Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hike From Weeks Passed

No hike this's been raining off and on.
But, a few weeks ago,
 we went to a familiar place for this hike.
It's the same place where I collected acorns for Peggy a while back.
A small stroll was planned.
As we enter. I spy locks.
Did I post them last time?  I don't remember.
For some reason, I am fascinated by these locks that keep nothing out.
Every time I have encountered a set of locks, I have been able to either walk around the gate or step over the specially made gate (made to allow foot traffic).
The absurdity of this delights me.

 For some reason, I feel a bit rebellious when I see these locks.
I bravely disobey the silent message to stop on my side of the gate.

For some reason, this song pops into my head.
Not really related, but to me it makes sense.

Of course, we merely step around and head out.

Immediately I am awed by the sight and sound of a beautiful hawk, 
circling and swooping into a large oak tree.
We stand for a long time using binoculars and the camera's zoom feature to get a better look.
But, this one is so far off that our first view was really the best.
The one in my memory.
It landed in the tree far across this meadow.

It is in the far off tree to the left.
I zoom in.

You can click on the picture above and see if you can find it!
Hint: it landed in the upper left side of the tree.

There is something about their cry and the melody of light on their wings 
that stops me dead in my tracks every.single.time, leaving me breathless and 
nearly weeping for the wild  beauty that they are.

A couple of other things catch my eye this day.

There was the way the light poured through the trees.

There was the way the moss electrified this scene.

And there was the dense green, lit from beyond and framed between trees.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend.
Wherever you are, enjoy!