Thursday, July 24, 2014

2~ July Trip 2014

There were so many succulents everywhere in town. 
This flower was right outside our motel room.
There was such a large variety...all so unique.

We stopped to see the elephant seals.
They are large and loud!

3 turkey vultures stand at the water's edge

I love all the different shades of their colors here

I wonder what the view will be on the next post of this wonderful trip?!!  
Hope you'll join me!

All photos by Nancy A. Erisman ©2014

Sunday, July 20, 2014

1~July Trip 2014

We were very, very lucky to have a few days with the boy and his girlfriend.
They had traveled from their home in the east to the coast here in the west.
We met up in Moro Bay and did a day trip into Big Sur.

We waved goodbye to our oddly diseased sunflowers...super hot weather, and off we went.
Notice that the sunflowers are currently headless.  We think the squirrels have been busy.

Some of the sunflowers never even got 
all of their petals.
                                                                                          Some got their petals, but ended up brown right away.   We think an insect of some sort was at work here.  We also had diseased apricots this year.  They were all covered in odd brown spots and split in half and fell off the tree, before they could even ripen. We did not get even one apricot this year.  So sad as they are the most delicious apricots usually.

This is the first post of trip pics.
I took lots of photos, so I am breaking it down into a few posts!

We stopped at Lake Cachuma.
Look how low the water is!
This is what drought in SoCal looks like.

So dry, but still pretty.

Once into Moro Bay, we of course had to walk out to the "rock"!
Girlfriend's friend lives nearby and went with us.
She is a naturalist and had lots of local information to share with us.
She even shared the surfer's secret hand sign for "three towers & the rock"!  haha

We walked by some street art and dipped our feet in the quite cold ocean water.

Believe it or not...this is a sculpture and not really an old truck seat!
Isn't it realistic?


I had to laugh at the way this bird was standing!

I gave my son his great-grandfather's WWI discharge button.
My mom wore this on her charm bracelet my whole life.  In her last summer, she had the charm bracelet taken apart.  She then had my sister place the charms in little plastic bags with labels as to what they were.  This is the one she always intended for my son.  I picked out a couple for my daughter too.

A.S.K 1918
After driving north and walking about the wharf for about three miles, all four of us were tired!  After dinner, we called it a night, so we would be rested and ready for our big hike the next day!

All photos by Nancy A. Erisman ©2014

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Are Memories Like Old Chairs?

Memories are like old chairs, haphazard, dusty and easily forgotten

I was cleaning out some computer files today and came across this piece of writing.
 Not even four years have passed since I wrote this.
What really caught my attention is that 
I did not recall this event until I was 2/3 of the way through the story.
Even then it was hard to conjure up what I had felt that day.
At the time, this obviously made such a deep impact on me 
that I wrote about it the same day.

I thought I would share it here, to honor this man under the yellow tarp.

I also came across some journal type writing. Far too raw for this space.
What struck me with most of those is that those writings could reflect today's life circumstances as well. 

What can be learned (if anything) from all of this?
What can be seen in stories lost or found or stories endlessly repeated?
What message can be embraced from the stories once remembered again? these lessons matter?

Only partially protected from damage caused by the elements
December 15, 2010

The early morning fog, peaceful in its uniform gray is suddenly alight with flashing blue lights, piercing in their intensity.
Coming upon a traffic signal, I witness a myriad of police officers and a yellow tarp covering a mound in the shape of a human being.
Is it?  Could it be?
The opposite traffic lanes are closed.  The officers are busy with measurements and interviews.  Orange cones mark a fallen sweatshirt.  Police cars block the intersections, but not the yellow tarp.
I want to know what is happening.  I wonder about the tarp.  I feel trapped in this morbid scene.  I inch forward, willing the light to turn green.  I wish to get away.  My stomach feels queasy and knotted all at once.  I feel angry that with all of the blocking of spaces, the police have left this shape, this human shape in the middle of the traffic lane for all to see.  I lament, why do they not block the yellow tarp?
Finally the green light shines through the fog and I am able to move down the highway.  I drive for three long blocks with no opposing traffic.  Just the quiet and the questions in the eastbound lanes.  As the miles pass, I slowly relax, but I cannot shake the image from my mind.  I see the yellow tarp for many, many miles.
Eventually, my day continues, but when I get in my car to drive home it all comes back to me.  I begin to wonder what the scene will look like on my return trip.  I am sure the lanes will be open.  I am convinced there will be no visual reminders of the morning’s event.  My mind wanders until the radio news story breaks into my thoughts:  A man, a Filmore resident hit while crossing the 126 highway at Central Avenue, 56 years old…dead on the scene.
Dead on the scene.
So, that was him under the yellow tarp.  A man the same age as my boyfriend.  A man with a family.  A man crossing the road during the holiday season.  Dead on the scene.

