Saturday, August 17, 2013

First the Pot, then a Feather

First he brought in the pot (see last post)
...then he brought in this gift of a unique feather, 
which was found in the same hills.


He knows me so well!

We are unsure what bird left this behind.
One might think crow or raven at first.
But, it feels thinner and has the iridescent green aspect 
that causes some pondering.

I went 'walk-about' in the 'back 40' to try and capture its essence.
Ended up having some fun with light and shadow!

feather in the sky

feather in the sunflower house

feather & the sun

feather holds green

taller than a feather
feather power
in my heart


Last Tuesday was my mama's birthday.
She would have been 85 years old.
I've been missing her a lot.
This is the picture I posted over at FB on Tuesday.
It's from many years ago (early 2000's) at the Sierra Madre Wisteria Festival.
You can learn more about that  here or here or google-around for more.

It was a wonderful day.
That happiness shows.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013


deanna7trees said...

wonderful images. love that iridescence on the feather. i can tell you were having fun. i don't keep track of birthdays but i have pictures of my mom and dad in my living room so i'm always remembering.

Nancy said...

Deanna~ Thank you...yes that green patch kinda threw us! I did have fun :)
I have lots of pictures around too, but I also like to stop and focus with more intent some days. Otherwise, it's easy for the photos to just blend and not be as noticed!

Ms. said...

Great fun with that fancy feather Nancy...One of those shadow shots looks like an old squaw looking back to where she came from...and there's that special shot of you and your mom--like Deanna, my mother and father are in place right above my computer so I see them daily.

Nancy said...

Michelle~ Yes, fun :) I love doing this kind of thing, just exploring out there...meandering & pondering! he goes out there and check things from a scientific viewpoint. He goes on a "recon" I go wandering on a spiritual reconnaissance! ha

blandina said...

How moving to have such good memories of your Mother.

Nancy said...

Blandina~ Thank you for stopping bby and leaving a comment...yes, I have so many good memories to reflect upon.

saskia said...

love the way you 'explored' the feather, seems like a different one in changing light; do crows' feathers have the green sheen, I do think so, but to my mind they are darker as well....ah well for the time being still a mystery;
lovely pic of you and your mother and yes the happiness radiates

Peggy said...

A sweet memory for you, Nancy -- you and your mother so happy together. I loved seeing this.

A raven feather?


handstories said...

that shimmer of green is something! I wonder who left it? Nice memory to have of time with your mom, you're a happy twosome there.

Deb G said...

I imagine you flying... Sending you a hug. :)

Nancy said...

Saskia~ The crow feathers I have don't have the green and are 'thicker' too.

Peggy~ Yes a very sweet one! No raven, I don't think so.

Cindy~ We liked to share these kind of outings :)

Deb~ Here I goooooo...

linda said...

can't figure out the feather either..
loved all your pics with it. like that little guy, where's sam.
i miss my mom too. she's been gone 25 years this month. i can't remember her voice anymore.

helen said...

Such great feather dancing here Nancy :~)

I love the photo of you with your mom. I still miss my mother too.

Nancy said...

Linda~ 25 years...oh...
Do you have recordings of her voice?

Helen~ Thanks :) It seems many of us miss our mothers.

Anonymous said...

my mother would have been 80 on August 11, so I suppose we have had some overlapping Mother-missing... what a terrific photo you have to remember her by!

Nancy said...

Dee~ My Mama died at 80 years old. That missing continues, doesn't it?!