Monday, June 7, 2021

Small Slice & Bigger Slice

 I saw this sky out of the corner of my eye the other night. What a glorious sunset!

Today, for the first time in a long time, a Ritchie (squirrel) was out on the wall. A new behavior was noticed...Ritchie jumped from wall to new tree and back to the wall. From the best I could tell, those new trees must have some kind of berry or something, because Ritchie was sure enjoying a snack, one by one!

We also saw a hummingbird feeding (?) on the top reddish part of the cactus. There are still tons of Bills (lizards)....sunning, chasing, running full speed. Little brown-headed birds have taken to sitting on the parking roof next door. And the Debbies (wasps) are back too. Yikes!

So, this is our green ~ our little slice of life, of nature. Our jungle table, growing like crazy.  It's a small slice, but it's amazing how much we can see. There are the many, loud crows, little songbirds and even circling hawks can be seen if I jump up and run out there! I often do. It was a cool 60 degrees today, with what is called (around here anyway) June Gloom. It's nice for a change.

As for the bigger slice, or two...this weekend our older grandson graduated from High School!! We could not be any more proud of this guy!! And slice number two...our little grandson turn one years old today!! One year old...already!! Unbelievable. One boy taking new steps into an unknown future and the other taking his first steps period.

May your slices be just right and fill you up!


Photographs by NAE ©2021


Marti said...

Two celebrations, years apart, both, so very special: Trey walking the road to his next life's destination; Orlo learning to walk,beginning the path to exploring his world. Congratulations to Trey and Happy Birthday to Orlo. Special hug to you Nancy, dear GrandMa of these precious boys.

Your slice of nature is so soothing with all of your indoor plants; plants are wonderful for giving us beauty, joy and a true meditative environment. Plus the added beauty of your outdoor greenery as well as all of the creatures who amuse and serenade you, is such a good benefit.

Yesterday I was watering my tiny slice of garden when I noticed a movement and a roadrunner came sauntering across the area.2nd time in my life that I have been up close and personal with roadrunners (had one right outside my front door at our other home). These moments are pure magic and leave me feeling blessed...

jude said...

a slice is a slice!

Liz A said...

the jump from 1 to 17 ... the moments flying by so very swiftly ... celebrating that, because what else is there?

Nancy said...

Marti~ Thank you my friend. The bookend way of these two events is really something. Our green views are indeed soothing and also lively at times! I saw a roadrunner only one time. It was running across our yard back in 1984. So long ago, but still remembered.

Jude~ So true! A slice is nice and it is enough.

Liz~ You remind me of an old poem about "the dash". It is more a poem for someone's passing, but that dash between kindergarten and high school graduation is another chunk of time that flies by, that can be reflected upon....
Here is a link to the poem: