Sunday, June 13, 2021


 38 years ago a little gal wore these. They will pass on to another little girl at the years end. Isn't that lovely? Raggedy Ann will go too. She's ready. There will be a Christmas Stocking and...?

Where do the years go we wonder.

Does anyone else remember how JC Penney's infant clothing started with size 1/2? I loved that, tiny sizing for tiny folks! Clothing back then was so simple. Lots of things seem simpler when you're looking back.

I always go for the feel of clothing. These are super soft! Perfect for a new baby. It's hard to believe the 38 year old could ever fit in these, especially knowing that they will probably be big on the 2021 gal!

Raggedy Ann, ready for her second go around! She came to me when I was a young child, from a birth-father who sent gifts in the mail. She's hung around for a long time now! She has new elastic in pants and dress. All of it is a tad loose, but much better than the stuff that was over 50 years old. There I go with the years thing again! It's amazing to think I've had her so many years. She has a pocket made from a vintage child's pillowcase (even older!) and one patch on her knee made from an old 1980's canning jar cover. Do you see her holding up her dress to show you? I had other thoughts during the planning, but then during the actual sewing, this became enough. Enough. I sure hope the new little gal has fun with her.

May you find new within the old

May you live with that as you need to

May you treasure both 


Photographs by NAE ©2021 


Marti said...

There is such joy in sharing baby clothes, in giving Raggedy Ann to a little girl who will hold her and love her. Nancy, you have done such a special job in fixing up your Raggedy Ann, she will be treasured by this little girl.

One of the most special moments for me as a Mom and GrandMa was seeing my granddaughter wear some of her Mom's baby clothes. When my twin girls were born, my sister bought them the most beautiful, soft, white hand knit sweaters with little hoods, imported from Spain. The day that my granddaughter wore her Mom's Spanish sweater, my joy was overflowing.

Nancy said...

Marti~ That's! It brings me so much pleasure to be able to pass things on, have them be used again, perhaps even loved. It's a gift really. Raggedy is off for new adventures, for sure! I agree about the family clothes. We have 2 family dresses that my sister and I wore...then my daughter and her 3 daughters...then my great niece! Photos of everyone in them too! Priceless :)

Mo Crow said...

love her pocket!

Nancy said...

Mo~ Isn't it sweet?! I have one more of these little lambs. Hope Rod is feeling better & better!

Liz A said...

that little lamb looks like it was always there ... and the blues are such a perfect match!

Nancy said...

Liz~ Isn't picking the colors the funnest part?! I enjoy that part of the process a lot.

Deb G said...

I said something about liking one of the one year olds shirt the other day and was told that it was his father's as a child. I love that.