Monday, March 19, 2018


Here I am considering what is important.

I guess it goes hand in hand with clearing out stuff.
First you look at, embrace the memories, consider where or if it fits in your current life,
and decide.
Keep or let go?
Then you listen to the news or try not to listen to the news.
What changes with each new BREAKING NEWS?
Usually nothing, sorry to say.
Just think of the guns in America issue...
ranting, raving, tears
then nothing.
If our government couldn't do something after Sandy Hook...
need I say more?
⇱     ⇲
My head and heart are in a tired and grumpy place.
I keep searching for the positive...
touching base with nature...
loving what and who I love...
doing what I love.

But, I'm having a hard time not feeling let down, by people, by circumstances,
by our country.
There is so much that is important,
yet the media is stuck on a porn star.


I did a deep cleaning, looking at and honoring of my treasures shrine.
All the tokens from my cloth people, plus other trinkets,
crammed into this space.


The top of the old 'bar counter', which belonged to my mom and birth-father, 
bought in the early 1950's.
Early American style with a copper top. 

You can see J.'s bowl in there among the many gifts or things I've had/made.
A wood flute and feathers.
Photo was taken before Michelle's beautiful pomegranate print made it into the collection.
Although there are many letters from her.

I sat and read each letter and touched each item.
Important things.
Below you can see clothmakers cloths on the big bare wall behind the TV.
I can see all of this every night as I relax, watching Public Television 'murder shows'.

Dee, Grace and Jude
Hanging Jude's latest was a quick clothespin moment, connecting it to Grace's, 
mostly because the push pins wouldn't push and I didn't want to fool with more driftwood (having a how much driftwood is too much driftwood moment).
But then, yes...connected.
How much I really like that.

Els, Jude and Saskia
I can't begin to tell you how much joy is brought to me through these cloths and gifts.

These are the things that matter.
The important things.

Before deciding to write this tonight,
I re-read some old (really old) posts while looking for something.
I was so touched to realize how long we've been here together.
Some of you visiting the trail since the beginning.
It has been years!
That is amazing.
So, with all of this in mind,
I want to say thank you...
for coming here...
for the conversation...
for caring...
for the gifts and/or the gift of your friendship.
  ❤ ← ❤ →   ❤
You matter to me.

PS Maybe I'll get to cleaning out the drawers and cupboard
on the old 'bar counter' soon!

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Photos by NAE ©2018