Friday, March 5, 2021

Invigorating & Relaxing

This video came up over at Jude's today as one of the next video choices to watch after hers.

The cover photo caught my eye...the green, the calm.

As I type this it is playing, creating mood. I really like the sound of the water lapping, the birds and the flute, which at times sounds like a warped record playing (pretty sure that it's my computer). Kind of takes you away, doesn't it?

Speaking of 'away', we went for another hike this morning.  We headed back to our most recent hiking place. Each time we push a bit to go a little further. It's much easier to get out of shape than to get back in, but I'm trying! It was very warm, about 78 degrees and I may have pushed myself a tad too much. But, that's okay...tomorrow is another day. Anyway, we saw lots of birds, the regulars like: crows, woodpeckers, mockingbirds and some kind of robin perhaps or?.
 There was so much song in the air!

I never tire of the brilliant blue skies
What is that hanging from the tree? A bee hive? Do you remember my telling of the big hive in our back yard of the old place? I thought I'd put that story here, but I can't find it. Anyway, it was a very large hive that swarmed right when I walked back there to check it out. Yikes! The swarm of bees flew over my head as I walked backwards into the house, at quite the quick clip!
As we got closer, we could tell that - no, it was not a hive. It was a knotty burl of wood. Isn't it pretty? We thought a talented woodworker could sure create some beauty of it.

May you look up, down, around

May you soar
Photographs by NAE ©2021