I suddenly realize that I will have to drive over the exact spot in the road as I make my way home.  I will drive over the spot where the yellow tarp man had laid dead.  I feel so uneasy, but there is no getting around it as there is but this one highway home.  I unconsciously wiggle, trying to shake off this realization.
As I come upon the spot, I look at the pavement.  I see nothing to show of the morning’s tragedy.  I hold my breath.  I drive over the spot of asphalt and glance quickly in my rear view mirror.  I still cannot detect anything that marks it as a place of sadness, a place of loss.
Then it hits me; others will travel back and forth, over and over, without knowing what took place.  An additional sadness washes over me as I marvel at the fleeting nature of life.  And I wonder, how many other spots on the road have I driven over?  But then I think it wise, not to know after all.

Old chairs held within, not to be disturbed
All photos by Nancy A. Erisman ©2013

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Considering Weave

Considering Weave has begun.
The newest class with Jude Hill.
One of my favorite things about these classes 
is how inspiring Jude and the other classmates are.

I like the part where everything connects, 
where I see the lessons, conversations everywhere I go.

So, after the first post, I went for my lunch walk...
as I headed down the sidewalk ~ I saw the sidewalk as the 'warp'
and the driveways intersecting it as the 'weft'.

You can't really see the driveways here, but you can imagine.

I am almost finished with the latest 'medicine bag'.
Some of you may have seen it over on the forum.

There is only about one inch  to be woven.
This one is for a friend who is moving away.

It has a story begun.

I like the way the colors change in the sunlight.

Anyway, when I first started it, I was considering the ocean.
This friend lives near me, which is near the pacific ocean.
I was thinking of the soft sand and blues from my days spent
commuting past the sea at dusk.

But, as I continued those colors began to represent the desert as well.
This seems fitting as she will soon live in a desert locale. 
Either way, it symbolizes our connection to the land, to one another.
It's a good gift for a friend.

I'll show it to ya'll when I finish it.
Thanks for looking.

All photos by Nancy A. Erisman ©2014

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Yvette's Gift


 Well, this long in the process, slow cloth has been completed, mailed and received.  It went off to Yvette as the winner in my 2013 blog anniversary give away.  During the course of the year, on and off, I put together this story starter cloth.  
You've met parts of it along the way and here it is in its entirety.  
Cloth and Medicine Bag, together.
The story begins a long while back in the Mistakes in Weaving
post, where I began the weaving portion of this cloth.
After Yvette won the drawing for my blog anniversary, I began to consider HER and what I would like to send her.

The first thing I did was work on her medicine bag.

One Side

As I wove, I thought about her.  I kept thinking about things she has shared on her blog Feathers From Heaven.
I kept going back to the picture in the header and some of her words.
They stayed with me.
And I thought of her.
I mostly thought of nature at first.  The elements.

The Other Side

So, I included those colors in her bag.
Then I threw in a few Happy Flower colors for good measure.

When I began to think of cloth, 
I moved away from the desert cloth I had thought about using.
Due to a few posts of Saskia's regarding this weaving cloth..."Woven Connections"
I was inspired to pull out my own weaving cloth, started so long ago.

*NOTE: I coincidentally won Saskia's "Woven Connections" cloth 
in her Valentine's Day give a way!  Thank you again Saskia for such a beautiful gift.
It hangs where I can see it every day!

A bit of a closer look

I again began to consider Yvette.
The first thing I did was to weave in a secret message, 
written on old dyed cloth from way back.
I cut an 'envelope' type opening in the back, behind the weaving
and placed an extra piece of the message cloth inside, so she could read it.

