Sunday, November 2, 2014


The tan is stitched now.

Thick running stitch
All stitching on this cloth is being done with 6 strands.
I have not sewn with all 6 strands since starting with Jude.
But, for The Cloth Called Comfort, I want the texture and feel-ability
of thick embroidery floss.

This special project calls for that.

I came across this on a work walk and for some reason, the red really jumped out at me.

Magnolia seed pod
A red thread, seed pod version!

A couple of days later...
sitting in the yard at work, I glanced up
to see this:

OK, look again...
yep, a 9 patch!

The light coming through the fence was just right, in that exact moment.

For some reason, I felt a deep comfort in noticing that and
for thinking that many of you would have seen it too.

It's nice to have a tribe out there!

I am forever grateful to Jude for creating her special place, that has grown to become our special place.

Off to bed, more another day...