Sunday, May 12, 2019

This Day

Mom, early 2000's

This day
I've been dreading this day
This day, thankfully almost over

Missing my mama
Not feeling like one myself anymore
This day
turns the bittersweet into heartbreak
Drowns the good memories in the ones of failure
and the missing, the missing

One conversation soothes a bit,
helping with the fact that it could be two conversations, but no longer is.

The conversations with my own mother now only in my head and in my dreams.

Looking for another picture, I found this one to remember my mama today.
She'd come to my house and I rather insisted she try something new with me.
We finger-painted together, just that once.
I'll save that sweet story for another day.

This is what I have on this day.


I sincerely hope your day unfolded in a way that felt really good.
To all my friends here who are mothers, or not...
who miss their own mothers, or not...
who mother other people's children, or don't...
whoever, however you are ~
You are my friend here and I wish you the best.

All photos by NAE @ pomegranate trail ©2019