Saturday, November 23, 2019

Where We Live

Where we live...
How we live...
Why we live...

↤ ↦

No one is home right now
We live where we can.
How we can.

↤ ↦

Burnt hillsides
We live in fear
in preparation
in gratitude

↤ ↦

Tri-sided leaf on car windshield

Same leaf hides behind sunshade

We live in delight
and light laughter

↤ ↦

Sun rays

Sun through trees
We live in wonder
in amazement

↤ ↦


A lot of traffic
We live with others
We live alone
Sometimes we live alone, while living surrounded by others

↤ ↦

 We live in discovery
and a willingness to try

New taste
↤ ↦

early morning arrival

All's well that ends well
↤ ↦

 We live in pain
We live in comfort

 ↤ ↦

Super close

We live with the seeds of promise
for tomorrow

We just need to remember to look for them

Looking sloser
taking in the whole picture
↤ ↦

 Through the darkness
There is mystery



Beyond the mundane or depressing
there can be pure pleasure

When we look

This is my reminder to look

↤ ↦

May you notice the beauty in living 
all, all of your life 

Photographs by NAE ©2019

Sunday, November 17, 2019

All I've Got Tonight

Image from FB
 Our community is hurting, healing
in shock, strong 

Art by: Geraldine Jouvin, local SCV artist/teacher

May you and your community be safe
be kind 
be caring
and be strong, when need be.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

How Things Look - Define Fine

How things look
How things feel

How we move through time
day by day


 This is a quilt J's mama made way back when,
in the late 1970's.
I pulled it out to use it (another part of the story)
and had forgotten how much in disrepair it really is.
This quilt somehow became symbolic to me.

As a whole it looks wonderful.
A closer look and one notices a few jiggers here and there,
places where corners don't meet perfectly and such.

Then upon super close inspection,
you see the imperfections, the tatters, the used-up quality.

This struck me as the way of humans,
the way of politics or bosses or family & friends.
This struck me as the way of our earth.
 Things are not always what they appear to be at first glance.

At first, I planned to try and slowly repair this quilt, 
but I can tell that it is not going to happen anytime soon.
I've folded it up once again.
To remember.
To plan for.
To accept as is.

Work-bound with Wind

The recent fires have been so draining for me, for many.
But, I speak for me. 
One after another, they lit up the night skies 
near me, near co-workers, near family. 
Every morning, I awoke to learn what was burning, 
where or how much it had grown.
The constant alertness.
The asthma.
The usual work-commute-life balance
While I've tried to keep those of you who come here
or who know me on FB...those of you who care,
Issues with FB has not always allowed and
keeping up with all the changes in status of the fires
was a bit overwhelming. 
However, here I am now,
to say, "WE ARE FINE".
Our home is safe 
(although those power lines out back sure do look different to me 
than they did a month or so ago) 
Our friends and family are safe 
 No one I know personally has lost their home or suffered big damage.
We are safe
My work-place is safe
For those of you who come here caring,
thank you. ♡

I was up at the community college yesterday.
I did some things different, even with no direct fire threat.
I parked facing the exit, ready to go and once inside the building, 
I located the stairs.
But more importantly, I reveled in the beautiful view!
For across the valley, there was barely a cloud, not a hint of smoke...
nothing but blue skies!
Ain't that grand?!
Photographs by NAE ©2019