Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Considering Gifts

Yesterday, a gift came in the mail.

A magical gift from my friend.

I wrote a beautiful post in my head, but lost it along the way.

Instead I will send you on your way with links to the author and the beauty that is this book.

The boy, the mole, the fox and the Horse 

 You can of course look around his site yourself, but below are some of the goodies I found.

You can read a sweet review HERE

(Not his site- includes a link to what may be the music in the front & back covers)

You can read about the author HERE 

Do check out his shop and listen to a free sample of him reading the book, with lovely sound effects. Magic. Oh how I'd love to listen to the whole thing!

❤     ❤     ❤     ❤

Here are some more of my thoughts, shared with the giver, on this gem of a book

I know that I will read it many more times, 

with my heart wide open and curious studying eyes.

The artwork is breathtaking, making me think so much of Saskia (I'd just been at her last blog post when the book arrived - oh how I'd love to gift her something gentle right now), and Hazel's painting and Jude and Grace.

 It is so expressive and paired with the handwritten text, 

expressing so much with what seems like so little. I reflected on the recent conversations regarding our own handwriting.

My mom (the giver knew my mom) would have loved this book, I can hear her voice telling me about it, saying that it is so 'charming'...talking in gushing terms about the gentle drawings, perhaps even a critique (yes, we've all heard the one about the web-footed ones working very hard - out of view, but even that is okay within the context of this book). 

The questions asked, the answers...both things that matter

For me, it is the artwork that pulls you first (as shown in the musical front/back covers), it grabbed me and propelled me towards the next page and dialog, with the question of my own, "What is next?" The drawings are charming, appearing easy to create and intricate at the same time - inspiring! The paintings are so rich and deep - one could look for a very long time indeed. 

I think that if I were a very rich woman, I'd buy dozens of copies to give away to friends and family, because I thought of so many of you as I read last night. I thought of Saskia's dogs and birds, Jude's simple line drawings that take you elsewhere and Hazels paintings...and more.

There are animals, wings and a moon!

The words too reminded me of so many of you...dreams, lessons, noticings, understandings, questions and answers filled with kindness, love and friendship. How can it get any better than a combination like this?

So, like I said, if I could...I'd send you each a copy to hold and read and share with family and friends yourself. I'd perhaps buy a few to add to a few Little Free Libraries and school libraries too. Wouldn't that be a gift! 

I'm hoping that those I cannot gift, will gift themselves (if possible).

❤     ❤     ❤     ❤  

I realize this is a long wordy-linky post, so I'll add these visuals to end the post.

Hazel's recent post, which it included her self-haircut inspired me! 

I'd been considering the same thing for months and months.

I searched you tube and got opinions on doing so from friends and J.

Finally, I got so frustrated with my tangle, I just wacked off my still wet ponytail, following none of the advice in the videos! haha It came out crooked and not level! It remains wild, but much shorter and I'm so glad to have done it. I figure that when I return to work, I can get it fixed up if I want. I figure my hair is almost always pulled up in a pony anyway. I figure all the waves and curls can hide some of the wonkiness.

I feel so much lighter with my still crazy & wild hair!

It took four hands to try to uncurl and measure!

I call this: Still life: Hair on Kleenex

May you receive and give many gifts during your lifespan

May the biggest, best gift be that of lots of love, wonderful friendships and gallons of kindness

May you share your everyday joys, as I have shared this book and a sense of lightness


Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2021


Marti said...

How delightful to read this post Nancy because we gave this book to our grandson for his 10th birthday. He loves to draw animals but I also felt that the words of gentle wisdom and caring would matter to him as he read the book. He doesn't keep many books, preferring to donate them, after reading them, to the family's free little library. The boy, the mole, the fox and the Horse is one that he has kept. Charlie Mackesy has the ability to speak such universal truths in such a kind, gentle, special and heart filled wise way and his whimsical illustrations simply touch and melt your heart...

Here is an interview with author, Charlie Mackesy, from The Guardian about a year ago,

Nancy said...

Marti~ Yes, you and the grands came to mind immediately. Such a splendid book for any age. Thanks for the link. xo

Liz A said...

you gifted us with the knowledge of this book ... and yes, I too thought of Saskia

Mo Crow said...

a delight of a book!

Nancy said...

Liz~ You will love it!

Mo~ Absolutely! I thought of you on the moon page.

Hazel said...

The library has it! #86 on 24 copies, so in hand soon-ish, thank you! & hooray for home haircuts! Mine was at quite an angle, too, but I also live in a ponytail. Last night I dreamt I cut bangs...hmmm.

Nancy said...

Hazel~ Hooray for you! You will love this book and the artwork. Enjoy.
I cringed when I read the bangs part. I tried that once and it didn't end well.

buysse maria said...

hallo Nancy Oooo....i love yhat book , i have it in Dutch my language ,translated by Arthur Japin
and like you said it could be a book of Saskia,
first pres Mars 2020
sixteen pres januari 2021; so you can see how we love that book .
thanks for chare it , we are of the same family ....yes we are !

Nancy said...

Maria~ Oh wow! That is a lot of printings, quickly too! The connections continue :)