Tuesday, April 10, 2012


My neighbor has beautiful jasmine blooming by her front door.  While I've nothing against it personally, I'm allergic.  Oh well, it blooms not forever.
On a recent trip to the nursery I saw glorious spring every step I took.  There was only a moment or two of allergies.  Yay!
But, the last few days have been asthma days.  
I don't like asthma days.  
It makes me very tired to not be getting a good oxygen exchange.
However, photographs don't cause this kind of reaction!
These are from the nursery visit some days back.

Look who I saw hiding amongst the shrubs!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2012


Jeannie said...

I love the heart shaped succulent. I have killed a begonia like the spiral leaved one. I have to face the fact that an arid climate and begonias don't get along. What a sweet little hummer! I have to wait until early May to hopefully have one visit. They are such happy little birds. Wishing you an allergy and asthma free rest of the week.

Nancy said...

I bought that little heart and it's still living! But, the plant killer me kept trying with Heather...over and over! That little humming bird was tucked away at the nursery! Fun :)

Deb G said...

Some fun stuff! I really, really want the alder trees to stop blooming...achoo!

deanna7trees said...

jasmine is my most favorite smelling flower. my allergies are virtually gone since I stopped eating dairy...just one year now. also stopping my allergy shots. I hung a hummingbird feeder last week and have had some visitors.

Ms. said...

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Ms. said...

OOPS--the links didn't come through. I'll email you.

jenclair said...

I love that spiral begonia leaf!

Robyn A said...

Hi Nancy - it looks like Spring has sprung over there! We have had our first cold weather of Autumn, so much better than the humid last fling of Summer which is horrible for those with fibromyalgia. Never mind, I have pulled out my knitting (and stitching and beading). Hearts are just everywhere when you are really looking!

handstories said...

love the red veins in that flower & the spiral in the top leaf. oh, yes, allergies, the pink flowering trees are always a sign to start taking my meds. hope yours lessens soon.

Nancy said...

Deb~ There is a cute book by that title: AChoo! Haha I'm more the asthma than the sneezes :( Good luck!

Deanna~ It's a nice smelling flower, but oy! I hope you have lots of flying friends soon.

Michelle~ Thank you! And thanks for the email :)

Jenclair~ Oh it's a begonia!!

Robyn~ Yep, it's sprung! I'm not a fan of humid either.

Cindy~ Those spirals are everywhere if you look! Good luck with your pink flowers.

Morna said...

Nice photos! I am allergic to every tree as it buds and makes leaves in the spring! Misery, but no asthma. xo

Nancy said...

Morna~ Thank you :) And those darn alleries...Oy! Feel better.