Sunday, May 15, 2022

Yellow and Yuccas


Sunday was a walk/hike day. We went here a while ago, Feb. 2021,                                                                     when I took the WORDCLOTH for a journey. It had changed and not changed there.

As soon as we got there, I proclaimed that the day would be about Yellow and Yuccas ~ I could already see so much of both!!

There was a lovely variety of Yellow flowers and so many Yuccas, their standout white flowers, tall against the green hills and dry spots. It was still pretty Green for mid-May.

There were interesting grasses and cottonwoods that sang in the breeze.
I could have stood to listen forever!

Tiny yellow flowers, tiny white flowers with yellow centers, which remind me of Deb's recent flower fun!

A crumbly road in, red earth and expansive views...not another human on the trail.

I found this Yellow flower fascinating to study.
We noticed the new graffiti was far less artsy, much more crude. Darn.

There was something disheartening to see the message above altered.
I can agree with a philosophical conversation about the pros & cons of 'letting go'... but, why take away the ❤️ with such a sad looking mark??

I loved the added color to "WHY"...word art!
Which reminds me, the YNOT House rubble is totally gone, that small section on the side of the road cleaned up...while, the hill behind the YNOT House has been torn apart and turned into a construction site of a giant rock pile with new, dirt roads carved out of the California scrub brush. So sad.

~Okay~ Back to today's journey...
We love the geology of this space.

Can you see all of the white Yucca flowers? There were so many today. In the dry river bed on the main road in/out...there were fields of them! Doesn't this photo above look like a painting?!

We felt like this part of the road has really grown over since we were last here and wondered how it will look in 10, 15, 20 year's time.

A beautiful purple thistle, hillsides of Yuccas, sweet lil Daisies, and a weathered spindly fallen tree...
everywhere my eyes land, I see nature's wonder and beauty. Leaving my heart full.

May you have opportunities to revisit places enough times, so that they become friends...
well known in their consistent moments and landmarks and changes noticed until you meet again.


How fitting that tonight's Full Moon is the FLOWER MOON!



Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2022