Monday, November 29, 2021

Good Idea

 At Liz's request and with the words of many of us in my head, I went back to 2011.

I clicked on June, thinking to join Jude in that same month.

This is what I found and it really could not be more perfect.

June 26, 2011

My blog, just over a month+ old, some of the same visitors - even with a name change!

Hi Hazel 😁

Like a pendulum, June 2011 was a tough time and a good time for me.

Something had ended badly and I had been about a year into this Spirit Cloth World as I used to call it.

I find it curious and important that we are still here, talking about some of the same things.

Really, this fascinates me.

But, I find it even more important...a treasure really, that we are still here together...

the community we've become.


Sunday, November 28, 2021


 24 Green Medicine Bags

54 Community Medicine Bags

52 Community Medicine Bags Planted

⏳ ⏳ ⏳ ⏳ ⏳



Easy to understand

Easy to hold and in the case of CMB, easy to let go...

I've completed the first two in the planned Holiday colors.

The red on the left is from Dee (Thank You so much Dee)

The red on the right and both the very thin white (Thank You again Liz) and the lumpy, but thin white are now gone. Used up. Served their purpose. I like that, the completion of that.

I still have to write the little tags for these two, but I added them to the counts anyway.

I usually make sure all steps are finished before counting them in the total counts, so I've made a note here to self, to keep track. For whatever reason, the accurate count matters to me.

⏳ ⏳ ⏳ ⏳ ⏳

My next plan is to complete 7 more to make a Christmas 9 patch-stash, before planting them.

This is like the first brown 9 patch, posted here 

and like I did with the first green ones for 9 patch number 2

I'm feeling comfort in the plan of that, but I better get weaving!

I look forward to using the deep, dark green that Dee sent and to making more finger-crocheted strands on my lunch breaks. It's soothing. Those two together will make a grand forest. I will picture the forest Crow and Weasel went through on their journey. The forest that caused so many challenges for them going one way, but a bit easier upon their return, with the help of another. I've just reread Crow and Weasel, by Barry Lopez over the past couple of nights. It is much on my mind. Every time I read it, a new story or lesson rises to the forefront. So, I shall plant a forest within the next few bags I weave.

⏳ ⏳ ⏳ ⏳ ⏳

I had a lot of thoughts with Jude's last post. Thoughts about art and who we are, what we we 'present' (my word) or share that. They have all evaporated for now. This is fine.

There is a loved elder, recovering from a stroke and unable to speak, yet.

There is elder B. next door doing his own recovering. He's had visitors, which pleases us very much.

There is a beloved elder dog, who sleeps in the South sun...some tail wags, some medicine treats and looks to those who adore him.

There is neighbor S. who lives upstairs, above us, and passed within the past two days or so. He liked music loud, brought in his plastic grocery bags two at a time, at a time and enjoyed a dip in the pool. He walked with a heavy footfall, slept odd hours and had a brother who own a Mexican restaurant, pre-pandemic anyway. He vacuumed thoroughly and employed the use of other machines. His family will miss him. We will miss hearing him upstairs, knowing he is well.

Knowing of other's wellness.

⏳ ⏳ ⏳ ⏳ ⏳

⏳ ⏳ ⏳ ⏳ ⏳

May you embrace each season as it comes


Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2021 

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Fingers Crossed

 Last night the traffic was Really Bad.

Took 2+ hours to get home, as everyone was heading out of town for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Headlights, taillights...North, South and every side road...bumper to bumper.

I hope today is not quite as bad.

Look Here

At any rate, I am so Thankful for each and every one of you who travel along with me.

Happy Thanksgiving all.

Gotta get on the road...


Monday, November 22, 2021

November 22, 2021


When there are no answers, look to the sky

Look to the sky for wonder and hope and love that knows no bounds, no bounds

Care and Breathe and Be

All photos NAE @pomegranate trail ©2021

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Lots of Photos


🌊  🌀  ðŸŒĪ   ðŸŒŽ

Morning drives this week were laden with fog. There were points I could barely see a half mile in front of me. The sun shrouded and glowing and headlights lit the way. It didn't help that there was also road construction and a closure, urging me to merge and watch my lanes closely and wind through a housing neighborhood, unfamiliar to me. It was a bit unsettling, especially after barely driving for 20 months.

