Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some Stuff

Birds on a fence - sculpture at the nursery
Random, not necessarily connected stuff...
  • Saw this sculpture on the fence while at a nursery earlier this month.  It made me think of Grace and Mo Crow ... and all of the friends out there who love birds and feathers and the marvels of our natural world.
  • They have been filming a Sears commercial across the street all day long.  There is a small "Kraft Services" truck (food!) and shades to create proper lighting and a giant crane.  Every now and then a deep voice comes a shouting words I can not discern.  But a couple of times, I could tell they were calling for "quiet".  OK, Shhhhh...
  • When I got this post from Gretchen of The Happiness Project, I read and pondered her ideas as I always do.  Then I zipped down to the end where she always posts interesting links.   The link to 1000 Awesome Things proved to be just as fascinating as past links.  I had seen this a long while back, and had forgotten about it.  So, maybe that would be my 1000th thing (if Neil has not already done it!).  Having some little bit of goodness come your way.  Something you've seen before, but forgotten about, but feel refreshed by it all over again!  Do watch his TedX talk here.  It will make you feel all warm and fuzzy - happy inside!   UPDATE: Michelle shared this link for more information on this project.
  • For the Teacher in me and for those of you...or for any of us with the Love of Language...something is coming!  Yep, it's the annual Poem in You Pocket Day: Thursday April 26, 2012.  You can learn all about it here.  Isn't that a lovely idea, to carry a poem in your share poems for others to place in their pockets?  What poem would you carry with you?
  • I also had this in my update from Kay Angel an orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti.  I have a soft spot for these folks; first because a friend of my sister's is a founder of We Can Build an Orphanage.  That's usually good enough for me..."you're her friend, oh OK, you're my friend too!" But once I started reading Lia's blog posts, once I read about (and met) each child, once I worried about them after the earthquake...well, then i really felt a connection.  Hop on over there and see if you don't feel the same.  Feel free to click on the donation page too.  Every little bit helps.  I have learned so much about perseverance, making do, embracing life, sharing and showing love...generally living the good life, in any circumstance.
  • Something's comin'!  The photos to the right and below are your hints.  More details to follow!

  • A long time back, I posted this about Delaney & Bonnie and many others.  If you saw that post, you may remember their daughter Bekka.  Today I saw this video someone had posted in honor of her birthday today.  I just really love her voice, her heart.  So, Happy Birthday Miss Bekka!!
  • If you happen to be in Bangalore, India, maybe you will be lucky enough to catch the upcoming show of Bobby Whitlock & CoCo Carmel (hint: click the 'play' button right in the middle)  I know their show will be well worth it!  I sure wish I could see them :)
A friend among many!
  •  Same nursery, same day...different critter!  This one reminded me of Jude's drawings and cloth beasts.  Look at that it!  Someone recently said that we (the sewing folks of the Spirit Cloth world) end up thinking of one another throughout our days, being reminded of one another as I have been here and with the birds.  I like that.  I think that is what makes this community a lovely, warm place to be.  If it was you who said this comment, please leave the link in the comments.  As usual, things are tangled in my forgetful mind, but the essence of how I read that has stayed with me.
  • Well, that's all for this day of sharing.  No cloth pictures.  No recent stitching, just mounds of magazines and cloth sorting into give-away piles!  Every time I think I am close, I discover more that I don't really need :)  Oy!
Have a great last part of the day!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2012


Ms. said...

I will work my way through one wonderful item at a time from this generous post over the rainy weekend due us here, so they say.

Meanwhile, as one collector to another, perhaps you might send me a group of small to medium pieces of blue, and/or yellow cotton,linen or wool (print or plain)scraps of cloth if there are some you wish to part with, and I will do you the favor of sending you nothing but a handmade, drawn and painted thank yo card. We can finish this discussion by email.

handstories said...

there's so much here to read more carefully, but for now...i got the happiness project from the library today, & last year our librarian had the kids sew "pockets" that hung all over school & in public places full of the kid's favorite poems.

AKW said...

Thanks for the reminder. I've been an absent blog reader, and even more absent writer these past few crazy months. I hope to get back in the saddle soon! Lovely posts and photos lately.

Velma said...

very rich over here--

jude said...

well you think your mind is tangles up, ha!. thanks for the mention and the nicely organized informative post.

deanna7trees said...

so much of interest here. thanks for it all. my parents visited Haiti many years ago as my aunt and uncle had a business there. the Haitian people are always in my thoughts.

Mo Crow said...

thanks for the link Nancy & wow what a big post of wondrous things to explore!
re poetry this is the verse that I will take with me next week to Far North Queensland to visit a gravely ill friend;

"Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all"

by Emily Dickinson

Nancy said...

Michelle~ We are triple digits here! :( Too hot!

Cindy~ I love that idea of hanging pockets around the school :) I'm considering my pocket poem.

Amy~ Glad you enjoyed :)

Velma~ Just sharin' the goodness :)

Jude~ AH, minds that tangle together...

Deanna~ You're welcome! Funny how easily our soft spots for others can grow. If everyone understood that.

Mo~ You're welcome. I think it is a lovely idea to take a poem with you, for your friend. Maybe some feathers to dance on the wind too. Thought are with you.

jenclair said...

So much to think about here. I'll continue to check out the links.

Here is a link to my review of How We Choose to Be Happy -- a really, really good read.

I love the idea of Poem in Your Pocket Day!

Robyn A said...

Nancy, I think you have the biggest heart! Thank you for all these wonderful links.

Nancy said...

Jenclair~ Yes I read your review and put the book in my 'cart'! It has lot and lots of company!

Robyn~ Why thank you! I'm glad you liked the links :)