Saturday, June 15, 2013

Right About Now - Growth and Moving On

Well, let's recap...
January: Wrote 'One Small Stone' each day
February: Was pretty much sick every day
March: 'One Thing Leaves the House' - every day
April: Celebrated ME every day
May: 'Make Someone Happy' every day
June: Celebrating My Daughter

Almost half of the year!

So, there you have it.  Doing a little something everyday and recording it on my calendar.  True, February was sort of cheating since I decided after the fact, after the month was over that I'd just label it the sick month and call it even!  May was pretty interesting as I had private conversations with myself on what counted as 'making someone happy'.  Was my good intentions or their desire?  If I do something for someone and it doesn't thrill them, if it's met with a so-so response...does that count?  Does my intent of kindness count?  And if I without plan, just stumble onto an action that makes someone feel I count That?  If the pre-planning-intent isn't in I count that?  I thought about these ideas a lot over the month of May.  Round and round my mind went!
June is my daughter's birth month, so I'm celebrating her.  I will celebrate my son in September, his birth month.
All of these done things recorded in the calendar book.  Just because.  To make me stick to it (I'm not so good at that!).  To look back at it later if I wish.  To help me remember.  Just because.
Both Judy of Judy's Journal and Penny of Tanglewood Threads do daily projects (among many other sewing folks).  I adore both of their ongoing projects.  The 'just going' of it as Jude always says!
I'm pleased that I've been able to do this much.  I've already been planning to have July be a repeat of March with another month of 'One Thing Leaves the House' - every day.  We'll see.  Things will be leaving the house even if I don't dedicate the month of July to it!
With that in mind...
Here is what left the house recently:

When my daughter was young, she and her girlfriends would have 'just because' parties.  They rotated from house to house and were held for no reason in particular.  I loved this idea!  Who says you need a birthday, graduation or some other 'holiday' to gather together for fun?!  So, with that thought in mind and no huge reason in particular, I sent off a goodie box to Dear Peggy of Woman With Wings.  Part of what was included were these two fiber items.  A small 'medicine bag' woven in the colors of the earth with an emphasis on bees!  I also sent another 'story starter' small hanging.  It has room for additions/growth or it can be left as is, if she's needing that open space everyone has been talking about!  I included some of the Jacaranda dyed velvet, in case she wanted to add spring moon :)  There were other items in the box that was filled to the brim as is my heart whenever I visit her blog-space.  Thank you Peggy for enriching my life.

Here are the other sides...always different, always gotta show them!

I've been patching the 'ouchie' jeans.  Working on the other leg, which now has a hole of its own!  Many random stitches hold the patch and strengthen the thinning fabric...and give me moments of calm and allow me to be still.

Today on my 'spiritual reconnaissance' as I call my strolls about the back of the property, I noticed the thin red line and thought of Dee and her red thread.
It's funny how, comments, ideas...can stick in your head.  I really have enjoyed Dee's home with the red thread boundaries.

Sometimes the gifts of others work their way out of the web and become physical gestures of kindness.  if you click on the photo above, you'll see the the tiny growth of indigo planted recently.  Gifted to me by fellow clothmate, Sandy.  Thank you Sandy!

Also growing...again, are the California Poppies at the very back of the property.  The last I spoke of them was when the gardeners had mowed them all down while cleaning up the weeds back there.  I'm pleased that they came back, along with lots of mustard plants!  The poppies look a bit more yellow than the normal deeper orange.  Interesting.

No longer growing, as evidenced by the many feathers found about the yard, are the neighbors chickens.  The racoons around here have killed all of the chickens of one neighbor and about half of another neighbor's chickens.  Both neighbors had them in their coops for the night, but those racoons are clever and found a way.  A loose feather or three doesn't bother me too much, but when I see a clump like this one, it makes me sad.

It's been breezy or downright windy here, so the feathers will be on their way soon enough.

Then these sunflowers will be what blows in the wind!
This is the sunflower garden, planted around the log in the back.  A piece of walnut from the neighbors cut down walnut tree rests on top and sunflowers sprout happily!  My neighbor's sunflowers are already huge.  I'll be getting pics soon!  I can't wait to see ours :)

Most nights, as I commute home...getting close to the mountain my commute wraps around...I see horseback riders.  They travel along the street-side trails and head back towards the mountain homes.  Words cannot tell how this thrills me.  I don't really know why, it just connects to my rural self.  I quickly snapped this photo a few weeks ago.  I love how the light mostly blocks this riders face.  Ahh...travelin'...goin' home!