I will let her decide if she wants to share her secret message.

Earthy things got woven in.
Grasses grew.
Vines grew.
Stars shone.
Full spectrum & magic thread circled around...capturing the light.
In the forest, a wishing star window opened up.
A golden sun/moon gave rise.

On an angle

This cloth evolved to be rather lumpy...
Thick and Thin...
Like life.

Tilted in the vines

It is a Story Starter cloth,
with areas not stitched, flaps hanging loose
and shapes suggested for inspiration...

There is room for Yvette to add her own part of the story.
Or she can keep it as is...
Hold it as is...
and imagine.

The other side tells it's own story
May she enjoy the cloth itself and the good feelings and love in which it was created.
Blessings to you Yvette.

All photos by Nancy A. Erisman ©2014

Monday, May 26, 2014

A Post

I'm going to give this a try.
I haven't posted recently, except eloquently in my head as I commute.
My reasons are varied and valid.
I have something and nothing to say.
Things are small and too big.

My time is limited and I have been spending it on FB, both keeping up with people in my physical world and those online friends who are over there too.  I've been trying to clear clutter by selling.  Not really going great lately.  Oh well.

But, mostly...everything with my computer takes so so so long to do.  I think the problem is both the computer and the connection.  Double whammy.
So I get frustrated and quit.  Besides the slowness (connection and too much stored on hard drive probably)...I get the spinning wheel of death constantly.  I get the 'stop script' message constantly.  I have to force quit and begin again...a lot.  If I type to fast (hardly possible with my skills) - it freezes or my cursor jumps into a completely different place, which I of course don't notice as I type merrily along!  Then I pause for a moment and AHHHHH...what is all of this gibberish??!! 
Sigh...fix it up.

The numeral 6 often doesn't work on the first try.
Things get highlighted and moved at will, just not mine!

A new computer is not in the picture right now, so I will have to see if those 'geniuses' can work their magic soon!

So, there you have it.  If I don't post or comment'll know why.
And if you're on FB...say hello there!  That seems to be all my distracted shallow brain can handle right now!!  Haha

Now for a post that is not just whining!
Well maybe.
Happy photos and current events = LIFE.

One yellow rose from Teacher Appreciation week, along with one red rose from out front.

I was all set to post a poetic, beautiful post near the last full moon.
But, along with the computer issues...
My friend's husband recently passed away.
Although he'd been sick, his passing was sudden and not expected.
And sad.

He was 2 months older than me.

Wrapped in copper wire and into the little brass pot

This has been a hard year for health and life and death.
It's May.

And a few extra petals added

After attending his funeral, yet another funeral...
the next day wast the local
American Cancer Society - Relay for Life.
I met some friend's there.
We walked in the candlelight in honor, memory and hope for many.
I'll post about that another day.

And some onion peels too!  Dreamy.
Last week, one co-worker's brother was diagnosed with cancer...
while another co-worker began the care, concern and juggle of her mother's ill health.

One week later...muck

I have friends in the Isla Vista area.
I used to work up that way.

I know someone who taught the shooter as a child.
Too close for comfort.
These shootings can happen anywhere at any time.
That is so scary to me.
Especially since the reasons seem to be...
seem to be...
to unworthy of causing so much pain.

It is overwhelming to think of all the children we care for...
try to help...
or don't even know to help.

Out of the dye pot

Today my sister's family had to send off their ill 15 year old dog.
15 years of loving and living with a dog is a long time.
Charlie will be missed.

And beautiful
 May tomorrow bring better days,
for my friends, family and co-workers.
For us all.

Lavender and rosemary infused
 So, a few hours later...
you've got this.
A post about dying and life.
Pretty much as it should be, yes?

Also, I got a message from Yvette...
she got her gift!!!!  Yay!
I will post about that soon.

Plus, I've already been working on Els gift too!

Have a nice week everyone.

  Photos by Nancy A. Erisman ©2014

Friday, May 9, 2014

And the Winner is...

The names are waiting...

The guy picks one...

And the winner is...

Yay!!!  Congratulations Els!

I'll begin working on something for you...
Mmmm...What shall I do?

Stay tuned!

  Photos by Nancy A. Erisman ©2014