Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring and Eleven Days in April

It's April.
My birth month.

I celebrated with a little John Denver on my way to work.
I little bit of "Sunshine on My Shoulders".

Morning work drive

When I got home there was a cake and birthday wishes from J. and Obama!

Some of you may notice, I've decided not to keep the tradition this year of the 
"5 Things" Birthday celebration.
I got bored of it.  Maybe you did too.
At any rate, sometimes a tradition is just an obligation in disguise.

How's that for profound!  Ha.

Anyway, I've been delighting in the simple beauty around me.

Sunset on lavender
Roadside flower
Sneaky neighbor
April's egg moon!
Along with noticing nature, I've added a bit to the scar cloth.
Is that what I was calling it?
Oh well.

Scar and a heartbeat
I completed the scar down the whole length of the cloth diaper.
Now I've started the 'heartbeat'.
There's always a heartbeat, even if there are scars.
This one looks pretty out of sync, which tells me to take care of my heart.
Even if it is my sewing skills that make it turn out this way!!
I like the symbolism.
New puppy ~ Sonny
Lastly, I've been thinking of this guy a lot lately.
Possibly because many of you post your dog (or cat) happenings or because there are so many silly, touching or even sad dog posts on FB.
This is Sonny.  I got him as a puppy, sort of for my13th birthday.
I'd begged for a dog for years, but they were not allowed in our apartment building.
So, one week after moving into a house my sister and I got sibling puppies!
Sonny was the kind of dog you wish for.
Smart, sweet and loyal.
I adored him (as did my daddy).
He lived a good, long life.
My wise old man.
I still miss him.

Old Man, Sonny
Have a great week everyone.
Enjoy spring in your neck of the woods!
Photos by Nancy A. Erisman ©2015