Sunday, August 12, 2018

Random Thoughts

You know how thoughts are, they pop in here and there.  
Stay for a while.  
Revisit when they are so inclined.

I suppose they are never truly "random" though. 
Or are they?  That is one of those words thrown out there a lot, not always correctly.

Kind of like "irony" too.

Anyway, I thought I'd capture some of those thoughts, just for fun.
Maybe for posterity, as they say in Princess Bride.
Or maybe because what does one DO with these thoughts?

Like...this morning I woke remembering a vacation from the mid-late1990's (can't quite recall when and it doesn't when Dee recently asked if it was odd that she did not remember taking a house photo, just one of those things).  Anyway, this trip was with one friend to visit another friend in her new home, Lake Havasu, AZ.
It was my friend's first ever vacation without her husband and mine as a girlfriends trip after my divorce, she drove.  Havasu is a very different kind of place than I would choose, but our friend had guest rooms, knew of a good little pizza place, new building projects to share and a birthday to celebrate.  So, why not?  It was time to be brave and have fun. I've always been glad I went and today I wonder why I woke with this trip on my mind.

Recent moon & Venus
Trippy picture!

The days I drive to work (not carpool), I take surface streets ~ staying away from the crazy drivers on local freeways.  It is my familiar drive with my eyes falling on certain folks and landmarks.  New things or people pop up, grabbing my interest.  Old people and landmarks go away, causing me to ponder why?  The two 'folks' I wrote about way back when, under the label of some folks have not been seen since I posted those two posts.  Why?  Where did they go after so many months on the street, in the exact same spot?  Don't you find that curious?

Curb feelers! Ha

 After seeing those 'folks' as regulars for so long, not seeing them was kind of ...
I don't know what the word would be...surprising, unsettling (that sounds rather silly)...
but that feeling when something always there is gone.  Poof, as Jude says.
Later, there was another corner...other people.  There was a group of 4-5 men, everyday, same corner ~ on a bench by a library or directly across the street on a bus bench.  They sat.  They talked, surrounded by their belongings.  
One day, the guy with the shoulder length hair, worn long and in his face...
One day he was not among the group.  He was not there for many, many days.
I wondered where he could be? 
Then, suddenly one day he was back...wearing hospital scrubs and sitting in a wheelchair.
For weeks, he sat again among the group, blue scrubs and long hair.
One day, again, he was gone.  They were all gone. 
Between the bus benches, sat an empty wheelchair.


Lately, same corner, there is a new group spending time.

One becomes two
Then become a few
Men joined by a lone woman
Belongings marking home, 3 feet square
Four or five come together
to spend their days and nights

 I notice as I go by
Peach pieces

I haven't walked as I should lately.
Here are my reasons excuses:
  1. Heat
  2. Air quality
  3. Tired
  4. Sick
  5. Not having my own car at lunch changes things (whatever the heck THAT means!!)
I really need to get back to walking.
PS Does anyone else remember that old comedy bit about "Why is it always 'Sick and tired?  Why not one or the other, but always both?' ~ Or something like that.  I think of it every time I used the phrase: Sick and Tired
Do you ever 'go back' and re-read your own old posts?
Every now and then, usually when looking for something in particular,
I read an old post.  It is actually an interesting exercise as a writer or photographer or
connected to self-reflection or personal history.  Anyway, I did a bit of that lately and guess what I learned about myself?  I have often in the past posted long thought-filled, wordy things...
and then usually don't go back with any kind of a conclusion or follow-up (except when it was about my eyes).  So, how annoying would that be to see so many quilt ideas started or questions asked or things contemplated with no closure!?! 
Probably not at all, really.  We all have such busy lives, yes?
I think this blog turns out to be not a 'conversation' per se or an accurate time sensitive, chronological journal,
but instead, a moment in time, here and there.
That's enough.
However, if you were wondering what I did with that old pottery from this post went in the trash.  No regrets!
And the books I wanted to let go of...gone!  Given to friends or donated.  No regrets!
Last, but not least, the thing-a-ma-jig ??  It is still there, but for how long?! Ha
Yes, none of this matters in the "grand scheme of things" ~ as my mama used to say.
Tomorrow is her birthday.  She would be 90 years old!  
Hard to believe.  Harder to believe she will be gone 10 years in October.

I still miss her every day.  She's been in my dreams recently and I'm glad for that.

Mama Rose bush in bloom

 Seen on a work walk
Shining in the mid-day sun
One plus one plus one
 I don't like mushrooms.  It's a consistency thing.
Spongy ~ Squishy

As a kid, I was so unsure of mushrooms or toadstools
that they all left me scared.
Someone put the 'fear' in me.  
Kind of like the 'fear' of  poisonous Oleander that grew in the back laundry area next to the incinerator.  Which, by the way, was kind of creepy itself, in a "Bad Seed" kind of way!
Anyway, I digress.
How do you KNOW if they are poisonous? 
I steered clear of any wild growing treats or threats!!
However, I made bunches of them in Jr. High art class.
Nothing like a clay mushroom! ☺
On the other hand, I've always been nuts for Sunflowers!
And I so love these that grow by my work.
The color is so deep and rich.  I love how the light shines through. 

Rusty Dream
Shhh...I'm sleeping!


On my work walks, I revel in the beauty of the flowers, birds or sky.
It is a time to step away.  A time to be me.
It is a time when I chat with one of my dearest, long-time friends. 
We haven't connected as much recently and I miss her voice.  I miss her.
I'll email this post to her, so she can see the flowers she's missed recently

The long view
Standing tall
 Recently I heard. or read, or something...
a millennial said that it was or had succulents and that's "what we millennials do".
That cracked me up, as it seems true, doesn't it?
 This rose is the one I really wanted to tell my friend about.
Isn't it gorgeous? 

Well, I guess that's enough rambling for tonight. 
Tomorrow perhaps I will walk at work or notice things or ponder all I see.
May you have days that fill you.

I wonder what Goose will be wearing?
Photos by NAE ©2018