Monday, September 29, 2014

9-Patch and The Comfort Cloth

Today I start with this.  It's the back of the book I read on my lunch break today.
I thought the 9-patch on the right was timely and I considered that by adding a triangle
to the center could have a triangle/diamond 9-patch there too!

This is the front of the book, which I got at last year's pow wow.

It has many beautiful colorful and pencil drawn illustrations.
I just started looking through it, so I haven't discovered much else yet.


So, I've been working on the cloth, "Comfort". 
It's pretty slow going right now.  I keep placing things there and 
then not feeling sure about them, so I wait.

I slid the two green pieces on the right under the velvet first.
Then I added the tan and last, the two green on the left.

But, it didn't sit right with me.  It looked, stripey.

Some days later, I moved them around, gathering the greens together 
and resting the tans to the edges.

I like this much better, but still I am looking a bit longer before stitching.

Then after listening to Jude's words about 9-patch, 
in particular the 'disappearing 9-patch'...
I thought to add this little bitty 9-patch.
I had thought of having the cloth itself be one of the patches, 
but then I tried having the tiny weave stand in for a patch.

This is not stitched either, I'm still looking.

I am enjoying this cloth.
I am enjoying the stitching and the looking.

Thanks for looking with me.

Photos by Nancy A. Erisman ©2014