Sunday, December 27, 2015

This Day

I spent part of today checking on a stranger on a local Face Book page.
What that means is, a local resident had posted on a local residents only page about a situation he found strange.  He spotted a pickup truck parked in a local wilderness area used by off-road enthusiasts.  It was there for too many hours, untouched and left in a way that suggested someone had not planned to be gone so long.  He posted a photograph and details about the site that gave him the idea something was amiss.  He asked people to 'share' this on social media (FB) to try and find the family or someone who knew the owner of the truck.

On and off throughout the day, in between doing other things I checked on these posts, hoping for a good outcome, but having a bad feeling.  This truck had been seen 11 days ago and reported to sheriffs who did noting at the time.  It seems if there is no official Missing Persons report filed by a family member, they cannot do anything.  He was estranged from his family.  He was out there off-roading alone.  He was alone.

Through the day the post was shared on other local resident only sites.  Hundreds of comments were made.  I was only a reader of them most of the day.  I was waiting for word.  The original poster managed to gather other men to go looking on their ATV's.  Folks notified the sheriffs again and finally due to all of this conversation and pressure, a search was begun.  It has been cold here at night, for us anyway.  Down into the 40's.  There was a lot of concern.  Where was he?  His abandoned truck held his presumed diabetic medication.  Mr. Original Poster worked hard to get the ball rolling and stringing together many clues.

As the day progressed and the comment threads got longer and longer, more and more became known about the truck owner.  His name, address and the fact that he had a suspended license.  Someone found his police record and posted that too.  It seemed he'd had some run-ins with the law, DUIs and the like.  Suddenly he was a 'felon' and could be 'armed and dangerous'.  He could be hiding out from a warrant.  Lots of speculations and warnings to be safe if you go out to search.  This parade of his personal information and history made me so uncomfortable, even if I could understand the concern for safety when the possibility of guns existed.  Especially these days.  Even those trying to help gave away so much of his information.  It just didn't sit right with me.  But, I just kept on hoping for the best.

Finally, law enforcement was out there, not really wanting the public help.  Doing what perhaps they should have done days ago.  Who knows.  Not me.  I was left to wonder about red tape and protocol.  I was left to wonder about how one ends up so alone, with so few friends and completely estranged from their own family that even when they are made aware of the situation, they still opt not to file a missing person report.  How does one's life go so far astray?  I was left to wonder about how there can be such an apparent split among community members, with some so ready to help and some so ready to rush to judgement.

Late this evening, after dark, a local couple who had gone out there to help search found him and his off-road vehicle at the bottom of a ravine.   And law enforcement made their announcement of their job well done.

How long was he there before one man decided something did not look right and something needed to be done?  And everyone, those who had shared the posts or gone to search, those who offered to bring out coffee or food for those searching to those shouting out warnings trying to keep others safe, to those angry with local law enforcement to those trying to explain their procedures and those upset with his family...everyone ended the night broken-hearted for another human being, for a life lost in a cold canyon on a windy night.  Because really no matter how that life was lived, no one thought he deserved to die like this.

It was then that I added my voice to the others.  I've changed the names to XXX's to protect identities.  This is what I had to say and then I lit yet another candle.

"XXX XXX Thank You for sounding the alarm and gathering together so many folks and resources to locate this man based only on your correct assumption that something was not quite right and that another fellow human being was at risk. It was your initial knocking of the first domino that put everything into action. Because of that XXX XXX has not passed alone. He instead was surrounded by a whole community of caring individuals. And while those who put out calls to be prudent, to be safe had the best interests of all at heart, may we remember that in this new age of social media, it can be a tool for goodness and support or a rush to judgement, without all of the facts well-known or in place. Let us then speak up for our neighbors, care for our neighbors...but use caution with our words and actions. Kindness and Love will leave a lasting legacy. Thank you again XXX."


Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2015

Sunday, December 20, 2015

On the Cusp

...of the Solstice...and only feeling mostly better after an unwelcomed flu bug...

Sometimes one needs only look up...
Look up with me, won't you...

