Sunday, April 23, 2017

More Stuff

I pulled out my Mama's sewing box, looking for something.
It is not the box from my childhood, 
it's a replacement of hers from my adult years.
I hold no attachment to this box.
I thought I didn't have a connection to what was inside either.
Then I opened it and my Mama's scent drifted out to greet me.
October will be 9 years since she died and yet, her scent still 
permeates everything she owned.
The material belongings her family now owns.
We all say this.
Open a drawer, a box...unfold a letter and there she is by your side.
Her scent so light, soft and familiar
 that you can almost feel her touch as well.  
You can easily bring up the feel of her soft, veined hands.
Her ways and words rush back to you.
Her love circles you telling you that she has been there all along.
I thought I'd just be saving the wooden spools.
But it now seems there are other things to consider deep within this box.
There is a lot I won't hang onto.
Three thimbles, in varying sizes.  I've never used a thimble.  Ever.
I have no need for all of this thread.  I have my own.
Are these bobbins the same as mine?   Mmmm...
I can check, don't know that I need them though.
 Then I noticed the pink pin box and the 'made by Mom' tags. come the memories.
And, wait...that gold thread...
is that from my 7th grade Pheasant blouse from my Jr. High sewing class.
OK ~ Set that layer aside...
 Legitimate tools: useful or vintage.
Look at the prices there.
 The third layer down holds a box of every extra button that ever came on an article of clothing my mom bought (well that's how it feels, there's a lot!)
Buttons can be useful.
How many buttons does one need?

 And a hand-drawn diagram of how to thread my machine...
in the hand of young 20 year old, 
newly married and 8 months pregnant me.
I've got that memorized now.
My machine, purchased on lay-away in Reno, NV.
It cost $75.00 and took me three trips to town 
before I could afford to bring it home.  
I was so proud. 
A new sewing machine and my own JC Penney's charge card (a first too).
Cancelled that card last year or so 
when I was frustrated with the way they were handling something.  
I threatened to take my charge business elsewhere.
Employee said OK.
Long gone are the days when the customer came first! lol
I'm really fine with this.
But, you can see how one slip of scribbled on paper 
can erupt a volcano of old memories.
So, do I need most of this stuff?
Where does it go from here?
How do stop wondering if the new owner will embrace
my mama's scent as something wonderful.
Not plastic-coated!
Removed from something at some time
My old tags
"Mom" tag!
Vintage price
Now what?
Anybody want or need anything?
I just closed up Pandora's Box 
and walked out of the room.
May your own memories be sweet 
and your belongings be just right for what you want/need...for who You are.
 Photos by Nancy A. Erisman ©2017