weavings.

Love how things connect.

Work life provides a different take on being with nature, but still allows for it.

Thursday's Trust Time was a bit unfocused, but I did engage for almost 15 minutes. I returned again and again to just the word itself and told myself 'focus til the next stoplight'. Ha. Also, there was something Jude said in her comment here last time. Trust - Mistrust. I've been considering her words and realize that I think I lump all my trust thoughts into just the one word of trust. It's not really reflective of what I am thinking least, I don't think so. ha. Then when going off to read official definitions, I came upon this exploration of language:


Today we went to where the solitary horse lives. But, it was a very brief visit. The man who owns the horse had parking suggestions for us. While I'm glad he shared the better place to park, so we wouldn't get towed, his tone put a damper on things and we headed out. However, while there, we did see two interesting birds.  There was a lot of tan out there today.

So, instead we headed over to one of our early hiking spots. There was a lot of tan there too. We've started backing into parking places, to play it safe. It was only in the low 80's, but still felt so hot in full sun.

We hiked along, noticing. There was but one Purple thistle. There were many dozens of bees. There were new Native plants added and some invasive weeds removed. The chap that planted the oak saplings of a year or so ago must still be coming by as there was hoses in ground to water them & some looked to be still growing. I wondered if he is the one working to return the land here to California scrub brush? There was a teeny flower, which had me thinking of Jude's Perspective in 36 inches. 🙂

I've landed on "nature shows" lately (added to our beloved PBS murder shows!). I'd say I am quite enjoying them. You may too. 🙂


(I've enjoyed every episode so far. I read his book, "How To Be Black" - which I still recall. That's high compliment these days!)



(I have two recorded to watch and there's a new one tonight, so we'll see. They look stunning)


(I've only seen "Colorful Planet", which I really enjoyed. It was fun to see the cranberry bogs in MA! I look forward to "Patterned Planet" - especially because of my long love affair with the patchwork look land can take on).


It seems there are many of this kinds of shows on these days.

I find them soothing in the weary days.

I find them exhilarating during the long days of heat.

I find them inspiring in my interest in ongoing discovery.

I find them to be full of connections to all of you and those in my daily life.


Lastly, I've really enjoyed this show for its connections to history, social justice (or rather, injustice!), and the unique (or not) make-up of families. I find the host, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. to be empathetic, intelligent and kind. After learning more about him and his own life, even more respect was to be had. I have to say when I very first saw this show I was a tad bit annoyed with the marketing plan of only having celebrities on as guests. Why can't regular folks get a chance with those resources? This is a rhetorical question. I know why. But, I still wish they'd do a few charity episodes. 🙂


Blurry in the breeze.

Teeny as my pinkie fingernail!

Back to the car we go, after a nice visit with the place all to ourselves!

May you live within the heat

May you live with learning

May you live with loved ones


Photographs by NAE ©2022

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Trust and Weaving




I've been participating in Trust Thursday, but haven't said much of that here on the trail.

However, I've been planning to put something here, as it has been an important practice.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

These are...altered, redacted, edited

Today's added thoughts in italics

Welcome to Thursday Trust Time - Meditations While Driving (ha)

First note: Doing this while driving was the goal...I kept returning my mind to that one word 'trust'. Trust has always been a hard one for me. If I look at my life as a whole cloth...and all it holds...wants/insecurities (security) and fears...
I thought of Grace speaking to fear & trust...
So, I kept going back to that word (trust), what it means to me, what I'd like from it, what I can learn to embrace/manifest more etc. intentionally turn off the noise (car radio, in my own head), even if for only 5 minutes is a good thing, even if it looks different from a car then from a hill, near grapevine, or a porch or from somewhere in the USA travels.
Just focusing on this one word/idea and what comes from that has been a gift

6-23-22: My first thought was I am not good at it, trust
But, immediately, I thought: but I can do it better. I don't have to remain not good at it.
After all, every day I commute 27 miles each way to work. I just get in my car and go and Most of the time I don't feel like a mishap will happen...I just drive through some somewhat sketchy neighborhoods (not the worst, but I wouldn't want to break down or have an accident there)...and trust I will get where I'm going. This was something to consider.
Okay then, so where DO I trust?
(boy that was something to think about!)
...mistrusts have left a deep imprint.
How to build, reduce or 'reframe' trust/fear? Or do they work in tandem? 

6-30-22: First thought: Trust - Mind over Matter (AKA Manifestation)
Trust is powerful...where to place it? How to teach trust?

7-7-2022: Trust all will be okay (list was included)...Blind trust or ? → being prepared
Do or don't Trust and Fear have to walk hand in hand? The unknown does not have to induce it to be is just unknown...
Okay, obviously my mind goes in circles!

7-15-2022: The first thought responding to my, okay - so, settle into Trust Time was: Trust is like a prayer (okay, was not expecting that! Mmmm...) that the same bad things won't happen that things will happen as supposed to (this is like a 'broken record' as we used to say long ago)...Trust is active (that provided lots of connected ideas to ponder)...each of us 'sits with Trust' in our own way...
That last one really landed with me. My way of doing this Thursday Trust Time does not include sitting still (well, I'm still - the wheels are moving!) does not include closing my eyes (not a good plan!)...nor does it include any nature (except what I see through the windshield, which is plenty) Does include me writing notes after the 5 minutes or so are up (I've been spending way more than 5 minutes with this). I spent some time considering this and came to the conclusion that it was all okay. This note making is how I process, perhaps let go or view from a new perspective and this is embraceable in a good way. This is how I do Trust Time and it is more than fine! So is that trusting things to be okay? 😃

I'm not sure if I will continue to post about Trust, as most of the running commentary in my head need not be shared here. However, I've opened up here because the whole process has been interesting for me, from the perspective of what just pops into my head fully formed, ready to be contemplated. Fascinating. I wonder what will come to mind this Thursday. Last week, Thursday was on Friday, because life happened. What will happen next?

Back to Weaving

This is the side without the button (above). I like the little smudge of red in there. This is something I want to play around with some more, adding bits and bobs of color...tucking it in here and there.

I blurred out the button, for now. I will just say that there is some blue in it, which works nicely with the woven blue section.

It is soft and a bit squishy. I'm loving this one so very much!


It's funny, in all of my thoughts and meditations while weaving this bag, there was a feeling about how long ago it Should have been made. But, upon completion, my first thought was that I just need to trust that things will come to me, happen when they are supposed to. I seem to forget that one so often.

I'm super pleased with the end product, but how it came to be started and the process itself has been just as valuable.

This medicine bag was good medicine for me, as it brought that reminder with it, which reduced some of the guilt I'd felt. How's that for some weaving therapy? I hope it will bring good medicine to the one who receives it.


And long last, as I close this winding trail of Trust and Weaving, I will add that as I put items together that will go along with the other 3 medicine bags, I suddenly remembered that their is a fourth bag for this group that must be created. This is the gal who likes mustard, tan and pink. With the beautiful yarn gifts from Hazel, Dee, Deb's going to be so fun to weave! Thank you ladies!


May you go your own way

May you travel with others

May you remember, sooner or later


Photographs by NAE ©2022