Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Little Night Music

 This post is dedicated to Valerianna of RavenWood Forest.
If you have not yet seen her work, take a look...she's amazing!
Now that I know her mystical, dreamy, powerful work...
I think of her when the sky calls out in a watercolor wash.

Here are some more sky photos for you to enjoy.
(Yes, I know my last post was sky pictures too!)
I seem to notice the sky so much while on my daily commute.  
It's a wonderful view!

This is the first photo I take as I head home.
The mountain and sky bring Valerianna to mind.  This mountain peak is really far off in the distance, but I've zoomed and cropped so you all can see the view that caught my eye.
As I get on the road, the mountain stands tall among the gray sky and mist.

Mist turns to rain.
The sky shifted between soft and muted and firelight brilliance.
The expanse and magic remained huge.

Then drama entered!  Stark and strong.
Do you see the eyes hanging on my windshield?

I love this view of the long road toward the mountain.
This is a favorite part of the commute for me.  It's where the traffic, power lines, storefront congestion, sidewalks, and people all thin out.
It's more rural...more peaceful...more me.
When I get closer to the mountain is where I may be lucky enough to see a rider out for an evening horse-walk.
It means I'm almost around the mountain to home.

By the time I'm rolling around the mountain, the sky has become a lovely shade of sky-blue-pink.
And as I've done this whole week prior to Mother's Day,
I think of my mom.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013


saskia said...

oh the skies over at your place!! how I wish we had more of your kind of warmth over here; and how nice to journey with you to work and back!

Valerianna said...

Beautiful skies and views, Nancy... and thanks for the appreciation! Love the eyes on the windshield. The last photo of the lovely pink clouds is much like work I did many years ago of just seas and skies, sometimes just clouds. I sometimes feel the urge to go back to those, but the work tells me I must keep wandering amongst the trees and mists for now. Peace to you.

Nancy said...

Saskia~ I'm glad you liked the workday journey! It is quite hot here today.

Valerianna~ Those eyes surprised me.

Anonymous said...

I DO see the eyes... so nice to travel where you travel, even if remotely...

Nancy said...

Glad you could come along Dee!