Wednesday, July 28, 2021


The Christmas Stocking giveaway prompted another idea.

"Community Medicine Bags" 

This idea coupled with my de-clutter at all costs really got me going.

As previously posted in photographs, I gathered together a collection of yarns I thought I'd not easily use. My lesser liked yarns. For one reason or another, I'd reached for other yarns before these. I thought I'd make wild, out of my norm medicine bags. There was a certain freedom in the New Plan. Because I would not be making these with any one person in mind, there would not be 'favorite colors', texture or thickness concerns or aesthetically pleasing matching as a goal - there would be only the making, experimenting, weaving. Not making for a special someone has me not meditating on one person as I make the strap, but instead thinking about the pure giving, the community, feeling the excitement of planning where to leave the Community Medicine Bags. Grace's comment on the Christmas Stocking post started my wheels turning! So far it has been great fun!


I made ten to begin with.

We took the to the Imagine sign at the local library...
There were already inspirational rocks there.

Just going


 I put on all 10 for a quick photo ☺

So far they have all turned out well. Good enough.

I've tucked tiny "FREE - ENJOY!" tags into them. 

The other side of the TAGS have secret messages.


I've had a great time putting together colors I normally do not and have gleefully used up two different yarns so far! I'm leaving less behind, while hopefully providing smiles for others.

A huge shout out to Hazel, who gifted me with most of these yarns, making this project possible. THANKS HAZEL! I'm having a ball!

There is already a new one on the little loom. ☺

Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints!

We left the first of this batch in the tree at the IMAGINE sign.
I can't wait to plant more! 

May you have fun, fun, fun!


Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2021