Saturday, June 8, 2013


Today was my aunt's funeral.
Although her passing was quicker than expected, I think she was at peace in the end.
The service was simple and heartfelt.
I know it would have felt just right to her, for it was filled with her faith 
and attended by her love ones.
What more can you ask for?

I saw family that I'd not seen for Many Years.
Some not seen for 30 years.  
Some last seen as children, now grown into lovely adults.

There was a lot of catching up to do.
The stories were rich...loving, funny, touching, sad.

The abundance of the day was amazing.
I'm so grateful to have had this time with these family members today.

Full life.
Textured life.
Layered life.

These are the moments we hang on to.
The moments we remember.

I believe life is about balance.
I've been missing this richness lately.
Some days are harder than others when it comes to balancing.
Sometimes ya just hang on by the tips of your balancing toes!

And holler real loud while doing so!  Ha!

I hope you are enjoying the fullness & balance of your daily life, 
through all of the bitters and sweets.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013


saskia said...

I'm sorry for your loss Nancy
and glad that you were able to share this with family; weddings and funerals is where we meet our families and close friends, it really helps meeting one another there.
Balance is a fine thing;-)

kindness is what we need

Deb said...

thank you for sharing this reminder about the need for balance as deep and wide as life + death.

Lynda Merry said...

Beautiful words.
...and I am always amazed at how our lives seem to run in parallel - you say what I am thinking so often.

Wishing you days filled with balance and a lighter heart.



deanna7trees said...

it's unfortunate that it is when someone dies that we have those get togethers with family and friends from the past but i think it is that way for most of us. you sure did get an abundance of apricots. will you make jam?

Ms. said...

Lovely lovely post...a peach of a post dear Nancy. Reconnecting is enriching of itself. Plugging in for the energy, and even at the passing of a a loved one...reconnecting is reaffirming. Keep on balancing on those fine toes sweet being! HA!

Marti said...

Yes bitters and sweet, we need both and then there are those bittersweet moments how in death, we mourn but we also celebrate a life. Good words to take to heart, your words Nancy.

Nancy said...

Saskia~ Thank you and yes, weddings and funerals. One of the cousins said he only wears his suit for these occasions, as proved when he pulled out Grandma's memorial booklet to check her date of death (2006)- kept right inside the chest pocket all these years!

Deb~ I'm always seeking balance...a tricky thing for me!

Lynda~ Thank you and yes...I think of you often.

Deanna~ Yes, few and far between, but this is the ex'x family, who I lost in the divorce many years ago. It was an awkward thing to keep up with them then and this aunt made that happen for me and my kids.

Michelle~ Ah, energy...I was so drained of it yesterday! I came home feeling as if I'd worked out for days! My friend made that sweet being for me :) Love his open-mouthed expression!

Marti~ Yes we need all three! I'm glad my words felt good to you :)

Nancy said...

PS Deanna...
I don't have the time/energy/know-how for jam so we're sharing with neighbors and eating til we can eat no more!

Peggy said...

Nancy, reading this makes me want to go find Balance, wherever she's hiding again.
Your aunt must have waited for you to visit before she passed. Treasures everywhere. xoxo

Nancy said...

Peggy~ I feel so lucky that I got to see her. She saw so many that were important to her in her last days.
I laughed when I read Balance as a hiding female!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Sending you my condolences, Nancy. Yes, keeping balance is a tough one in a world that seems to have gone crazy. And my apricot tree produced a great crop this year. One of my many blessings. I keep stitching through it all. Hope you do, too.
best, nadia

Anonymous said...

so glad it was a good celebration for you and yours. wishing you some calm joy-filled stillness.

Nancy said...

Nadia~ Thank you. That balance thing is tricky :) Oh...I hope your apricots were super tasty!

Cindy~ Thank you. Stillness sounds good.

Anonymous said...

beautiful post, Nancy. I just love pairing the photos of luscious fruit with the news of your aunt's passing. I agree with you about balance being so key...

Your post reminded me that cousins that I have not seen since my grandmother's funeral in the early 80's, I now regularly 'see' on facebook. there's a lot I don't love about fb, but for that, it is great.

Nancy said...

Dee~ Yes, FB is good for that. Ahhh...balance...