Saturday, December 23, 2017

Winter Cheer

For those of you who celebrate something in the month of December...
Or maybe those of you who look forward to the turning of the year...

I send Winter Cheer!

We are laying low, as I have been down with  my familiar asthmatic bronchitis again.  
Only the second time this year!  Amazing.
Not to worry, I am quite comfortable in my abilities to move past this...
in its own time!

I recently completed two Christmas stockings, which are now residing in their new homes...
ready for a Christmas celebration.
They (of course) inspired some looking back at the many, many I've made since 1995. 
You can find related Stocking stories under the label "Christmas Stockings", as I've posted about them before.

This year however, I was sent the most beautiful treat.
The matriarch of long-time stocking family mentioned in those old posts 
sent me a photo of them all hanging on her mantle!

In all of these years, since I created the very first family set for my closest friend,
I have never seen any of the 131 stocking hanging in the Holiday Habitat!
I was floored to say the least!
She has created a lovely tradition that blooms every December at her home,
filling it with family, tradition and joy!

I am honored to be a part of it all!

Olivia's Mama gets a stocking!
 The above stocking went to the ever-expanding first family!

A new sibling arrives!
A pocket on the back, like his older brother has!
Below, the glorious photo, overflowing with holiday happiness!

Christmas Decor!
I have some new plans in the works for the new year,
but I'll save that for the next post!

May you find the season to be all you love and hold close,

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2017


Ms. said...

I love you and find the group stockings astounding!
Cheer to you and hot tubs and warm back rubs and all good things.

Nancy said...

Michelle~ Thank you my dear one! And wouldn't a hot tub feel great!! xo

Marti said...

Blessings of quiet joy Nancy to you and yours and what joy to see your giving, caring, creative, stockings, lined up like talismans of good cheer and love. From the toe to the top, your stockings are such treasures for they hold connection, consideration, comfort, curiosity, especially when wondering what treats are inside and most of all, celebration and it is that celebration that gives birth to special memories, year in and year out.

Mo Crow said...

such a beautiful post full of good cheer & the wonder of the season (((Nancy)))

Nancy said...

Marti~ Oh, thank you! May you have a peaceful, beautiful season in your desert home!

Mo~ Pausing to consider Season is a wonder, yes?! (((Mo)))

Els said...

Happy Season Nancy !!!

Nancy said...

Els~ And to you my friend!

Anonymous said...

Warm cheer to you too Nancy! Hope the airways clear soon!

Nancy said...

Thanks Dee! I'm getting there :)

jude said...

love to you!

Nancy said...

(((Jude)))...and big Love right back to you! xo

Yvette said...

love and happiness for th year to come......ans those them!
as i love you....

Nancy said...

Love to you to Yvette as we enter yet another year of 'just going' together. May your 2018 be grand! xo

Hazel said...

I can feel your cheer, Nancy! Hoping you're breathing easy soon. That Christmas display is spectacular!

Nancy said...

Hazel~ Isn't it though?!! I was blown away!