Friday, May 6, 2022

5 Things Friday



Last Saturday evening, while watching the beginning of an episode of FINDING YOUR ROOTS,

This one: 

Beyond the Pale

Exploring the Jewish heritages of actor Jeff Goldblum, radio host Terry Gross and comic Marc Maron

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I had to turn off the television due to the Crow Mayhem outside. 

You see there were 5 crows sitting at the top of the tree, making calls and Caws as loud as can be!

An answer would come from trees across the street. 

This ruckus went on and on and on.

They were incredibly LOUD!

Once again, I thought that I would like to speak crow!

By the time I got the screen door open to grab a photo, one Crow was flying off, so I don't believe I captured all 5 in the photos 

(it is kind of hard to tell though, so we'll just call it good, you believe me, right?!).

PS I tried to switch a couple of these pics for more interesting altered ones, by blogger said, "NO WAY"
Oh well, 5 crows, 5 altered, but too similar photos.
It's Friday, so good enough.

May you Caw at will
May you raise a ruckus with abandon
May you fly off as quickly as you land

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2022


  1. At times I think every crow in town is over at the park. I've never been able to record it in a way that I am happy with, maybe next time I will just post what I have. :)

    1. They really are something to hear (and see), aren't they?! And yes, please do post!

  2. I listened to the robins when we were in St Louis ... realizing how long it has been since hearing them ... then flew away home again

    1. I am especially enjoying bird song this year 🙂


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