Thursday, July 2, 2020

Calgrove Fire / Santa Clarita 6.30.20

Here I sit, a bit unsettled...
Listening to fireworks go off every couple minutes.
It's been like this for days and days now,
Probably close to a week+ now.
I've been much more relaxed about fires now that we moved the new place,
which is much close to a main road and more buildings,
instead of closer to the hills, the CA brush.
But, then we saw a story on the news a week ago...
It talked about someone setting off fireworks near some apartments,
which started a fire and burned part of the building and some cars!

Now when I hear those darn fireworks so close, well, I worry a bit.

The fire in the video above is pretty close to home, near where we hike.

The one in this other vidieo is not as close to home
But, I'm guessing these fires over the past few days are part of the reason my
asthma has been so triggered.

It usually takes the neighborhood a week or so after the 4th to calm down.
Oh well, I hope tomorrow is better.
May we all find the peace we need these days