Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day

Today on Earth Day, I celebrate the beauty of my roses and
delight in the fact that 4 buds have opened on the Mama Rose, 
while 2 more are on their way.

You can see the little bit of brown on the edges.  We've been having some visiting aphids and have tried a couple different solutions.  I'm just really Really happy they've bloomed at all.  This tells me their roots are happy in this new home.

 This is before they opened.
Look how squished
up it is!

I did not know if they would really open, with all that brownish tinge and all.

But they did!!! Yea!!!
This rose has a fairly strong scent...very pleasant.  :)

I remember them being bigger when this bush was planted at my mom's house.
Mmmmmm...  it really doesn't matter, I'll take what I can get!
I'm just very happy that this little well-loved bush survived the transplant.   Isn't she a beauty? 

I also invite you to visit with my yellow rose bush that we planted last year.  Yellow roses are so happy, aren't they?!!

Each different light...they take on a whole new look.
This is one of the best smelling roses ever.  Looking at the bottom photo, my guy and I said at the same time, "You can almost smell it!"
I wish there was a way to share that with all of you!
This last one is called a
 "rock rose".  It has many tiny flowers and a bush like appearance.  It has the scent of my childhood day camp experience.  I could smell it forever! 
Do you see the heart-shaped petals?  I had never noticed that until I took photos today!

Sunny day celebrating the Mama Rose!

----------CHAPTER TWO----------

I can't help myself...did you ever have one of those days where everything looks so beautiful?  Where you keep noticing new and interesting stuff?
So here are a few more photos:
I saw this beautiful bud tucked under a leaf!
Same bush - lighter color
These 2 photos are from the beautiful peach bush nearest the front door.  Notice how the bud is much darker that the fully opened flower, as if the sun has faded it.

This is a tiny flower that came up from the birdseed dropped by the yellow birds last summer.  Don't those look like little stitches around the center?

I accidentally surprised this guy out of the rose bed.  I don't have too much sympathy for grasshoppers, as we've had years where they have eaten the rock rose down to nubs!  Go on now shoo!!!  Do you remember the bright green one from last year?  You can see it here.  The one today is about 2+ inches.

Again. I wonder about the different shading of the California Poppies...could one side be an older plant?

Leaf on neighbor's bush...Ewuuuu!
Wonder why it is like this...
Have a great rest of your Earth Day Sunday!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2012


deanna7trees said...

beautiful roses. i use a soap and water solution ro the bugs on the roses. it works most of the time, if i get to it early on. thanks for sharing those beauties.

Sandy at Discovery Cloth said...

They are beautiful! And I bet quite fragrant! Mmmm..

deanna7trees said...

i love the rose buds when they just start to open. my fairy rose lightens in color as it opens. love your poppies. i have tried poppies but have never had luck growing them. that leaf looks like a worm made its way inside. a stitching worm creating texture on the leaf.

Nancy said...

Deanna~ We did use soap and water, had some success, but not total relief. Maybe we did not catch it early enough.

Sandy~ The yellow ones smell divine!

Nancy said...

Deanna~ Yeah, we thought a worm, or insect of some sort.
Poppies are our state flower, they grow wild. Never fail to make me smile when I see them :)

Els said...

Ha Nancy, love all of your flowers (and yes onfortunately pests belong to a garden too ;-) !!!)
That tiny blue flower is flax, linen is made out of that (though nót with one plant .....)

handstories said...

oh, Mama! You're beautiful!
& i think yellow roses smell the best.

Ms. said...

Precious roses blooming beautifully (sent an email about specific rose problems with suggestions)...and I'm cozy at home while Mother Earth pours down the waters of life every garden needs, content to stare out the fire escape window at the pots of wode seedlings and think about the future. My love to you and wishes for peace ore the planet and all it's creatures!

Robyn A said...

Roses are my favourite and there are so many beautiful ones - I love the peach coloured one. I had a beautiful David Austen rose when I lived in Sydney called Madame Hardy and the perfume was just gorgeous, a white rose.

jenclair said...

Such beautiful roses! And a volunteer flax--how appropriate that it found your garden!

saskia said...

I can almost smell them!

Nancy said...

Els~ Yes they are, those Pest!!! I'm glad to know it is flax...that makes perfect sense. It was a combo seed bag, but they picked out the black seeds they liked best :)

Cindy~ You should see that Mam today...opened so much more with a gray misty sky background = beautiful!

Michelle~ Thanks for the rose information, so helpful. Yes I see a drawing in my mind's eye for your beautiful wishes.

Robyn~ There is a housing tract near here that has all white roses near the entrance, very pretty-not a lot of smell though.

Jenclair~ Thank you. That volunteer flax is delightful.

Saskia~ Me too :)

Doris said...

Thank you for these beautiful photos, I love roses and watch them in the neighbours garden. So no grief just joy :-)

Deb G said...

When the roses are blooming here I can't stop taking pictures of them either...

Nancy said...

Doris~ Ahhh...yes the easy path!

Deb~ I took two more today as I walked past :)

Nancy said...

Doris~ Ahhh...yes the easy path!

Deb~ I took two more today as I walked past :)