Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Blank Slate

AKA: Do Over
AKA: Lost, Gone or Missing

blank - ready for a cross-stitched name

Well, here I am again.
A couple of things happened over the past couple of days,
one led to the other.

First, I was asked to make another Christmas stocking
for the newest family member to the family you met back here.
This caused me to start pulling the needed materials out.

That is when I discovered that my old cardboard cutting board did not make the move somehow.
It is almost silly how sad this made me at first, but it did.
I had this fold-up pre-marked (grid) cutting board since 1981, when I purchased it, along with cloth and other materials, so I could make a baby quilt for a friend.  That one was the first of many, for many friends, for many new babies.

As it was, when I last saw it, the cardboard cutting board had a million pin holes and dots of fabric paint, from when I'd punch the point down to get the paint flowing, so I could make faces and such on Christmas stockings!

I wonder what else is missing from the move?

cutting the batting, using a plastic lid as a cutting board - not ideal

Perhaps this stitching will pull me out of my rut.

   The great advantage of being 
                                                        in a rut is                                                         

that when one is in a rut,

one knows exactly where one is.

- Arnold Bennett

Blurry, but ready

May you have what you need and some of what you want too
May you not loose too much or miss too much, 
but hold your memories as you need too.
Photographs by NAE ©2019