“We clasp the hands of those that go before us, and the hands of those who come after us. We enter the little circle of each other's arms And the larger circle of lovers, Whose hands are joined in a dance, And the larger circle of all creatures, Passing in and out of life,
Who move also in a dance, To a music so subtle and vast that no ear hears it
Except in fragments”
-Wendell Berry

If there is radiance in the soul
it will abound in the family.
If there is radiance in the family
it will be abundant in the community
If there is radiance in the community
it will grow in the nation
If there is radiance in the nation
the universe will flourish.
-Lao Tsu

When words become unclear,
I shall focus with photographs.
When images become inadequate,
I shall be content with silence.
~Ansel Adams~

These photos are a few weeks old now, it actually rained today.  Perhaps the beginning of El Nino we keep hearing about?

 Contrails in the clouds...

Let us take care of the children

For they have a long way to go.

Let us take care of the elders

For they have come a long way.

And let us take care

of the ones in between

For they are doing the work.

-Nelson Mandela


May you find quiet moments to reflect as we welcome in the light.
May the coming days of more light hold you well in peace and love.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2015

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Some Things Have to Wait

As the days creep by, Cloth Chick has been cuddled in many stitches.  She's told me she's almost ready.  "Add some color", she says, "Then I'll be settled in and ready for travel".  I don't really understand what color has to do with it for her, but I agreed anyway.

Sometimes we just need to respect the ways of others without a deeper understanding, but merely a faith that they know what is best for them.

Additionally, The Letter is almost complete, which feels good too.
Each task checked off the travel list, each step done 
brings about a rousing cheer from The Gang!

I had intended to write here about things going on in my worlds, both inner and outer.
But, it looks like that won't happen today.

Maybe tomoorrow.
Sometimes the things that get pondered or discussed with our trusted confidants, need to be discussed further or don't.  Or we are unsure.
At any rate, today is an update instead.
We'll see what comes next.


So, today was a lovely day...and NOT HOT!  Thank goodness.
The twins were feeling rather well and begged for a few minutes out in the sunshine.
DOG agreed to take them out for a spell.
They love to ride on DOG's back, so that's just what they did!

 Off the three of them went, happy as could be!
DOG stopped to sniff the aloe vera as they went.

Suddenly, a teeny breeze came up.

It toppled the girls right off of DOG's back!
They are both so delicate these days, mere wisps of their former selves.

There they lay with their floral dresses askew and looks of fear on their tiny faces.
They were so frightened, they couldn't even cry.
But, DOG let out two loud barks, "Woof, Woof" as a cry for help.

 MR. PR heard DOG and ran out immediately, banging the wood screen door behind him.
He scooped The Twins up and sat in a sunbeam singing them soft songs.
With these two girls, it is not about inspiring them to find their independence, resiliency or non-victim-hood... it is OK to coddle them a bit.  This picture is a bit blurry because as much as he doesn't want to admit it, Mr. PR has such a soft spot for these two and gets a bit teary-eyed when they don't feel well or get hurt.  Poor Mr. PR, he holds everyone's best interests in his heart!

As they all sat in the warmth of the sun, the girls took deep calming breaths and began to feel fine again.  DOG called everyone's attention to a tiny flower resting on the door mat.  They marveled at its size, claiming it made The Twins look like giants!
This made the girls giggle.

"Pick it up Nancy!  Show everyone how teeny tiny it is!", they all shouted in unison.
How could I turn them down, especially after they had such an eventful outing?!

I hope your days are going well...surrounded by good friends who are there to hold you and sing to you when you suffer one of Life's Tumbles.  I hope you are able to notice the beauty in your days, even if really tiny.
May we all continue to notice and be brave on our adventures.  
May we all find our giggles and then share them!
Have a great weekend all,

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2015

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Talk About Slow

AKA: All In Good Time

Well if you jump in my time machine and travel back a little more 
than two years down the trail to here'll see at the very end of the post a little chap all packed and ready to go. 

You'll see Mr. PR.

Mr. PR

 Look at that face!  In true Nancy fashion, things around here move at a s-l-o-w pace.  But, I've got to tell you all that Mr. PR has not minded one bit.  He has spent his days packing and unpacking his suitcase, visiting "The Girls" (my neighbors chickens) in the back 40,  and listening the pleas, rants and ideas of The Gang.

