Sunday, April 1, 2012

10 Minute Drill # 18 - Did It!

Really quick...
I did it!!  
"What?" you ask.
I set a goal for March to 'remove' at least one thing from the house every day.  It could be thrown away, recycled, passed along to someone else, or dropped off to Good Will.
And so it has been done.  Yippee!
Some days I cleaned out whole drawers or cupboard shelves and 'removed' way more than one thing.
A few days, I forgot and had to jump out of bed to take care of it!
Yet, I met this goal.
My house looks exactly the same!
So, I'm trying to decide what the goal should be for April.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2012
I even clean out some fabric scraps and passed them on to a great group of preschool teachers.  However, I kept this little selection!  They spoke to me :)
Have you done any Spring Cleaning?


Ms. said...

Three sets of bed sheets with cases that no longer fit my bed but are like new-mailed to a friend in MA whose sheets have gone 'holy'--two years of "Shamballa" magazines mailed to a friend with two kids in (they loved them), and I no longer subscribe--cut my collection of covered plastic containers in half, took a big bag of clothes to good will too...and this despite that I was away two weeks. Today I'll discard the old worn rug in this room in favor of the nice, nearly new rug a neighbor moving to California is giving me (she also gave me some wonderful material). My city apartment is still incredibly cluttered but neat. I could practically advertise on Craigs list and sell a whole lot of stuff if I work up the courage for computer transactions and get a little instruction from another friend wh does that regularly. More to come through April, May and June, July, August!

Robyn A said...

I think I should do this in April - I have ended up with lots of only used for 12 weeks baby stuff which was brand new. And of course the only place it can go is in my studio!!!!! I suppose I could sell it but it is so much hassle and I don't want to have to pack up cots and things. Thanks for the inspiration.

deanna7trees said...

i have a huge bag and a carton that i'm always throwing things in and when it fills up it goes to goodwill. like you though, not a dent made. i'm trying.

CopperCreeker said...

my water heater sprung a leak and soaked my walk in closet before i knew it was leaking. with the mess that created, i started flinging, tossing and donating in a spring cleaning frenzy.
i admire the march goal that you set and kept. good for you!!!

jenclair said...

I have books ready to cart off. Big plans, little action. I'm going to do the bedroom closet a little at a time. Starting today!

I may try your one-thing-a-day, but it would have to go on forever, not just for a month!

Nancy said...

Michelle- Good for you! Doesn't it feel good to pare down the unnecessary belongings?!

Deanna- Ha! Well at least you've got a system :) Maybe I've made an invisible dent?

Copper Creek- Boy, that's some kind of motivation!

Jenclair- My sister and I are going through my mom's books, but I haven't got to my own yet. Books are a hard one. You could always up the ante - maybe 10 things a day! Good luck.

handstories said...

oh, i was just talking about this today w/a friend. wondering how long it would take to get my house in order? how many months....?
hooray for you & keeping your goal!

Nancy said...

Cindy- I figured if I set the bar low enough, I'd surely succeed!

Nancy said...

Robyn- Yes do it!

Emmy said...

have a very happy birthday my birthday is on Wednesday hope we have a great year xxxxx

Nancy said...

Emmy- Well a most Happy Birthday to you!