Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fire and Sunset

There's a big fire near the coast.  It started yesterday.
It was at 10, 000 acres when I left for work.
It's at 28,000 acres as of this typing. 

 Driving home was dramatic.
The sun looked like a ball of fire
The setting sun played peek-a-boo with buildings and trees, and the power lines 
and traffic of the city.

The sky melted from blue to smoke.

Even in the face of vast danger and misfortune...
there is beauty.
The contrails from a passing plane shine fluorescent in the evening haze.
Even in the face of uncertainty...
there is great hope.

Gratitude goes out to all of the emergency personnel and others who step up and work so hard in these difficult situations.

On a lighter note:

Upon seeing the patch on the knee of my jeans, a little guy (21 months old) in my class pointed and said "Ouchie".  

This post was written on May 5th...but did not get posted for some reason.  My computer is acting very slow, so I guess I just didn't realize it had not posted before I shut down.  When I went to write today's was this one waiting!!!  So, soon enough~another post will be popping up.  I don't usually post so close together, but it does seem as if I've been binge posting lately!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013

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