It turns out many of them want to travel with him.
Dutch Boy has said repeatedly that he is tall and strong and could help carry his bag and help with the little ones.  He reminds Mr. PR about the time he held back all of the water in the dike!!!  He says that surely he could be put to good use on this trip and in this new community.  I smile when they have these conversations as Dutch Boy is usually so quiet and looks to be so shy.  Yet, he is a confident young man nonetheless and he speaks proudly of what he has done and what he feels he could contribute.  He reminds Mr. PR that when he held back the water, he was at first working all alone.  He worked alone until it was almost unbearable and he thought he would fail.  But, then others saw him and came to help too.  He insists it was his quiet steadfastness that drew the others in and in the end, saved the whole community as they all worked together.

It turns out that Mr. PR is a good listener.  He not only wallows in the dusty dirt out back, but he wallows in the feelings of others.  He heard Dutch Boy, reflected on what he said and decided he had presented a truthful case.  
Dutch Boy is now anxiously awaiting the journey.

Mr. PR and Dutch Boy fooling around.  Silly guys!
 Meanwhile, the Twins and their Big Baby Sister all listened to this conversation as they rested in their spots.  You see, all three have been very young for many years.  For a long while now, the three of them have not been feeling as well as one would think they would.
I mean, look at these girls (yes, you are right the are not identical twins, although sometimes they can fool people!)

The Twins
They are so adorable and look so healthy within their little bodies.
But, alas...sometimes looks can be deceiving.  All of these years later and wellness fades.
Over here, we love them and Big Baby Sister just the same.  They have shown us all that each one of us has something to contribute to the community.  The twins are our sweethearts.  They are the two who soothe the hurt feelings and settle the squabbles between the others.  Maybe being a twin has given them an extra edge on learning how to compromise and live together.  They've asked to travel on the journey because they heard the stories of the far-away place and think there may be healing properties there for them.
They KNOW there will be fun and lots of new folks to meet, which really excites them!  They've convinced Mr. PR (and Dutch Boy agrees) that they have something to offer and something to gain from this trip.  Isn't that how life should be? they ask in their diplomatic voices.  Big Baby Sister listened.  She then said, in no uncertain terms (putting down her bigger baby foot, if you will) that if The Twins are going, then she she shall be going too.  She asked Dutch Boy to help her gather her things.  I hope the days of travel are not too hard on her she is almost 50 years young-old.

The others overheard the plans of the Three Babies...more of The Gang began to speak up!

So, as all of this conversation and chatter and convincing and...well...there has been no compromising really...has been going on...I've been busy trying to make their trip come together.
I thought it was close.
I really did.
Letters were written.
Odds and Ends collected.
Yarn Fibers had long, long ago spoken. 
Scraps of fabric lay in wait.
All of The Gang, who had asked, pleaded, demanded or begged to go...were ready.

Cloth spoke.



Now we all know there is a grand difference between fabric and cloth. 

Cloth Speaks
This cloth said "NANCY...what are you thinking???  You always send something with at least a stitch or two on it...some sort of Story Starter.  Why have you allowed so many of The Gang to go and gathered the other Goodies...and not considered sending a stitch?  Especially when you look everyday at the beautiful stitches of hers, of Saskia's 
~ which hang on the wall within easy view.

Well, what could I do, but listen to Vintage Cloth Chick?!

Vintage Cloth Chick
So, in between her sips of The Bubbly, I'm putting some stitches into her neighborhood.
I'm trying real hard not to spill as I stitch!

OK, OK Vintage Cloth Chick, I heard ya!


I better get back to work before someone else around here speaks up!
I sure hope Saskia is ready for the influx of those hearing about her beautiful promised land!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2015

Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Saturday Night - Sunday Morning Post

It has been a day of remembering.
Candle glowing, marking the 7th anniversary of my mama's passing.
So, although today is the day we light a candle.
My mom is with me always.  We talk about her a lot, J. and I.
We miss her.
I don't need to put pics of her or the candle here, I've already done that these past years.


Today, the feelings are more circular.
There's a lifespan thinking going on.

Today I remembered how 7 years ago my sister and I sat all morning, making the important phone calls of canceling her many credit cards.  Cards she'd had...some since the 1960's!
There was something significant in that.
The undoing of a life.
New friend at the Pow Wow

Take your place on The Great Mandala...
(Peter Yarrow)
I think of this as I've traveled around this week reading at Grace's, where The Old Cowboy has just had his last goodbye and over to Julie's where not too long ago she moved to a new phase in her life, saying goodbye to her children's childhoods (in a way) - through their displayed photographs, and to Dee's and Saskia's - both of whom share college bound boys...and dear Cindy, who has two growing up and away boys herself.  I think of this life shift as I spend time at Jude's ever-evolving space as she reinvents, talks about what to keep, what to part with or layers cloths into less-ness (in a way).

