Monday, January 11, 2021

How We See


Only my third walk of this new year,

so already my everyday goal fell apart.

That's okay, the pressure is relieved right off the bat. 

With me today, no camera but that in my silly flip phone, just the words of vision coming to mind. Just phrases concocted to share that vision, if possible.


While walking, I see, I look, I absorb without the concern of framing the shot.

I walk with the words of friends in my head, as I consider the posts of Dee and Liz.

What do I see on these asphalt trails? How do I feel?

I walk with my words in my head.


It is a beautiful day with a bright blue sky and a gentle temperature of about 70 degrees that welcomes me, encouraging me to stroll and BE in the moment.

9 crows and the remaining leaves on very bare trees dance on a cool breeze.

I pause as that breeze moves through me too, telling myself that I must do this more often.

I must make time, make the effort to be out, to be be in the moment and in nature.


My eyes roam from sky to ground, finding beauty.

Treasures like a variety of seed pods gathered at the base of trees, an unknown fruit, red and round, and fallen leaves - both retaining some color and crunchy brown - capture my attention, calling for closer examination.


But, I would less than truthful if I only spoke to beauty today.

These days are a mixed bag, at best.

For my eyes also catch mask-less neighbors also out walking and such. More not wearing, than wearing, even now among the current surge in our county.

My ears picked up snippets of conversation as I cross the road that cause me to wonder,

whose side are they on?

I immediately dislike these thoughts entering my mind.

I immediately dislike that fear can come so easily and trust not at all.

Because you never know.

Because what we see, how we see is based on perception. 

Yours, mine and ours.

With each perceived vision, comes a lifetime of layered experiences, ideas and ideologies...

genetic histories, what we carry with us.

I came back home with more dire news 'breaking'.


I did use my trusty flip-phone to capture this sign on a neighborhood gate, as the phrase left me wondering and I wanted to remember it, to consider later...

maybe with different eyes.


May you spend time outside and within

May you notice beauty, but still recognize the ugly

May you be safe

With an extra helping of love in these trying times


 Photographs by NAE ©2021 


Hazel said...

I just went for my first real walk of the year yesterday, so you are ahead of me. It's true, we see so much more when not looking through or for a lens. Wishing you many beautiful walks this year.

Nancy said...

Hazel~ too.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

thank you for this. words that acknowledge, that do not turn away.
thank you.

Liz A said...

I just read Grace's post on The Three Monkeys ... and Hazel's post seeking flow ... and now your words

"I must make time, make the effort to be out, to be be in the moment and in nature."

and it feels like the words that swirl in my head ... I imagine you walking, remembering each sensation, saving them to share with us here ... such a gift

may we all be safe

Nancy said...

Grace~ No, not turn away...but also remembering to keep my vision full. Sometimes it's easy to get stuck.

Liz~ I'm sad to say, of all the blogs, I have the most trouble getting Grace's to load. It is very frustrating.
Putting that aside, it is good to walk with the others in our circle and yes, I write posts in my head, trying to remember.

deemallon said...

9 crows and the remaining leaves on very bare trees dance on a cool breeze.

This paints a picture, too, you know.

Nancy said...

Dee~ Yes, indeed...if done well enough, words can paint pictures :)

Els said...

Many happy walks dear Nancy !

Marti said...

On my walks, I notice, bend down, touch, sometimes forage for windfall, often take photos or jot down notes in a little notebook that I keep in my foraging bag. Since the pandemic, we have only taken one drive up to one of my sacred places, Jemez Springs, red cliff land. When we arrived at one of our favorite stopping places, I simply held my breath, left the camera in the car, stepped out and I will admit, shed a few tears. It was so important to me to simply, breathe, fill my sight and soul with the beauty before me...documening with spirit, not camera. We all need to take that time, to observe, to be grateful for what never leaves us, the beauty of the land.

Nancy said...

Oh Els, my friend...thank you!

Marti~ Here you are again. I'm glad. I remember this story of yours...when I read it, I picture what I know of NM, closer to Albuquerque, but I picture the earth and your quiet pause fading into quiet breathing...and I feel good. xo