Sunday, April 29, 2012

Warm & Sunny Sunday

Well, it continues to be warm here.
80 degrees today, so far.
One could easily make this recipe for
You can find it here and make some for yourself.
While you're over there, have a peek around for some more treats.
Let me know how you like the lemonade as my patch of lawn is clean
 of both dandelions and violets!
Doesn't it look pretty in the canning jar?!


deanna7trees said...

i pictured a little dandelion garden growing inside of me while reading this.

Ms. said...

YUM--and here is a link you may devour at will (this post includes lilacs (OMG!)
also many many recipe's at this site for soups and pastas and much much more...all vedgie and raw, including many many smoothies! Perfect for Summer (Winter Fall Spring too)

jenclair said...

Our week of lovely weather has vanished. Now the heat and humidity have moved in once more. Dandelion-Violet-Lemonade sounds delicious, but I may need Dandelion Wine!

handstories said...

that is beautiful.
funny, i think dandelions are making a comeback.

woman with wings said...

Nancy, if I could, I'd send you some dandelions. I often say we could medicate a small village with our dandelions! ;-) As I write this, I'm waiting for the moon to enter the sign of Virgo to go harvest dandelions for a tasty mineral-rich vinegar! Actually it's time now, I think. Did the comment thing work for you? xo

Nancy said...

Deanna~ Well that would be a fine interior garden!

Michelle~ Once again, thanks for the link! Mmmm...smoothies :)

Jenclair~ Ha!

Cindy~ I think you are right :)

Peggy~ Thanks! Maybe I'll just come be your new neighbor :)
I haven't changed the link yet...just working with it this way for now. Thanks again for the info. (((hugs)))

Wonderwoman said...

Thanks for posting about the Dandelion-Violet Lemonade! I'm glad you like it. Oh, I can't wait for 80 degree weather. Right now we're happy to hit 60, but have finally gotten some long overdue rain.

Nancy said...

Wonderwoman~ Yes, the rain is good. We haven't had very much here.