Sunday, March 24, 2013

Log Happy

This is my log that sits out back.  It sits where the grapefruit tree used to be.
There is a pipe there that I don't want to drive over, so we marked the spot.  
Now that I look at it sitting on the grapefruit tree seems a kind of chopped tree to another (even if it was placed there for a more practical reason!).

This log has a long history with me.  I've had it since a camping trip in the mountains in the very early 1990's when my ex brought it home with us.  It sat on our porch for years as the perfect place to set your glass of iced tea.
Eventually the bark fell off.  You can see what I did with it here.

One day, when the grapefruit tree was still there, I came home and noticed that the little log was not between the two old timey metal lawn chairs.  Where did it go I wondered?
Low and behold I spied it over the chain link fence near my neighbor's woodpile.  My guy went around and fetched it up for me.  A few days was gone again.  
"What's going on?" I exclaimed!!
So my guy went around and fetched it up again, where it sat waiting near the neighbors woodpile.  
Finally I asked the son of the neighbor who shares the duplex with me.  
You guessed it.  
For some unknown reason, he had thrown it over the fence.
It belonged to me, here...not to the other neighbor.  It did not belong to him. When it arrived back home and again sat between the chairs...what do you think possessed him to throw it over for a second time?  Ya, I don't know either.
But, he's been that kind of neighbor since he arrived to town.

Anyway, now the little log has stayed put for a long time.  Just yesterday as I walked past it, I noticed the trails, the code, the hieroglyphics, the words in the wood.
this had to have been there, but I hadn't noticed it until Saskia had explored with her on log!

You can see what Saskia has done here.

Interesting, isn't it?  How one becomes aware.
How the stories layer themselves...over each other...over time.

This little log has had so much to share all of these years.
And the story continues...

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013


Els said...

love to see the journey that little beast made under the bark !
(lovely prints by Saskia !)

handstories said...

I enjoyed the trails and tales of your log!

Nancy said...

Els~ Yep...leaving it's mark!

Cindy~ :)

saskia said...

hi Nancy: this is a wonderful story; I think your practical use of the sign post is remarkable! Plus you have made beautiful objects with the bark, that has set my mind reeling all over. I'll check in later after work in the office.

Nancy said...

Saskia~ I love how the inspiration and noticing bounces back and forth between all of us :) And it's nice to see messages before I head off to work as well.

saskia said...

hi Nancy: I'm listening to Dory Previn as I type these words, a recording from a live concert 'Jesus had a sister' hahaha; I love her sense of humour and feel strangely relieved to know women before me were screaming in there car alone as well;-)
thanks for pointing me in her direction

Nancy said...

Saskia~ It's interesting to me that you see humor in her songs...I do see it in Twenty Mile Zone, but so much of her other work is so dark, depressed. Maybe because I am familiar with a few more songs than you. Even the title of the album "On My Way to Where?" rings of confusion.
Maybe I missed the boat on her message!