The photo below looks like one of Dee or Deb's layered creations, yes? Instead it is a reflection captured in the windshield. Even in the thick fog, the city birds flew, swooped and landed in unison (roughly captured here).

~ Saturday ~

What a difference a day or so makes!

I have no idea what is reflected in my windshield below...perhaps a water bottle?

I was accompanied by amazingly delightful cloud shapes coming home. The fog finally cleared and the sun shone brightly through these white wonders. I love how the large one looks like a spine! ðŸĶī Bone clouds!

The second 'made for someone, but unable to gift it' bag went out into the community as a CMB on Sunday.

This recipient, like the last one, liked the idea of adding his to the CMB project.

He was very, very helpful to me recently by helping me get through some tech issues that I absolutely had to get through. Thank goodness he stepped forward to offer help, I really could not have completed what I needed to without him. I thought of the message below as I reflected on him.

We returned to Mentryville and I hung the bag very obviously on the sign near where you pay for parking.

There was a lot of action there today, so I'm really hoping someone noticed it.

I had to gently wedge it between the two parts of the sign, due the strong winds (note the blurry pic!).

🚗   ðŸš•   ðŸš™

Car radio music is often great on the weekends. There are programs dedicated to The Beatles, The Bob Dylan Hour (which we did not care for today as it was Dylan doing covers...I concluded by saying Dylan can do Dylan, not so much with others though!) and Tangled Roots, to name a few.

I listened to some of this program, hearing some of these songs while driving about taking care of things today. Some very fine music. With playlists like these, you can understand why I like this station. Plus, I've heard new to me music, that I really like, on this station over the years too.

I used to listen to Ann the Raven, while driving home from my sisters or from my friend's up north.

What excites me today is the fact that anyone who can go online can listen to this programing and more.

Isn't that amazing?

ðŸĨ° I'm listening now as I type ~ "Get Together" by The Youngbloods ðŸĨ°

Anyway, while driving to plant the CMB, the wind was so powerful, there were tumbleweeds and some sort of whirly-gig up on the power line pole. J.'s guess was that it was there to measure the wind through that part of the canyon, so the workers would know what tension to apply to the lines (we saw lots of bright blue rope where obviously work was being done). I never would have thought of that. For me, it is enough that it looks like a whirly-gig (as I love those) and has it's own 'contact' phone? and solar panel. Fascinating!

The Cottonwoods were shimmering in the windy sun.
I never tire of this.
Just now, as typing that last sentence, it came to me that the things that speak to your authentic self, always never tire of them...certain sights or scents or folks, they are a part of you. I sit here thinking and figure I could name one of these authentic things for each of you too.  Right now, I am truly grateful for this thought, for the things that are real, for each of you...and those for me too.

The crows were out in force today. They love the wind. I know this because on windy days there are so many more crows out and about, flying and frolic-dancing in the currents. Perhaps this is one of their authentic things?! In the two photos above, they came to perch, just for a moment, before taking off after the other.

🍁 The leaves did some dancing of their own! For some moments, the large, crunchy leaves were free-falling and coming straight at me, like some surreal amusement park ride. It was hard to capture those moments, but you can imagine. Woosh! 🍁

I'll end with some humor and a good idea!

First off, I wondered what part of these shoes WERE NOT vegan in the past? Boy, oh boy...jumping on the bandwagon with both feet on this one! I saw this tag a lot!

Secondly, I saw this tip from someone's Granma on my niece's twitter feed. What a clever idea! Perhaps I could create neat seams like Liz's if I did this!! 😉

May you hug the meaning

May you double over with the humor

May you skitter, dance, fall and do it all again


All photos NAE @pomegranate trail ©2021

Sunday, November 14, 2021


Something Jude posted recently made me think of this song lyric/quote...something regarding circles or circling around or...? Well, something at any rate.