Today is also the birthday of my 5th kid.  Not my child by birth, nor a blood-family member or classroom child...but instead the child of one of my oldest, closest, dearest friends.  A child who grew up with my own.  You know the kind.  A family friend.  A bonus child.
Today she is a beautiful, funny, intelligent young woman beginning to make her way in the world, make her mark on the world.  She is filled with passion and justice and enthusiasm.
She is the kind of gal that gives you hope for the next generation.
Her grandma's Yahrzeit passed in summer and her birthday in September.  
She would have been 90.

Fry Bread

Will the circle be unbroken...
 Ada R. Habershon  
Tomorrow is the birthday of my newest daughter, my son's new wife.
I don't really like the term 'daughter-in-law' sounds like you are forced to accept this person by the actions of your loved one.  I am honored to welcome her into my life, so no 'in-law' for me!  She too is a gorgeous, passionate, spirited and fun-loving young woman. Traits I admire.  Traits I wish I'd held a bit more myself when I was young.

I think of them, mid-twenties, just thirty...moving thirty.
My mama, living 80 long years.  My friend's mama, close to 90.
And Old Cowboy...

I celebrate the days of birth of these loved ones.
I watch my work babies grow before my eyes, three turning two with six weeks.
Families in the throws of daily, busy family life.

And I celebrate my friends in the throws of letting go, of stuff...of particular obligations or old habits...of ways that no longer work.

There are so many ways to do this thing called life.

Basket with beads

And the seasons they go round and round
And the painted ponies go up and down
We're captive on the carousel of time
We can't return we can only look
Behind from where we came
And go round and round and round
In the circle game...

(Joni Mitchell)

I, in my own place of grown children, stuff lightening, birthdays & anniversaries, 
sharing, considering...
and circling, have spent many months thoughtfully pairing down material belongings, both personal and professional.  I've shared things with friends, who also teach.  I've sold or donated things.  I've recycled and thrown out some things too.

My most recent sharing involved me going out on a limb...
stepping out of my comfort zone a bit...taking a risk. 
After communicating with the Director/Teacher of Takoma Park Cooperative Nursery School on Face Book, I decided to share a few items with her and the children, staff and families of the the school.  Not knowing her at all, except for a few FB comments, I bravely sent her a care package.  I was deeply touched by the reception I and the goodies received.  
I was especially pleased to be able to pass on what may be just 'stuff'...but what to me is the torch, traditions and my passion for teaching, cloth, feathers, children's books...and connections!  You can read about it here.

I had to stop reading a couple of times to wipe my eyes.
There is something magical about this time in ones life.

*Afternote: All of this deep thinking, pondering, reflecting and such happens wrapped in daily life (for me anyway).  That life includes our yearly...highly anticipated by me, local Pow Wow.  I usually start announcing in June that it is "almost Pow Wow time".  Being that it happens the third week of September, you can see how I look forward to it!  J. pretty much thinks I'm nuts.  For lack of any photos to pair with the powerful feelings I've been having, I paired my words with Pow Wow instead!  Such is life :)

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2015

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Then and Now and Then and Now Again

                                              So, I've been singing this song in my head ever since we spent the night in Saratoga Springs, NY.  You know the line: "You went up to Saratoga, where your horse naturally won".  Or something like that.  While there we went into the local shops, including this hat shop (this is their gallery page, so you can get a taste of it).  I felt as if I'd walked into My Fair Lady and bit my tongue, hard, from repeatedly saying, "Move your bloomin' arse!"  I seriously had no idea that folks really live like this, where they come into town for the racing season, wear fancy hats and live it up! My blood flows a much muddier color :)
We tasted The Waters in town...YUC!
There were some very fun shops there.  The Saratoga Tea and Honey Company was a sweet stop.  My grandson had lots of tastes and I saw an April (my birth month) teacup, something I haven't seen in ages.  My daughter loved the leather and metal "follow your path" bracelet in the jewelry store.  There was an olive oil shop that wonderful scent called you in from the sidewalk!
I treated myself to some new yarn at Common Thread.
The funny thing was, I saw hand-dyed and I thought cool-local...but when I got it home, the tags show the company is in Van Nuys, CA!!  That is where I grew up, so I thought it was pretty funny that I got it all the way across the country and it came from right here!

