Saturday, February 6, 2021

Away We Go

 Friday Drive 

We took off on the same road North as the last drive, but this time we stopped at the Power Plant No. 2.   I was mostly interested in actually getting a look at the beautiful building after driving past it last time. There is a lot of history in this canyon, probably the biggest story being the collapse of the St Francis Dam.

Last November it was a large leaf, today a large pine cone ☺

We drove past places old and new, googled things when home again to satisfy curiosity and learn about some local places and a cool truck we saw. We went much further North than last time and came home down the freeway, which is quicker and less interesting.

Eons ago I went to a work retreat on this road, which I remember as a very special time. The
The Painted Turtle is a pretty special place too. It is the place my friends volunteered at years back. It is sad to think that this special place is impacted (like every place else) due to the pandemic Of course they've found other ways to be of service right now. We drove past Shadowland - a place I think I remember from a past Pow Wow, where I met a wolf! We saw many other roads that looked worth investigating.
Strange sights that leave questions - what was this thing before it was rust?! You can't really tell, but there is a road down in there and J. is on it. The trail down, a bit gravely and steep for me, so I read my book (Song of the Seals) and enjoyed the vast views up above. Maybe next time I'll head downhill too.
We stopped at Elizabeth Lake for a quick view - water & wildlife. It was nice to see water here, as local droughts can have their impact on this body of water.

 We drove through where the Lake Fire had been, back in August. The photos don't do justice to the sad looking, burnt out feeling. Many of the trees only burnt on one side or only towards the bottom, not the top. Hillsides, completely gone...but every house (but maybe one) we saw stood strong. Trucks and trailers, out buildings maybe and motor homes left as charred remains, but the houses stood still. The successful work of the firefighters was amazing to see. We drove on and on through the burnt hillsides, snowy mountain tops, completely impressed.

It looked so barren, but there were many new sprouts at the base of so many trees! 
Isn't Mother Nature wonderful?!

Then we got to this sign and things just felt icky. Can you read this sign?
"Forever MAGA Country" - with a gun, population 200. We drove on anyway. I could find nothing online about this sign. Just show a photo, like it's nothing at all. Sigh.
But, there was also Quail Run Ranch, an ostrich farm. We made a note to return another day to explore further. 
We discovered Quail Lake, someplace we've never been before, even though we've seen the road signs!

It was nice to go out discover new watch the hawks fly.
I wonder where we'll end up next time?
May you get out there 
May you find the pretty & look past the ugly
May you learn
Photographs by NAE ©2021


Mo Crow said...

(((Nancy))) the western half of the USA has become so dry over our lifetimes, over the past 50 I have flown across the country every ten years or so and have been startled by the desert lands getting wider and much drier and I live on the driest continent on the planet!

Liz A said...

the power plant is such an interesting building, such an artful product of its time ... I love that there is beauty to be found in such a functional structure, but the story of the dam collapse that preceded it is tragic beyond imagining ... can't help wondering if that rusted structure is a relic of the flood

and all I could think as I read about Quail Lake was how the water could surely "lubricate" the San Andreas Fault (comes of being a one-time geology major) ... sounds like it is well-managed to mitigate that possibility though ... and what an idyllic spot (as most all watersides are)

thank you for taking us along for the ride ...

Nancy said...

Mo~ You are so right. everything is very brown, but the grasses are already coming up, thinking it's spring. We talked about coming out this way again in the Spring to see the difference. Be well.

Liz~ That's what I thought of the building, so pretty and such care for a utility building, right?! The 'big square rust' was further up the canyon than the remnants of the dam. Interesting thought though.

As far as Quail Lake, don't you love when old learning comes back? Handy! It was pretty, but...I don't know, a little 'off' for me. Perhaps it was the dead crow hanging from the tree on the way to the water or maybe the lack of response from a fisherman when J. asked about the kind of fish he may catch...or maybe it was residue from that sign on the way in?! Yet, it was still pretty. Be well.

Saskia said...

more blue skies ((sigh))
living in a white world over here: finally we have snow
Winter's officially arrived;-)

Nancy said...

Saskia~ Ah, a winter wonderland for you :) Nice. We're in the low 70's today. Take care.

Hazel said...

What a mix of beauty and things/people that give pause. Quail Lake looks so peaceful & clear.

Nancy said...

Hazel~ Quail Lake was very clear at the shoreline. Yes, there are many reasons to give pause, both positive and negative in nature. I like pausing.

Liz A said...

pondering how a waterside like Quail Lake might be "off" ... and I think of how industry can befoul a shore, which doesn't seem to be the case here ... perhaps it is as simple as it being an "un-natural" formation, man-made rather than nature-created

Nancy said...

Liz~ No, I'm quite used to man-made bodies of water...the MAGA sign, the dead crow and the unresponsive fisherman just really set a tone. But, I am also even more squeamish around ideas of safety than I used to be. Sigh.

Deb G said...

Love seeing all the blue.

Nancy said...

Deb~ too :)