Saturday, February 27, 2016

Doing These

Here I sit, with my foot up.  It has been over a week.  
I'm patiently (well sort of) waiting for the pain to subside.
I've worked up a few of these.




If you know what these will look like all done, because you've received one from me in the past, please don't comment on that.  I like it to arrive as an unknown to the recipient! 

Everyone keeps making comments like: "You mean you're not at work?"  "Aren't you just wearing one of those boots?"  "It's just a toe".

But for me this pain is making it very hard to be walking on it, even with the boot or the special flat shoe.  I don't want to make it worse.  I want it to heal and I want to get back to work ASAP.  I can't be there with a special shoe or boot.  I'll take my asthma and migraines any day over this sitting around waiting to heal.

So while doing so, I've also been making these.  I set a goal (a'la Peggy and her monthly, yearly stitching, journaling etc. goals ~ I was inspired) of sending of at least one of these a month during the year 2016.

So far, so good.  In January I sent off two.  I am almost done with February's and thankful for the extra day to get it together!

Lastly, speaking of that extra day, I was hoping to again Leap on the 29th as I did 4 years ago...but I don't think I'll be trying that with a broken toe!!  Ouch!  You can see me leaping in 2012 here.
It's interesting to note how different the weather was four years ago.
We've been really warm here this week.

I hope whatever you are doing, it is fulfilling and sustaining and providing you with what you need as we leap towards March!

PS Thanks for keeping my secret :)

  Photos by Nancy A. Erisman ©2016