New yarn
Colors blend
I got this for the specific purpose of making myself a new medicine bag.
I've not had one since 2008 when I passed mine on to my mama, as she passed on.
I wore that one daily, for years.
After making dozens of these, I've learned that I like the thinner yarns much better.  That is one factor that drew me in, along with the feel and the color.
Old medicine bag
This yarn was available in a few different color schemes.  There was another one I liked too, which had some dark green in it.  I liked the woodsy feel of that.  I thought about getting both, but this was splurging enough!  You can see the other colors here. There are about 4 others I really like!  We talked about the fact that this reminded us of my youth, my Free Zuma Beach days.  So with that in mind, I decided to do something for me.

The weaving begins
As soon as I got the top band of the weaving on, it occurred to me that I should include some beautiful waves in it.  You can see that started here.  For those of you who do not weave, I'll do that by not continuing all the way across for a few passes.  I've not decided if I will add any other yarns or do the whole thing out of just this one.  I have considered adding only creamy, tan colors.  I have that beautiful tan Alpaca, that I love.  So maybe.

As I've spent time caressing this is so soft! ...
I'm remembering my teen years and my authentic self and I thought maybe I'd add some of my puka shells to it.  Maybe.

Old puka shell necklace
This necklace was mine when I was a teen.  I wore it every day (I'm big on that every day thing!).  But there is a big difference in the neck of a 16 year old and one of a, hmm 55+ year old!  I'm considering using some of the shells here.  My best friend and I got these from a family friend who got them for us straight from Hawaii, where he lived...the real deal.  They cost us, but they were real!  Haha  It still fits, but is not comfortable.

I'm working slowly.  There is no hurry.  I'm taking care.  I'm feeling this one along the way.

Happy at 16!  Puka shells too :)
I found this little keychain while searching for the missing charms for the binding.
Nice timing, I thought.  So I'm using it again.

Something Silly

The Stocking Tub

Last happening...if this tub is out...a Christmas Stocking is in process!
This plastic picnic-style container holds all I need while building a Christmas Stocking.
I'd rather use a basket, much more romantic...
but this thing is so functional!  lol
I've had it since the 1990's ~ I'm sure it'll last my lifetime.
My favorite thing about it is that because it is solid, nothing ever falls out and gets lost.
That is important to me when I work on these, as they are all gifts or orders and I like it to be as stress free as possible.

Starting the name
The names are all cross-stitched.  The stockings are all hand-made and very personalized.
I don't want to give away to much, so you'll have to wait.
But, I will show it later.  Promise.

The last days I've been working hard to do some for others, some for me, and some that's been on my mind for a long while.  Maybe I'll write about that next time.

I hope you are spending your days doing things you enjoy too.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2015

Friday, September 18, 2015


After I completed my block for Dee's Hearts for Charleston. 
I was quickly onto the next cloth project to be donated to a special event.

My son requested I create a special binding (AKA cording or ribbon) for the upcoming handfasting ceremony at his wedding in the beautiful Adirondack's.
I did a quick Google search to learn a bit about exactly what this cording & ceremony was...
and then basically did my own thing as I knew that is what they were doing!
My impression was that this was to symbolize a coming together, a binding together as I'd seen done with the pouring of separate vessels of sand into one or the lighting of one candle from two.  At this point in time, I had no idea how unique their ceremony would be.
I just knew I was invited to be a part of it in this way and was so honored to do so!

Later when more photographs have been organized, I'll try to share a few.
For now I'll just say they were barefoot at the lake's edge and along with the handfasting,
swords were exchanged!

Gorgeous and so soft

 I began with a gift from my pal Deb over at Random Acts of Dyeness...
beautiful, super soft dyed cloth.
I knew I wanted to use some of Deb's cloth as this binding needed to drape or wrap around their wrists five times, so I wanted it to be soft and flexible.

I chose 4 of the colors she'd gifted me with to represent the four seasons.

Fall and Summer

Winter meets Spring

Spring, Summer and Winter (peeking) ~ with Earth on the back
 I interlocked the seasons.
Blue = Winter
Pinkish = Spring
Green = Summer
White with Yellow Specks = Fall

I did two similar colors of "people colors" (tan) in a running stitch all the way down the length of it...that was 6 feet long!  This symbolizes the two of them on their journey through the seasons, year after year, after year.