ðŸŸĪ ⚫️ ⚪️ ðŸŸĪ ⚫️

ðŸŸĪ ⚫️ ⚪️ ðŸŸĪ ⚫️

I never did learn the melody to this, additionally, I stink at singing in the round, as I hear the other singers and get confused and start singing along with them instead. Same thing with trying to harmonize, I just end up on the other register. Oh my. Good thing J. is a patient teacher. Although I will say that once (only once) many years ago, a co-teacher/friend and I split our group in half...half faced her and half faced me...we then proceeded to sing Row, Row, Row Your Boat in a round. The children were told to look at each one of us and sing along only with that teacher (the groups were back-to-back). It not only helped them be successful at this, but it helped me too. We sang for several minutes like this. It was very rewarding and has become a fond memory.

Anyway, all of this led to trying to recall the name of the woman's group-song singing camp a third grader once told me about back in the 1990's. A deep search and mind game surfaced. I know it had the letters W - O - M and maybe an A too in the acronym. I thought and searched and thought and searched...

I found the woman whose words (above) I always recall. I found her in public life and singing on a deck.

I like this song. I love the heavy drumbeat and the message feels just right. A nice honoring for Mother Earth and Season.


Something then led to this Music Camp. Was this the one I was trying to recall? It didn't feel right and I don't see this woman involved anywhere. Maybe she is no longer involved? But, it sure looked fun anyway! I thought of Deb and Hazel and her singing group and closer than me proximity to this place of song (even if it is virtual at this time). I poked around for a long time. 

NW Music Celebration

Then I landed somewhere and saw something that took me to the Motherload web page and poked around there too.

Motherload, the band

Plants grew on our wall today

Anyway, the little girl from years ago brought in her song notebook to show me, let me copy it. It had the agenda, all of the songs with notes to play them and whatever else she'd gotten the weekend she "went to camp with her Grandma". I'd love to discover who she became, that little girl.

ðŸŒē ðŸŒē ðŸŒē ðŸŒē ðŸŒē

Now that I've completed the 3 Christmas Stockings and they are all happily with their new owners, something gave me the thought to switch up my weaving yarns for the CMB project. 

I still have some of the green skein left, so I decided to use that one with some new yarns - a gift from Dee. I cleared out the purples and blues etc. and brought in the other greens, reds and white. I thought I'd spread some more holiday cheer. This is completely out of my norm, so it will be interesting to see how I feel as I weave these. I'll post more about that after I get going. I will still use that original green skein to warp the loom, at least until I run out. Here is the new choices, much more limited than what I have been working with. So, that will be interesting to work through as well.

I figure that even if I don't do a whole lot to celebrate the Holiday season, many others do and they may like finding a surprise. The size, shape of the bag will remain the same, as will the little tags with their messages...all will just continue on as I've been doing them, just in this band of colors. This really is a stretch for me...a gift from me. And to have time to make as many as possible, I'm starting before the Thanksgiving Holiday (this really goes against the grain). Ready ▷ Set ▶︎ Weave ❖

ðŸŒē ðŸŒē ðŸŒē ðŸŒē ðŸŒē

🗝 🌈 ☀️⭐️ 🔑 🏷 ✏️

Last something for today...while cleaning out an old work bag, I found these scribbled notes from pre-pandemic days when new groups of children and teachers were ideas of how to best to merge the needs of all. I somewhat recall writing this out during a nap time. Two things really struck me.
1. I can't draw and I do so as I've done since jr. high school. My doodles are so childish! haha I've always longed to have that ability.
2. These same ideas recorded  back then, could be for any group of 1-2 year olds, any time, any place. The arc of their development, so internal, remains the same over time. Pushing, pulling, cause & effect, fitting their bodies into a variety of spaces...emptying, dumping, carrying...experimenting with sound...repetitive learning over time, throughout time.


Like making a nine patch, done so often over time, by so many makers, but always unique to the individual.

