Sunday, March 31, 2019

Happy Birthdays to Us!

NOTE: I left all of the photos in the medium size to help in loading so many.  
Click on each photo to enlarge and be there with me!

There are 3, count 'em 3 little buds on the Mama Rose!!
We were not sure if the patio would get enough light...but alas, she's looking good!
They say good things come in threes☺

Today we took a Sunday Drive to celebrate our birthdays 
and to see the local Super Bloom!
 We've been out this way before.
I've probably posted about the Musical Highway and the Poppy Preserve. 
Anyway, as is our way...we went our own way!
We didn't even try to get close to the preserve.
We didn't even head South, where all the hub-bub has been.
(Have you seen it on the news?)

We took back roads and stayed away from people.
If I could only live off one of these roads!

Now, here for the sharing for my friends near and far...

I "moooed" and this fella whipped his head around!  I guess I speak cow!
Heading out down the highway
We start to notice splashes of orange painted on the hillsides
Thick and Bright
It was super windy and I wasn't so much interested in close-up photos
Beautiful contrasting colors!
Tiny yellow flowers
Yellow - Zoom
Turning up the road towards the preserve...WOW!  I love the lines of this pic :)
Wild, wild flowers EVERYWHERE!
Yellow and Orange
Brilliant color as far as the eye can see!
A nice man flags us down to come smell these little lovelies
I searched and searched online, but do not know what these are
The have the most delicious, light, lavender like scent
Every direction we turn...more!
Me, almost 60 years old
Crossroads reminded me of the end of Cast Away
The poppies were so bright, even with my sunglasses on!
Then we stumbled on to these!

Before heading out on the main road, we have to move through the only 'crowds' we encounter.
Hundreds stand right in the delicate flower fields to get their photo taken
Still beautiful views while in traffic
A few minutes later were out and moving again!
Woosh! Roadside stands pop up along the way
There were many crows roadside
Heading home, looking up!
Wildflower delight

The canyon way home
And dinner out, a gift from dear friends

May you enjoy the wonders of nature in your own backyard,
even if it is a small patio or a short drive away!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2019

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Moved In and Moving On

Now begins, the good, old regular living and all that it entails!

I Lived To Tell About It | War & Pierce | Playing For Change | Live Outside

I do still have some boxes or storage tubs to go through,
but we are mostly in and living through our days.

That means I've now been buried in taking care of some adult financial decisions that I have either just found out about or have procrastinated on for as long as possible!

I'm not great at this stuff.
I get through (in my own way), but it is hard.

Anyway, I sought some advice (help) and took a first step and
keep telling myself I can do this.
A multitude of small change retirement accounts to figure out and manage.
Social Security, not time yet - but when and how?
Will I ever be able to retire and when (70yr?)?
What about medical?  Okay, Medi-care at 65.
Maybe I should have posted a MONEY song video!

Treated myself to something silly to inspire me along my new journey

In 14 months, I've had 3 eye surgeries (the last one went fine, 
with two bad episodes of pain, like the first one had)...
gone through this move and a few wild family events.

I'm tired and lighter and ready to finish off these remaining things
(even if I know some of them are really ongoing tasks). 

I read at Hazel's and Grace's and Dee's and Jude's and and and
So many of you going/gone through similar things.
I feel connected.
I feel grateful for these connections.

Work seed pods

Mama Rose

A new home gift

The seasons they are a changing.
May you (and me too) roll with all of the changes we encounter.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2019

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


I found this in a artist's drawing book,
which has many clippings glued or just stuck into it.
I've not yet decided if I am ready to let the book go.
This book along with a shoe box and a drawer,
hold many a thought, dream, and creative expression.

The timing of this one had me falling into Mo's recent
"I Dream of a World Where Love is the Answer"...
and our Sunday Hike weekend before last...
and now, also, Dee's recent posts of Her Sister's Papers
(Sounds like a book title!  Dee~Please publish all the collages from her papers!).
I have nowhere near the amount of boxes of clippings 
that she (Dee's sister and now Dee) does.
But I could.

Anyway, this came from a book titled:
Earth Prayers, edited by Elizabeth Roberts 

Waterfall way up high

"O our Mother the Earth, blessed is you name.
Blessed are your fields and forests, your rocks and mountains, your grasses and trees and flowers, and every green and growing thing.

Blessed are your streams and lakes and rivers, the oceans where our life began, and all your waters that sustain our bodies and refresh our souls.

Blessed is the air we breathe, your atmosphere, that surrounds us and binds us to every living thing.

Blessed are all creatures who walk along your surface or swim in your waters or fly through your air, for they are all our relatives.

Blessed are all people who share this planet, for we are all one family, and the same spirit moves through us all.

Blessed is the sun, our day star, bringer of morning and the heat of summer, giver of light and life

Blessed is the moon, our night lamp, ruler of the tides, protector of all women and guardian of our dreams.

Blessed are the stars and planets, the time-keepers, who fill our nights with beauty abd our hearts with awe.

O Great Spirit whose voice we hear in the wind and whose face we see in the morning sun, blessed is your name.
Help us remember that you are everywhere, and teach us the way of peace"
By Helen Weaver (page 209) 

Water in the creek, laughing all the way!

Light on grass
This world...

...can't get any finer!
I just finished this book:
How to be a Good Creature

It was a good read, certain aspects staying with me after wards,
filled with her perspective, which I've been considering.

Now I'm reading:
Grain of Truth
It is by: Ross Laird

I bought this book eons ago.
The title/cover caught my eye.
I liked the rough cut pages.
I had images of reading it in my my newly done 'studio',
while reclining in my refurbished platform rocking chair (bought in 1981) ~
which I had refinished...the wood decoupaged,
the cushions newly sewn in an artsy-funky way.
The chair, studio and promise of that kind of time is long gone.
But the book remained, so here I am.
So far it is interesting, but quite detailed and psycho-arty (which fits his bio).

So, while I am enjoying it (and plan to finish it), I'm not sure I'm up to
the psycho-arty mindset.  I'll have to read more to determine a final opinion.

May your days be filled with poetry and nature and reading.
And if any of that leads to growth, learning or pure entertainment...
well, isn't that grand?!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2019