The backing is a beautiful rusty earth linen, bought in 2010 in Wyoming on our 'big road trip'.  It too is super soft.  It symbolizes the natural world, which is so important to them.

I used a deep red and the good old blanket stitch to wrap them in love!
Yes, again with the blanket stitch!

Two Hearts

I put two hearts on the back of winter, which if I am correct is when they began.
They are made out of the cover from my grandfather's cane.  Some of you may remember that from a long time back.

Crocheted Trim
I added some trim made by either my daddy's grandmother or great-grandmother (I can't recall).  I tea dyed it a while back.  I have a whole roll of this trim!  I wanted to add a finishing touch and a bit of weight so the binding would hang well.

Last, I added some of the some deep red to hang down in the breeze!
I had planned on adding some special family charms and trinkets, but as I mentioned in my previous post, searching for them in my mess of a studio did not reveal them.  Additionally, the special items the Bride's Mama sent me got lost in the mail, only to land on my doorstep upon my return from the East!  It seems the universe had other plans for this project.
I placed the whole long binding into a small golden box that belonged to my mother as a  child.  I included the "Marriage Box" quote I'd recently seen floating around the Internet.

Most people get married believing a myth that marriage
is beautiful box full of all the things they have longed for;
Companionship, intimacy, friendship etc.
The truth is, that marriage at the start is an empty box,
you must put something in before you can take anything out.
There is no love in marriage, love is in people,
and people put love in marriage. There is no romance in marriage,
you have to infuse it into your marriage.
A couple must learn the art, and form the habit of
giving, loving, serving, praising, of keeping the box full.
If you take out more than you put in, the box will be empty.

For C&C
 It was such an honor to create this cloth for the bride and groom filled with symbolism, family history and gestures of love.  Seeing it as a part of the wedding ceremony was pure pleasure.


The binding is wrapped around their wrists
 After each wrapping...
the crowd is prompted to chant...

May you two enjoy many, many years together,
bound together in all all of the ways important to you!

Created with love and family history

With Love.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2015

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Besides all the stitching I've been doing...
besides that, these are the moments that sustain me.
I look for them.
I embrace them.
I hold them gently.
Or I gasp in awe and delight or amazement.
Then I let them go.
These are the moments that make up my days.
Fantastic or mundane.
A treasure, every one.
Take a tour of past moments from the summer of 2015...
(as always click on photos to enlarge)
Morning sky from my shower
Morning oranges from my shower
July 4th fly was so low!  Right on top of us!
Peace and Love ~ J. goes to Ringo's Birthday celebration, I get the bracelet!
Remember the children's books "Where's Waldo?" ~ On my lunch walk it was "Where's Mickey?"
 This drop sat here all day.  Curious.

Sunflower to the sky
Saying goodbye
 In my cleaning out, I passed this activity set on to a teacher I know.  Don't you just love that little Pickle Woman?  Her cape has a "P" on it :) That's her pals Pretzel and Frog with her.

Another lunch time walk.  This one had me thinking of Saskia.  Amazing how intact it is.
Rusty, found by J. The guy knows a good gift when he sees it!
Whirly-gig made by J.
Lunch walk ~ I love skies like this!
Birds over the back 40
There were 5-6, but I couldn't get them all in the picture at the same time.  Loved the nice cool sky, for a change.

We even got a bit of rain...YAY!!!
Hello there!
The mess
 I'm getting to where I just dislike this room and want to throw everything out!
At least some floor shows, and even more since I took this picture.  I keep getting rid of stuff and it keeps looking like this.  Grrr...
I've spent days looking for something in there that I wanted to use for a current project.
No luck.
I guess the universe had other plans for me and this project.  It did prompt me to clean more parts up (read that as move piles around!)  The ironing board is down and fabric is together in a giant pile to be looked at later.  What a disaster!
How can I poetically embrace this moment?  Mmmm?

A little (big) first aide for thin skin, which doesn't like adhesive.  Another way to bring cloth into your life!
Smile!  Bringing some sunshine in a blue sky into the workplace for a special celebration.  Cloth saves the day when a yellow shirt is nowhere to be found!
Gathered on the needle, warmth
I hope you've been enjoying the many moments that make up your days, as I have.
Now, if someone would just turn off the darn heat!
 Take Care, Be Kind

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2015