〰️ ➰〰️ ➰〰️ ➰〰️ ➰〰️ ➰
May you find something
May you feel something
May you share something

All photos NAE @pomegranate trail ©2021

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

More Music, A Stocking, A Quilt...Singing and Lots of Love


LYRICS Let the fires burn tonight, let the jugs of wine get drunk Let the truth be known tonight, don’t go let yourself hide Go and sing to the mountain, go and sing to the moon Go and sing to just about everything, ‘cause everything is you Listen to the rhythm of your heart play like a drum Listen to the night-call singing songs from all around Go and sing to the mountain, go and sing to the moon Go and sing to just about everything, ‘cause everything is you And let your voice go Let it pierce through your soul


Thanks to Liz for sharing this tune over at Jude's. Isn't it wonderful?!

Don't you love all of the howling?!!

And the idea of 'letting your voice go'? What does that mean to you? I'm considering allowing yourself to be yourself...allowing yourself to speak up...being authentic to self. Sing out!

ðŸŽĩ ❤️ ðŸŽĩ

Friday welcomed a new little one to the world.

May she grow to sing to the mountain, the moon, to everything.

May her voice rise up and be strong

May she thrive


Her Christmas Stocking is number three in the planned bunch, completed last night.

😊 It turned out especially cheerful. 😊

4 colorful ginger folks to represent her family. Hearts, a star and gifts...lots of abalone buttons to honor her name, which you can read about a touch of the sea for little Isla.

Her stocking makes 125 total count since the making began in 1995, all either gifted and sold.

That's a lot of holiday cheer!

Upon hearing her full name after her birth, I immediately had this song running through my head. I think it was the sweet first name and the middle "J" name which did it. So I went looking and found the Elizabeth Mitchell version. I really like Elizabeth Mitchell's music for children, as it is all so sweet and reminds me of a gentler time.


Me being me, I changed the name to "Little Isla James"...after all it fit so perfectly!

Again, me being me, and with input from J. ("there is so many versions of that song")...I went on a long listening journey with so many artists ~ some with a variety of lyrics, amazing picking and so on! Here are just a few more.

Nina Simone

Tom Wills with Tommy Duncan

Alison Krauss and Union Station

Of course then my mind got going..."She's got friends in Old Newhall, little Isla James"

Then it really got going..."I got teeth, you ain't got none! little Isla James. You'll grow some, then I'll have none! little Isla James"

ðŸŽķ ðŸŽĩ ðŸŽķ

All of this led to thoughts about Zipper Songs and how often teachers of young children make songs their own. My mom was so talented at changing the lyrics of whole songs

zipper song

Zipper song and so much more

Which led to actual, scientific zipper made music!

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

To wrap this post up in all of the love that is felt, with all the love it deserves...full circle I was reminded of the little quilt below, while reading Liz's recent post about E's quilt and how P. helped by applying Inktense pencils on cloth. Anyway, the little quilt below (comfort size) was made for newbie Isla's mom when she was born, back in the early 1990's. It was created in collaboration with the four older 'siblings'.  I used fabric paint to make their handprints, offered them fabric crayons so they could "draw something for the baby" and I then taught the three oldest children how to embroider, using iron on designs. I used the last square to stitch my own message of love from all of us. Each child picked their own design from the booklet and paint color for their hands. The back and the boarders were made of super soft flannel (the 'good' kind, pre-flame retardant kind).  Ties held the whole thing together.

She loved this quilt...used it for years...wore it completely out!


May all of the babies be wrapped in love

May they become a part of long-standing traditions

May they inspire new ones


All photos NAE @pomegranate trail ©2021

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Make ~ Music ~ Link

Yesterday, I went back to Pico Canyon Park and planted one of the two green bags made with someone in particular in mind. I made it knowing she possibly could not accept it. I was right about that, but she loved the idea of the CMB, so here it is in the sunshine. This morning we had lots of fog and heavy mist, which left me hoping that this one was picked up quickly. I thought about trying to find the "steps" I'd read about and started out on a trail, only to turn around after several minutes. I'll find those steps another time, when I am not alone.

