Saturday, December 7, 2019

Road Trip!! Belated Post

The last cut rose
Off we went for Thanksgiving travels
Up the coast, through rain, rain, rain!

Mama Rose bush travels with us, off to live in a cheery garden

We hit some of the well talked about winter storm, but are please it is not as bad as expected...nor is the traffic!
Storm clouds and rainbows

I marvel at the darkness of the sky and delight in the rainbows, trying to capture it all in photo after photo.
Part of the herd of VW buses!

Once in town we cruise about discovering a parking lot of vintage buses! How fun.

We end up at a new breakfast place in an old building. Yummy! Uncle John's Pancake House
A new place for breakfast
 We come together with friends for a night before Thanksgiving relaxed meal and then again for Thanksgiving day gathering, including a White Elephant gift exchange. 
We're excited to end up with a George Thorogood,
best of CD ~ which includes the great driving tune
"One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer" ☺


Food was served on "something old", 
flowers in "something new"...
this friendship goes back many years.
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Melty leaf

It was wet, but that didn't matter.
We went on down the highway, Highway 1...through Big Sur. We later heard they closed the road, so I'm glad we got through!

Heading down the highway

So many of these billboards...Pine Bros are back!

Storm traveling with us!


The rugged Big Sur coastline


Me trying to grab a hold of all I love out there





As said in the movie "Forest Gump"
Make me a bird, let me fly far, far away

With dreams of always being on a road trip, 
I'll pause and post this now.
I'll finish up the rest on another post soon.

May you dream and soar

Photographs by NAE ©2019


Mo Crow said...

so good to see Big Sur is still wild and free!

Nancy said...

Mo~ Yes!

Ms. said...

Oh you did capture the love..."Glimmer, Shimmer Shine"...Thankyou for the Pacific Coast and the rainbow and your dear self.

Saskia said...

good to know your rose bush has found a new home! the scenery is mind boggling for us 'flat wetlanders' & extraordinarily beautiful

Liz A said...

that amazing cloud billowing up ... you in the rear view mirror ... and Pine Bros! I loved their honey cough drops!!

a post replete with happy-ness ... thank you for sharing the joy

Nancy said...

Michelle~ Our Pacific Coast is just so very beautiful! I'm happy to share. xo

Saskia~ I agree, we are grateful the Mama Rose will be well loved! Isn't that one of the best thing about this circle...we can see the whole world on the computer!

Liz~ I loved the cherry ones, ate 'em like candy. Haha I do hang out of the window a lot on these trips :)