Sunday, August 11, 2013

Photo Stream

Last Sunday we were able to go for a hike in the near by mountains.  Only minutes from home and off a busy road and freeway intersection.  It is always a big treat to go and explore out in nature.

It's part of my 'finding the beauty' mindset of the past many months.  Even on my daily commute through asphalt streets, I'm looking at sky and trees and flowers.  It's what keeps me going.  It holds the focus on the positive and feelings of gratitude.

It is a conscience effort that has become an easy practice, a habit for me now.  Not an entirely new practice, but one with renewed intent.

This is a photo stream of one week in my life, with the above attitude in mind.

When I write and take photographs, I decide what the 'angle' will be.  Zooming in on the little things reinds me of what really matters.  Taking a wider shot reminds me to look at the whole picture.  The whole beautiful picture.

I hope you enjoy my 'neck of the woods'!

Views, holding trees, California scrub brush and mountain tops ~ 
framed by a brilliant blue sky

Tree: dead or not?
Down in a canyon, looking up

One-armed tree


Reminiscent of Easter Island

Tree parts

The arm of the one-armed bare tree

Fallen across the path

Fallen across the path and alive with the sounds of insects inside

Remains of a burnt tree

Mostly mollusks from the Pliocene epoch 
(this information from the guy, I'm clueless!)

Last photo (below) he wasn't so sure about.
Looks embryotic to me.
Or like a lamb chop!

Remains of man
Latch on an old, in-ground storage container

Spider Life

Hillside spider condos!


Heading back out of the canyon

Found feathers & heading home

Back Home

This gal can no longer hold her head up!

Feather found on work walk
I see design & pattern here.
One is a design, many is a pattern
Each one holding a unique design.

Found Pot
A few days later, he goes exploring again and stumbles on to this amazing find!
A cast iron pot!

Thanks for traveling along with me.
It makes me happy to share these views with ya'll!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013


deanna7trees said...

i enjoyed traveling with you through your images. i always love images of trees...even dead ones. i learned about nurse trees today.

Nancy said...

Deanna~ And I Always enjoy having you along :)
Thank you for the link as it was very interesting, teaching me something new. I just finished "The Wild Trees"- so it fits in with all I've been thinking about!

Ms. said...

Boy, THAT was just great. The sequencing took me deeper and closer to what you were seeing. Perfect story telling post! I really enjoyed it.

Nancy said...

Thank you for your kind words. I happen to be thinking of you as I put this together...thinking of you and your photo/video streams cover a day or week i your life!

jenclair said...

So many patterns revealed. I like the ones in which shadows add another dimension!

Nancy said...

Jenclair~ Yes...shadows! I've got some photos with shadows I'll have to post soon. Fun with a feather pics :)

Peggy said...

Oh Nancy, thank you for your inspiring words. I need these kinds of reminders. Beautiful places, beautiful photos, all. I feel somehow calmer after seeing your world. And hmmm, wonder what you'll do with the cast iron pot! xoxo

Nancy said...

Peggy~ Yes, calmer. Nature will do that. I bet we have the same idea about the pot!

handstories said...

that was a nice stroll...and congratulations on your new pot!

Nancy said...

Cindy~ Thanks and that IS a swell pot isn't it :)

saskia said...

wowie, what an amazing walk!
such beautiful images, it's like an adventure trail with hidden signs; and what a finale: to find such a grand pot! (you know they are useful at times, the finders I mean, and oh yes the pot too of course)

Nancy said...

Saskia~ Haha...yeah, he's good for lots! My next post is a find from him too :) Glad you enjoyed the 'walk'!

helen said...

I so enjoyed this walk with you showed so many of my favourite things....and that POT....your guy is GOOD. Can't wait to see what you brew up :~)

Anonymous said...

Great shots, Nancy!
Although, the spider condo gave me the willies! Reminds me of the huge spider web I ran into as a child playing hide-n-seek in the dark!
Love the pot, would love to know its history!

Hope all is well,

Nancy said...

Helen~ I was looking back at this post, which is linked to my last post and I came across your comment...funny I've been thinking of you and wondering how you are doing.

Jacque~ Ooh, that would freak me out too! We'll never know, will we?!!