Part of this post is from a draft I started, and part is me building it today. This is in explanation if it reads a bit wonky.

I've done lots of video searches the last few days. I love how one thing leads to another, some of those you'll see here. Yesterday, while searching for a children's CD titled "Rhythm Basket", I learned that for several years now, rhythm basketball has been a thing. I had no idea...but what a great idea to teach children both physical skills, musical notes and rhythms and teamwork. Who knew?!  You can watch some HERE, HERE, and HERE ~ Or find your own! Tonight we listened to KD Lang singing Roy Orbison's "Crying". In conversation we tried so hard to recall the name of that song. Google to the rescue! However, I still can't figure out which song of hers I liked so much back in the 80's-90's. No amount of searching has reminded me. This seems like a a call for Supper Liz and Supper Mo, who have very good memories in this department.

~All quotes below attributed to Jimi Hendrix ~



"Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel."

I spent lots of time with this young man.

To be able to do THIS at ten years old.

Tennessee Whiskey

James Brown, Gary Moore

“Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens”

Even seeing this over a year later, brings tears to my eyes...for all we've been through and continue to do so.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

Two down, one to go. 

I finished the second stocking and am moving right along on the third. These stockings introduced the Ginger People as icing covered treats - made with colorful fabrics, instead of the usual soft tan look. This one is for the newest grandchild in this family...which brings their family count up to 10! Wow. J. and I both thought this one was quite full with Christmas cheer 🙂 I finally broke down and ordered the little snowflakes online, as I've had such trouble finding them the last many years. 

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Pure Joy

“All I'm gonna do is just go on and do what I feel.”

I was so happy to be able to get my little datebook for next year.
As I've probably mentioned a ridiculous amount of times, I have used these things since the early 1970's! Additionally, this time around, I'm super ready for a new year! Really ready.

Heading out today, we saw this chunky fellow warming in the sun and a sad sign...wait, what? No more Happy...ever? lol Oy!

May you stand in the sun
May it warm you
May it feed you
All photos NAE @pomegranate trail ©2021

Saturday, November 6, 2021

His Name Begins with B

 Early morning, still in sweats, in the living room, paying bills. The faint sound comes to me. I pause to listen. I mute the TV to listen again. Nothing. Hmm. Sound back on the TV, focus back on the bills. Wait. Pause. Mute. Listen. There it is again. I ask J. if he's cooking anything? Is it the ticking of the toaster oven left on? Or perhaps the burner warming up for water boiling? He responds, No. It almost sounds like a footed-cane, but I know of no one in our hallway who uses a cane. Back to the bills. Another moment passes.  A voice in the hall. I tell J. to check (at least he is in street clothes) quick, someone needs help. Two neighbors, two gentlemen who live on either side of us. One with a cane, one helping. The frail one leans on the wall, "I'm dying, I'm dying" he repeats again and again. Yet, he is walking and talking. As they help him into his apartment to sit down, I race inside and throw on my own street clothes while calling 911. Giving them all of the pertinent details. Slippers & mask on, I rush next door, where J. and neighbor R. are with him. His name is B. and he lives next door, moved in many months ago, maybe a year. Old and frail, we rarely see him...just here and there, passing in the hall, at his door. We exchange quick hellos.

But today, I am standing inside, talking to a 911 operator and looking at him...looking at a life, his life. What I see leaves instant scars. 84 year old B. is sitting on his couch, surrounded with a dusting of stuff...books, an iphone, a lap top, a roll of toilet paper, which he evidently uses to wipe his nose/mouth. The apartment is sparse and messy. There is no rug on the wood-looking flooring, just bare, aside from scattered empty plastic grocery bags. A phone sits on the floor next to couch (how is that functional for this man?) Momentarily...the 911 operator calls back and begins asking me the health assessment questions. Is he breathing? Yes. Can he talk? Yes. Is he pale? Hmm...I don't know, I don't have enough history to compare his pallor now to that of his normal coloring. I tell all of the information I have. B. sits in his shorts, shivering, knees knocking together. He still claims that he is dying. Words tumble out of him, in between sniffles, tears and nose or mouth wipes. 

