Monday, April 30, 2012

Sing! Day of song - Bobby McFerrin - Improvisation

 Here is link for the above video.

So over at Deb's for the last couple days, mentions have been made of Bobby McFerrin.
That sent me on a trip down memory lane!  As I just this weekend got a working VCR hooked up again after many long years, I took time in my day Sunday to delight in watching my children growing through their childhoods, in such random order that my brain was dizzy by the end!  Oh but such good memories, one of which includes my daughter aged 6 singing "Don't Worry, Be Happy"... a true favorite song of hers.  Boy, that whole parenthood piece that feels light years away now.  This was a different viewing than those past because now both of parents have passed on and so I was grateful to see them moving, talking, singing and laughing again.  It was wonderful!  I think I'll consider this an early Mother's Day gift to myself.

But, what also emerged after viewing a few of McFerrin's videos is what I've missed all the years since he sang about happiness.  I remember at the time that song came out it was criticized as fluff.  My theory, at the time, was that there must be some reason it's such a hit!  I thought (think) it is: People need song, every kind of song, for every kind of reason!
This man is a special spirit and musical genius.   Simple as that.

I highly recommend getting lost for a bit to welcome some journeys either old by taking a day trip down memory lane...or new by following a new (or renewed) interest down the trail for a bit.

You may want to check out some of these:
Catching Song  ~ A nice long interview to listen and stitch with
Wizard of Oz    ~ Bobby style!  What a ride :)
Spontaneous Chorus  ~Wouldn't you love to be in this audience (on or off stage)?!
With Anne Marie Hassing  ~All of the Master Class & Aarhus Vocal Festival are a treat!

I'm forcing myself to stop linking.  But do explore for yourself and share your favorites!
*Note- don't miss his son and father as well!

I'll leave you with the closing thought, in the way of a question:
If you watched any of these videos, did you notice that in every one...there was not only song...but there was laughter, hugs and pure joy in their shared experience!
Now that's what this world needs!


Ms. said...

Ha and oh yeah...when deb's post came up I also spent hours linking, and finally had to force myself to shut doewn and get to bed. Such joy! how I would love to be in one of those spontaneous chorus=es...and I listened to the interview while I made supper, ate in front of the computer. I had my headphones on so as not to disturb neighbors. We go so naturally when joy leads the way...we go where the light is lightest. It's pretty late now so I dare not dip in again...but tomorrow morning perhaps...Its Beltain/Mayday at midnight. I need to finish the post I've been preparing.....and change my header for May.

Nancy said...

Michelle~ As my mom used to say, "Great minds think alike!" He is going to be in NY in May and again in August :) Check out his website!
And do share your favorites too!

Deb G said...

Yep, I noticed that too and it's why I couldn't stop watching videos. Such an incredible sense of community in all of them. So much joy.... I'd love to see him concert some day.

jenclair said...

Yes, we NEED happiness, its as contagious as a smile. Happy songs, poems, people can make us smile in return with an immediate lift of spirits!


Nancy said...

Deb~ And then when you listen to the interviews, it's like falling into a deep well of loving kindness. Magic. I'd love to see him too, so i checked right away, but nothing in my area. I'll add it to my life list :)

Jenclair~ Yes we do! All of us, but especially important to bring up the children this way. Check my monthly finds for the "singing on the morning car ride" Such fun!

Velma said...

nancy, one of my sorrows is my inability to sing. just can't carry a tune. BUT, dammit, i can listen. and sing in the shower.

Nancy said...

Velma~ Sing anyway!!!