Saturday, May 25, 2013

Before & After #5

Before & After #5...AKA 2 Days...AKA Day/Night:

Thursday's moon follows me home and greets me broadly as I exit my car.

Mid-day work walks on my lunch break offer a time to contemplate or communicate with loved ones.
Today I notice new growth.

I head over to the street were I know a Jacaranda tree is in bloom.
There are many of these beautiful trees along my commute or daily walk.

There she is!  So pretty and I know she has left many many flowers 
on the ground for me to collect.   I think I will try dying with them.

I gather up a small collection to experiment with.

Aren't they a beautiful color?

Friday's moon welcomes me...sitting on the wire.
"Seek Balance" I always say!

Friday night, I get out my small pot.  The one you met here.
A piece of white cotton and a piece of gorgeous velvet from Deanna.



What a beautiful golden color!

Each night when I get home, the new geraniums greet me.
Purchased near the beach on Mother's Day, they are a happy addition to my homecomings.
I love returning home.

One day he notices the cement around them and shows me, 
knowing my mind will go to dying!!

Maybe that's next!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013


saskia said...

glorious golden - moon bead - prickly offspring -
lovely images of your life here!!!
me being curious: are those flags at your entrance?

Nancy said...

Saskia~ Thank you. I may a strong effort to keep my eye on the beauty, especially when life throws you those other parts as well.
I posted about the prayer flags back here:

You can read more there, if you like.
Thanks for always stopping by :)

deanna7trees said...

the jacaranda are lovely. never would have dreamed you would get a golden yellow. i read the other day that the prickly pear also gives good color in dyeing. thanks for the linking.

Morna Crites-Moore * Wicked Waif said...

Beautiful flowers and ... I love that moon behind the tree. :-)

Nancy said...

Deanna~ Yes, I was quite surprised! Good to know about the prickly pear, there's lots of that around too!

Morna~ That moon was sure a welcomed greeter!

Els said...

Love your nature pics, Nancy !!
That Jacaranda tree (unknown here) looks a bít like a lilac tree (from far away ;-) !)
Always fun and a surprise what colour you get from flowers .....

AKW said...

I like the lunch nature walks. It's an idea I might try next school year. A nice chronicle. I love coming home too.

Nancy said...

Els~ Thank you! The natural dyes Are always a surprise!

AKW~ You should do a lunch walk. It's so nice to relax and notice.

Peggy said...

Nancy, a day filled with so much beauty -- gifts from the plants, I'm thinking they are happy you noticed them.

I love coming home, too. xo

deemallon said...

How nice to take a walk with you!! I love your front door... but the moon intersected by the wire, whew! - that is really an amazing picture.

Nancy said...

Peggy~ Isn't coming home the best?!! I'm always noticing their beauty and so grateful for it!

Dee~ I'm so glad you could go out waling with me Dee! I love when I get to see your neighborhood too :)
Most of my moon at home pics have those wires in them!

Marti said...

Nancy, your first photo, moon through the trees is magical as is your dyed jacaranda cloth. The first time I ever saw a jacaranda tree was when we lived in Maui, it was so beautiful. In those days I knew nothing about dyeing cloth with the gifts of the land, in fact, I knew nothing about cloth but the instinct to collect leaves, dropped flower petals, macadamia nuts, sea shells, assorted vials of colored sand, feathers, well you get the idea. There is always something about Knowing and I used the capital K on purpose about the beauty before our eyes, every day, the simple ordinary things that are most extraordinary... ...

Nancy said...

Marti~ Yes, Knowing is Important. I also want to say thank you for stopping by the trail so often and sharing your thoughts. I appreciate that. It's a beautiful thing to notice and appreciate ~ in nature and in friendship.