Saturday, June 15, 2019

Days That feed Us

We took a drive out to our ocean today.
The need for salt air was huge.
Beautiful purple flowers greeted us, 
as did a charming driftwood teepee!
I have seen one so well built in a log time.
It was gray and the breeze was cool and
although we had no jackets or hats...
we followed the path and then the ocean's edge for some time.

Seagull in flight ☺
Emma Wood has so many rocks and tons of driftwood.
I looked for small wishing rocks, but didn't see any.
My very small collection is here somewhere.

I only brought home 2 teeny driftwood to replace one I had that broke.
We joked about not collecting again! 


On the way home we bought fresh strawberries 
and stopped to gaze at the amazing leeks growing and blooming
in the Santa Clara River Valley.

They looked like something from another world!
You can gaze too! 



Sometimes salt in our wounds is just what we need!
May your days be an adventure that
soars and floats giving things you want, need and don't even know you need!

Photographs by NAE ©2019