Sunday, December 8, 2019

Road Trip ~ Part 2

After heading down the road, through Big Sur,
We stayed in Morro Bay on the Back Bay.

We love it there.
We could live there.
We spend time in our favorite haunts
and make new discoveries too

 We actually pull over to enjoy the stunning sunset 
and roaming zebras and cows near 
Hearst Castle, San Simeon, CA.
You can't beat these views!

I could have stood there forever!

At home on the Back Bay, this was a gray trip.
The birds didn't care, so of course, we didn't care either!
We did lots of exploring in the rain!

We stop at our usual stores...
books and music!

I buy "The Stranger in the Woods"...
which I've almost finished already!
That tells you that I am enjoying it quite a bit!
It is a fascinating story and leaves me learning and imagining.
The music store is a kick, the 30 year owner is so nice!

Crusin' around town and the Back Bay,
I imagine a life on the coast...

where the air smells of salt
where the pace is slower
and the folks are friendly

We discover Montana de Oro State Park
and truck across the rocky beach, even though it is raining and cold.
So fun.

Driving through the eucalyptus groves,
I think of all of you who dye with these leaves,
especially Nat!

We agreed that we need to return in the Spring or Summer
when we could hike more.
But, truthfully, I don't even care what the weather is like...
just to be.

Until then, I'll read purchased books from the two bookstores we visited
and I'll hold on to the memories stored in my new Big Sur ring!

May you have adventures that fill your heart
May you explore places dear to you
May you hold memories close

Photographs by NAE ©2019


Mo Crow said...

thanks for sharing !

Nancy said...

Mo~ And thanks to you for always being here with a kind word too. Sometimes I do think I must bore others to death, but this has become a record of parts of my life, of a sort. So, I just do, record and appreciate my cloth peeps. xo

Ms. said...

I could live there too. So much beauty. Some day maybe. Love ya. Glad you got away. Treasures.

Marti said...

Reading your two posts about your latest road trip, was like opening the door to quietly joyful memories of a time and place long ago. Nancy, you have given me such a gift because living in the high desert, I so miss the sea, the smell of salty air, the waves, the sounds of waves, wandering in Tide Pools, etc. Big Sur is one of my all time favorite places. Seeing it, for the first time, on spring break when I was 18 and in college, took my breath away...thank you so much for taking me back there, for sharing this magical, wild place.

P.S. beautiful Big Sur silver ring with Celtic heart on either side; so fitting to have when one falls in love with a special place...

Liz A said...

blogging ... to hold memories ... to share beauty and wonder ... to connect across the ether ... all of this is so worth the time taken ... or rather, the time given ...

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

WONDER FULL photojournal! I've never seen that coastline...Thank You!
When you are old enough to retire, you could join the converted
Van people and live like that!!!!

Nancy said...

I'm so happy that I haven't bored you all to death!

Marti~ Yes, I fear I would miss the ocean too much, even when the desert calls. Big Sur just grabs you, yes? They were having a big art fair and I so wanted to go to it, but it was getting late...when I heard the road had been closed after us passing through, I was kind of glad we hadn't stopped! I knew the ring's design looked Celtic, but a heart...even better! Thanks for letting me know that!

Liz~ Thank you. It is good to know! I think the 'connection' piece is what feeds me.

Grace~ Oh, I wish you could see it! You'd be in love too! I thought of the motor home life, believe me!

Nancy said...

Michelle~ Yes, wouldn't that be nice?! I am grateful to have had this time.

deemallon said...

Thank you for this post and last. It’s nice to see you having an adventure and breaking away from the routines of work and daily life. Thanks for sharing.