Last in this really long post...
This little guy has been packing his bag and he'll be traveling to a new home soon.  He's really really excited!  His name is Mr. PR, which is really his nick-name, but I'll tell you more of his story another time.

For now, I'm off to patch jeans and pull out cloth to work on Yvette's gift.  Yes Yvette, I haven't forgotten you, I'm just very slow!

Have a great weekend/week everyone!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013



deanna7trees said...

you can never know all the people you make happy without even trying. think about how happy you are when you see those horses. those people have no idea how happy they made you. so just keep sharing in the wonderful way you do and you will not even be able to count the number of people you have inspired and made happy. great post.

Marti said...

Such a full blog entry, I feel replenished with all that you cataloged, noticed, did, plan to do, think you may do. When we fill our days with intention or let what flows, come into our day, it is a good way to be...For me, always, going out to the fields, here, the sandy desert trails behind my home, is spirit lifting. Every day, if possible should have a little "spiritual reconnaissance"- in whatever form spirit moves you. by the way, that is a great phrase Nancy.

Nancy said...

Deanna~ Yes, that is so may never know! I have a poem about just that! It was an interesting idea, that May- Make Someone Happy thing. I mostly wanted to focus on others - with intent. Also, I discovered that I make the guy laugh a lot more than I realized!

Marti~Thanks and I agree, both intent and happenstance are both needed. The guy goes out to do "recons" all the time, but I add the spiritual element, he sticks with the science of the yard!
Your new desert trails must be grand :)

Deb G said...

So full and lovely...

saskia said...

such a Full Post and I do believe I detect a Small Traveler! we're all looking forward to his arrival and are curious to learn his story;-)

experiencing happiness is such a fleeting momentary 'thing', whether intended or not: embrace it whenever, where ever I say, enjoy those moments

reading what you have done these past months is such fun and it is good on occasion to take a moment and realize one has done so much.

the medicine bag is lovely and the mend on the jeans just perfect

Nancy said...

Deb~ Thanks :)

Saskia~ Yep, he's busy getting ready. I will be telling a bit of his story before he travels on to create new memories!
Thank you...I'm glad you've enjoyed the weaving & stitching.

Mo Crow said...

such a full summer sun & funfilled post !

Peggy said...

Nancy, I love your monthly intentions -- and how wonderful for your son & daughter to be (and feel) celebrated like that . . . and the most radical of all -- to also celebrate yourself. Oh, I may have to borrow that idea -- the cup has to be full before it can be poured. I always have a good time here on the Trail and often leave with the seeds of possibilities to think about and maybe plant. Thanks, girlfriend. xoxo

Nancy said...

Peggy~ I am always so inspired by those who manage to stick with their intentions! For a while, when my children were school age, we had 2 pieces of notebook paper on the fridge...each holding one of their names. Whenever one of the four of us wanted, we would add something awesome about them to their paper! It was sure fun :)
May your possibility garden bloom like crazy!

Tammy said...

Thanks Nancy for your comments on my blog .. love the gifts that you're sending off .. beautiful. I love the questions you ask yourself regarding kindness. I think your intent is all that matter regardless of wether anyone gets it or likes what you did. I kind of think of the acts that you do are doing them for you. Anyway .. I haven't been following blogs or posting as much but I'm going to get back to it. I have some gremlins to work on. :)

Nancy said...

Tammy~ Thank you for stopping by the trail and sharing your thoughts. I do hope to see you around blogland more often :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. so much here. I KNEW that creature was for Saskia (or at least, I HOPED). Your monthly resolves are very impressive. Have you read "The Happiness Project"? She does a monthly thing for a year - yours reminds me a bit. Do you think these efforts have made 2013 a happier year?

And thanks for weaving in the red line!

Nancy said...

Dee~ Yes I have Gretchen's it 3 years in a row! As for me, I don't know about 'happier'...but there is a satisfaction in consistency and completion. And yes, Mr. PR will head out to Saskia's soon!

yvette said...

slow is my motto these days sweetie!

live slow because nothing matters really in these day while my dog and mother slowly leaving living
every moment has it's beauty
though sometimes after blinking my tears away!

Nancy said...

Yvette~ I rather enjoy the slowing down of it all. But, sometimes the reasons for that slowing are harder to take. Take care of you in the last longing moments with your loved ones.

Anonymous said...

you have some lovely journeys in your world, both in place and spirit. just love that patched patch.

Nancy said...

Cindy~ There's a new hole above that patch! Mending continues...