He's from the Bronx he says pointing to a framed photo, which is propped up on a box on the floor, of him and his buddies. He shouldn't be here, he says. He can't live on his own, he tells us. His family doesn't want him...they want him to die here so they won't have to take care of him...he has no one, he has no one, he has no one...I'm dying. I had a stroke you know (I notice the book about strokes next to him and many, many prescription bottles on the pass-through counter). This continues for several minutes. J. moves some of B's belongings over and sits down on the ottoman next to him. Placing his hand on B's knee he tells him that it will be okay buddy. The three of us wait with him, offering comfort as best we can, letting him know help is on the way. He tells of his bodily functions and pain, (way too personal to include here) and apologizes for bothering us so early in the morning. We try using humor to relieve some of his concerns. Don't worry we are up, doing laundry in fact! Neighbor R. adds that's what neighbors are for. We concur. You're not alone we tell him. Help is on the way we say. They will help you connect with your family we suggest. 

Several minutes pass and I've run up front to see if the EMTs have arrived. They've just pulled in. I wait as they put on their masks, get out the gurney out and so on. Shifting my weight from foot to foot. They appear unfazed, not hurrying. This is their job. I walk with the one who appears to be in a supervisory role. He asks questions and I answer. He can tell, I am visibly upset, his tone light and friendly. Compassionate.  The others move down the hall and pour into B's apartment, maybe 6 big men in uniforms and paraphernalia clattering. The assessment questions and tests begin. R. steps out and another 3-4 big men step in, one so tall that his head is just below the ceiling. Their movements are smooth, well-oiled as the saying goes. They communicate between each other, concise, efficient. Kind. 

We slip out, so to not be underfoot. We've shared what we know already. Many more minutes go by. We sit in our own apartment, rather stunned by this early morning event. We go to check again and the last EMT is locking the front door. We're told B. is going to the hospital. J. dashes out front and I follow. We tell B. goodbye and notice a sense of calm in his demeanor. He is on his phone with a family member. There is a group of EMTs around him. Neighbors are waving goodbye. Someone cares.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The harsh reality of this event shook all three of B's neighbors. Seeing the way he's been living, hearing him feel so alone and unsupported and unwanted by see...

Life is so fragile, the thread wearing so thin

May you have a thick rope to make a strong safety net

May you add many knots if needed to strengthen

May someone throw you a rope if yours is gone


Friday, November 5, 2021



November, the 11th month to a calendar year.

Little grandson, the picture of Fall!

Big grandson, when he was small.


Early morning commute
The sky, a changing light show
City birds, strung out along power lines
Black pearls in the sky

Tail-lights, head-lights
Going here and there
Coming and going
A moveable city

City birds traveling in large groups
Sitting, swooping ~ up and around
Movements in unison
Only to land where they had begun

Morning air, floats, drifts on the rooftops, sits on the trees
Poor air quality becomes art 
Changes the sun and sky
To moody moments, paused

Morning Crow crew, heading out
Fanning out above me
Their black bodies, silhouetted against the 
blooming sky

Back on the road these days, I Look For the beauty.
In an outdoor space, I Look to the trees
In my car, the place for lunch, I notice

These are the steps I take to bring the world into a finer focus.
Sometimes it works.

Beauty balances Challenge

A word to consider "challenge".
Is it positive or negative or both or neither to you.
I've used it in a negative way the most. Why?
How do we challenge ourselves? 
How do we overcome challenges?
Is there always an answer?

I watched this KCET program tonight. We've wanted to go check it out since hearing of it a few years back. Things haven't lined up yet, but maybe one day.


You can watch the whole program here:

KCET Program


I am still reading the book I mentioned back HERE

I am such a slow reader anymore, I'm still barely into it! From Slow Stitch to Slow Read! But, the part that I've read thus far has been so interesting. I'll read a paragraph and think, Oh so&so (insert your name) should really read this book!


May you accept your challenges, however you may see them.

May you look real hard to notice, when you need to.

May you sit, float and soar


Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2021